Jets sticking with Geno Smith

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After they lost 19-3 in Baltimore on Sunday, Jets coach Rex Ryan said he needed to watch film before naming the team’s starting quarterback for Week 13.

Ryan didn’t build much suspense during his Monday meeting with the media before announcing that Geno Smith will remain in the starting job. Ryan never pulled Smith in favor of Matt Simms during the loss to the Ravens, but he’s done it in the fourth quarter of two other blowout losses this season. Smith was 9-of-22 for 127 yards and two interceptions with the bulk of the yards coming when the Jets were already way behind.

Neither that performance nor the four straight games without a touchdown pass dissuaded Ryan from the feeling that Smith is the right man to pilot the offense.

“Right now, I would feel that he gives us the best chance to win,” Ryan said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday.

Simms has two quarters of NFL experience and David Garrard appears to be on the roster as a mentor rather than a viable option to play, which doesn’t leave Ryan with a compelling alternative to Smith. Losing to the Dolphins in Week 13 will leave the Jets with very long odds of making it back into the sixth seed in the AFC that they held going into Baltimore in Week 12. They’ll go down or continue to float with the guy that’s brought them this far.

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  1. Back when they were beating teams like the Saints, I said that this whole thing is a copycat of the Sanchez era. Look good some days, look bad some days. Rex knows how to build a defense but he has simply not been able to develop any sort of offensive identity for his team. You want ground and pound, then so be it but at least draft accordingly – you pick Stephen Hill what the heck, what kind of system was he playing in college ? cmon man

  2. Geno Smith gives Jets fans an overhyped sense of reality.

    Go back to the Jets vs Bucs game and see how they ended up winning.

    Keep that in your head…..they BARELY beat the Bucs because they were gifted with a personal foul penalty.

    The Jets are who we thought they were, now quit making fun of their clown shoes!

  3. No matter how bad my day is, if I lose a sale or stub my toe, or if a meteor falls on my house, I can always console myself with the fact that I am not a Jets fan.

  4. The Jets actually have a pretty solid team around them.

    A top 8 defense, Capable Recievers & Runningbacks

    The clear problem is the inconsistency at QB, even with a guy like Matt Schaub this team would be 8-4 right now

  5. thepftpoet says:
    Nov 25, 2013 5:06 PM
    There’s a reason this man fell in the draft

    Sanchez 2.0



    Yeah, except for the part where Sanchez was THE FIFTH PICK IN THE DRAFT!

  6. You ride the rookie if he’s showing some improvement week to week, but Geno just isn’t doing that. The Jets are getting better at taking the ball out of his hands so he doesn’t turn it over so much, but he’s not actually doing any better.

    The Jets were 1 for 12 on third down conversions yesterday. If Simms or Garrard can’t do better than that, how are they on an NFL roster?

  7. Not to worry. Miami is coming to town. No matter how bad the Jets are, Miami will find a way to lose.

  8. If Simms or Garrard can’t do better than that, how are they on an NFL roster?

    Lol, because the head coach and general managers who picked these players for their roster aren’t very good at evaluating talent ?

  9. Mike Glennon of the Bucs, a rookie 3rd round pick, is playing infinitely better than Smith. Yet all you hear about is Smith and how bad he’s doing, nothing about how well Glennon is doing. If Glennon keeps improving he should get serious consideration for rookie of the year.

  10. Geno Smith is horrible, but he was put to the fire this season as a rookie and the Jets have no other
    veteran QB that can mentor him. Sanchez was and is a bust regardless of his first two seasons.

    I’m not defending Geno, but he has NO weapons at all. Rex is coaching for his job and their 5-6 record is all smoke and mirrors.

    This team needs a full cleansing from the top down…too bad they can’t get rid of the owner first.

    With that said, the Jets suck, and I’m a Jets fan.

  11. Okay so can we open up the playbook this week? You have the kid start throwing it finally in the 4th QT and he starts moving the team. I bet Marty felt like an idiot.

  12. Rex and Geno are simply sealing their own fate. They have nothing to lose by starting Simms, not like we can get any worse. Give the kid a chance.

  13. The question should be will the Jets stick with Ryan. Smith could be Akili Smith II. Thrown to the wolves and rattled for life.

  14. Geno says he doesn’t stare down receivers. Rex Ryan goes over the tape and doesn’t see he stares down receivers? Even CBS had a camera tracking his eyes and saw he stared down all his receivers. Jesus, geno can’t be the starting qb for the jets.

  15. For better or worse Geno is the starting QB. Anyone who starts a rookie at QB and then plays musical chairs with the position should not be coaching. You can’t give him a free pass, point out his mistakes in meetings and work on them at practice, ensure he’s accountable. You had to know starting a rookie at QB would have ups & downs.
    For the most part the Jets have overachieved this season, and that’s good. But now it’s time to take those lumps that were inevitable during this season. Coach the kid up and hope for the best. You’ve made the commitment, now see it through.

    Seriously, it can’t get worse than the Butt-Fumble.

  16. That behind-the-back fumble against the Titans was pretty good, but Geno deserves a real chance to make a run at the Butt Fumble trophy. America’s greatest comedy improv team is doing the right thing here.

  17. The Jets are a complete joke, they should have given Tebow a shot last season and they should give Simms a shot now… worst organization in all of sports… starts at the top… Woody is a moron, stick to selling baby powder and sell the Jets… until then, they will always be “horse’s asses” to quote the great Leon Hess

  18. The Dolphins are coming, the Dolphins are coming, we are save, be careful what you wish for, the fish are on a roll. Bill

  19. It’s clear where the blame lies.

    Geno needs to fire his agent again.

