Jon Bon Jovi says he isn’t trying to buy the Bills


At 4-7, the Bills’ playoff chances are living on a prayer.

That isn’t making the guy who sang Livin’ on a Prayer any likelier to purchase the team, however. On Sunday, Jason LaCanfora of reported that Jon Bon Jovi was positioning himself to purchase the team whenever the team goes on the market but Bon Jovi’s publicist downplayed any such notions on Monday.

Ken Sunshine told the Associated Press that while Bon Jovi is interested in becoming an NFL owner, reports that he is actively pursuing the Bills are “preposterous.” Sunshine also said that the former owner of the Arena League’s Philadelphia Soul has too much respect for Bills owner Ralph Wilson to engage in any discussions about the team.

Wilson has said that he will not sell the Bills in his lifetime. Rogers Communications of Toronto, which owns the Blue Jays and the arena formerly known as SkyDome that the Bills will call home this Sunday, is thought to be interested in buying the team whenever it does go on the market. Should Bon Jovi choose to enter the bidding at that point, going against a company that size in a bidding war could lead the rocker’s bid to go down in a blaze of glory.

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  1. Do you know how many time I’ve seen the “living on a prayer” line since this announcement was made just 2 days ago….more times than the song has been played in its lifetime…..

  2. If you read the toronto star article they’re reporting that Bon Jovi would be the front man in any bid put together by MLSE (partly owned by Rogers) because NFL mandates that corporations cannot own a team.

  3. Always odd to me why there is even speculation about this. Jeffrey Gundlach a Buffalo native who is a hedge fund billionaire said 3 years ago he would buy them. Aside from Paul Allen he would be the richest owner in all of sports. Bon Jovi certainly won’t out bid him.

  4. He couldn’t afford to be an NFL team owner any way. The NFL is a place for billionaire owners, not millionaires

  5. Ken Sunshine told the Associated Press that while Bon Jovi is interested in becoming an NFL owner, reports that he is actively pursuing the Bills are “preposterous.”

    I don’t think Mr Sunshine (really?) knows what “preposterous” means…

  6. The amount of rumors surrounding the future of the Bills that have swirled around since Ralph Wilson inched closer to 90 in the mid 2000s is absurd.

    Bon Jovi, Rogers Communications, wealthy suitors to move the team to LA, Jim Kelly to keep it hear, Ralph Wilson’s (now deceased) daughter so she could relocate to a warmer climate.

    I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time in Buffalo and I’m a big proponent of the classic NFL teams intact (yes, despite my usuer title, even the Jets).

    For their fans who are passionate despite their horrendous play the last decade +, and for the sake of the history of the Bills being part of the NFL for over half a century, I hope they dont move. Not to mention I think an NFL team in Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada, would be an enormous mistake for so many reasons.

  7. It’s not just Bon Jovi, it’s MLSE too.

    Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Limited (MLSE) is a professional sports company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Among its properties are the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League, the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association, Toronto FC of Major League Soccer, and the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League. MLSE is also involved in property management, including ownership of the Air Canada Centre, the home arena of the Maple Leafs and Raptors.

  8. here’s an idea, ,, buy both the Jets and Giants and put a ‘J’ on those helmets.

    sucha group of fake ass posers..
    can’t even afford a stadium in their own state. makes me laugh at was a bunch of jokes they are.

  9. conormacleod says:
    Nov 25, 2013 12:01 PM
    Exactly how much do rock stars make now-a-days? I’m thinking I pay too much for tickets to concerts.

    Jon Bon Jovi has a net worth of around $300 million dollars. While impressive, it certainly isn’t enough to buy an NFL franchise. He would need lots of partners.

  10. The moment the NFL allows a historic, profitable, fan-obsessed franchise to be ripped, kicking and screaming, from it’s home and taken somewhere else because a rogue billionaire wants to play patsy will be the beginning of the end.

    It happened once, to the Browns, and it has been a pockmark on the face of the NFL ever since. That moment would finally prove, beyond any further doubt, that dollars and cents mean more to the “new” NFL than literally anything else, including the spirit of competition its supposed to channel.

    The NFL will lose a lot of fans on that day, many of whom will never return. Pray that Goodell, local boy he is, sees reason in this case.

  11. If Springsteen forgot how to write lyrics and Hootie and the Blowfish attempted to rock, and then you made Tom Brady the lead singer, you’d end up with the band Bon Jovi.

  12. Jason La Canfora also said that Bon Jovi fired Richie Sambora to rid himself of Samboras salary in an effort to save up to buy the team. I asked how much could Sambora have been making that his salary would make a difference in buying an NFL team. La Canfora told me that Sambora makes 20 times what a seesion artist makes and told me to do the math. What a joke!!! Just like the story of Bon Jovi buying an NFL team.

  13. I’m sorry for being hard on Bon Jovi- I can tell by the “thumbs down”, I’ve offended all 3 of their fans. Bon Jovi is none of the things that I’ve said.

    Bon Jovi is good-looking Twisted Sister, with half of the talent.

  14. Mark Cuban said that he could not afford an NFL team. There is no way on god’s green earth that Bon Jovi can. This is just another sad attempt for an aging celebrity to stay relevant.

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