    Besides, Wrecks has to wait at least 2 more weeks to allow his tattoo change from #6 to #7 to heal before having them change it again to #5 or #9.

  20. Absolutely amazing how the jets fall apart yearly after their 2nd game vs Patriots.

    Belichick is so into Rex’ head…that nothing matters to him except getting his one Super Bowl win every year.

    Yet afterwards..the jets are so emotionally spent, they have zero ….and go on a free fall.

    So, another year…and another celebration of futility. Happy 45 th anniversary jet fans.

  21. bignugs says:
    Nov 25, 2013 6:07 PM
    Seriously, it can’t get worse than the Butt-Fumble.

    Butt Fumble played in the AFC Championship Game twice. What’s the over/under on how many of those game Smith “leads” the Jets to?

  22. @fissels

    You got it right. You cannot realistically expect that every body that steps onto an NFL field is going to be an instant pro. Smith hasn’t done that badly, for if he were the bust all of these critics say he is, you wouldn’t have any wins. Don’t forget, before the season started the “experts” were all predicting the Jets to have a season like the Jags have experienced, and were also saying that the Giants, were going to easily take their division.

    Sure its disappointing to go through losses. Hawks fans know that as well, or better, than anybody. But this week to week schizophrenia of being high on the guy, then thinking him a bum is entirely counterproductive. That’s the way the Philly fans treated McNabb, and what came out of that? While Donovan was still on the field, they shouted for Vick. They got their wish. So what did Vick, do for them that was especially meaningful?

    Check the records and see what Elway, was like in his first year. Give Smith a chance at least, the benefit of a doubt. Stop asking him to be the second coming of Montana.

  23. eatitfanboy says:
    Nov 25, 2013 5:14 PM
    No matter how bad my day is, if I lose a sale or stub my toe, or if a meteor falls on my house, I can always console myself with the fact that I am not a Jets fan.

    Lose a sale? Some one decides Wendy’s over McDonald’s?

  24. ampats says:
    Nov 25, 2013 5:24 PM
    Finally some good news for the Dolphins

    Oh I see you’re back. Best barometer when the Jets lose. I was looking for you when the Jets beat thePats.
    I forgot, cowards run.

    Not to worry…without Spygate nothing will happen.

    (ask Mangini)

  25. The question is: does Rex feel he gives them the best chance now, or did the owner suggest to Rex this gives HIM the best chance to win in a couple years.

  26. Its only going to get worse. The dude has tiny hands and cant handle a frozen/wet football. Its why he had 32 fumbles in college. NY in the winter and an outdoor stadium not the best combo for Geno. Glad my team didn’t waste a pick on this guy.
    Looks like Nawrocki nailed it on his pre draft assessment of this guy.

    “Smith is a gimmick, overhyped product of the system lacking the football savvy, work habits and focus to cement a starting job and could drain energy from a QB room,” Nawrocki writes. “Will be overdrafted and struggle to produce against NFL defensive complexities.”

    ” Has small hands and glaring ball security issues (32 career fumbles). Really struggled handling the snow in Pinstripe Bowl (took two safeties) and will be troubled by the elements. Needed to be coddled in college — cannot handle hard coaching.”

  27. Bye Rex. your’e surely going to get fired after this season and I cannot wait to see who our next coach is going to be. said, “He’s give us our best chance to win” about Sanchez and look how that turned out.

    I am tired of your BS…You do not give the Jets their best chance to win at all!

  28. -Simms has two quarters of NFL experience-

    That’s two quarters more than Geno had going into the Tampa game and he won(barely). The tail spin has begun, so lets see Matt in quality time so we can officially rule him out.
    Even homer E.A. can’t say(or isn’t allowed to say) what Matt’s short commings are compared to Geno’s.

  29. In the long run starting Gene Smith is the best thing for the Jets.Theres no way they win the Super bowl with Gen Smith or Sanchez

  30. At what point does the GM take some fire for letting the most important position on the field become an after thought? Geno is just over his head right now, and that’s when you put somebody else in to settle things down. Idzik seems content with letting the team sink.

  31. I just don’t understand what has happened to the thoughts on rookie quarterbacks… I feel like, before the quarterback class of last year, this would not be the expectation. The kid is a first year pro player, i cannot for the life of me understand why people are expecting so much out of him. It should, and will, take years for him to develop, and in my opinion, its not even fair to deem him a bust or not for AT LEAST two seasons, if not three. Like it or not, developing a quarter back takes years.

    Saying that, im a Jet fan, and im disappointed the last few weeks in watching our offense. But Rex has done more than was expected of him this year, and has developed a monster D line, so you cant say he hasn’t done anything right. Im still stuck on them moving in the right direction, and im excited to see what happens in the off season this year.

    …In Idzik we trust.

  32. This is Rex telling the media the Jets don’t expect to get into the playoffs. A Miami loss will be the end of their season. This is a must win, and with Geno in there, there’s no chance. This guy should have sat on the bench for a year or two. As other posters have said, he’s in over his head. The Miami defense will eat him up, this game won’t be pretty for Jet fans.

  33. (Not that) Bold Prediction for the Jets: Final record, 5-11. Geno Smith: 30 INT’s. Rex Ryan: Stress eats his 100 lbs back on after losing his job.

    #jokeofateam #thenflislaughingatyou #superbowlsduringVietnamdontmeananything

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