Kaepernick throws 3 TDs as 49ers hammer Redskins

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The San Francisco 49ers punished Robert Griffin III all night. The Washington Redskins couldn’t cover Anquan Boldin or Vernon Davis and Colin Kapenernick threw three touchdown passes as the 49ers cruised to a 27-6 victory on Monday night.

The 49ers held the Redskins – who entered the game as the league’s leading rushing offense – to just 93 yards on 26 carries. Griffin was sacked four times and hit even more frequently, including a kick to the groin. Griffin managed to throw for just 127 yards on 27 attempts as the Redskins’ offense struggled mightily.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick had his way with the Redskins’ secondary. Despite Boldin and Davis being the 49ers only legitimate pass catching threats, Washington had no answer of how to stop them from catching the ball. Kaepernick completed nine passes to the duo for 164 yards and three touchdowns and picked on cornerback Josh Wilson frequently down field.

Kapernick finished 15 of 24 for 235 yards and three touchdowns.

The victory allows the 49ers to remain in the playoffs if the season ended today. San Francisco is tied with the Arizona Cardinals at 7-4 but holds the tiebreaker due to a head-to-head victory. The 49ers and are currently in the playoffs as the sixth-seed in the NFC.

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  1. To the uneducated, Robert Griffin is at fault for what’s happening to the Redskins. To those who understand and PLAYED the game, they KNOW that it’s a TEAM SPORT! You can see the team around Robert is terrible outside of Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris and Trent Williams. The defense? Don’t get me started. Robert Griffin is the best QB in this sport with ALL the TOOLS and IQ and the other fanbases are JEALOUS period. The Rams will draft a bust as usual. Thanks for giving us the best QB since Elway. I’d do the trade 100 more times. And for the record, Griffin has beaten Luck at EVERYTHING head to head. He is and was the best QB in that draft HANDS DOWN. The End. #FootballisnothingwhentheRedskinsdontsucceed

  2. Great game all around, especially the 49ers defense. Ahmad Brooks is a beast, and Aldon Smith is back. Not putting them in the playoffs just yet, but this is a huge step in the right direction. We cant afford anymore losses not to just division opponents but also to any other NFC team. I thought it was awesome that towards the end of the game, you heard the 49er fans in D.C. chanting D-Fence and Lets go Niners! Don’t want to hear conspiracy theories or any trash about NFL fixing games. Redskins got a looooooong way to go. In every phase of the game, GM, HC, OC, DC and QB. I loved the quick screens that Gruden highlighted 7 passes where counted as half of Bobs completions. Gruden and Tirico said “we saw it all day on Saturday in college. That franchise is a dumpster fire.

  3. MNF blows this season, i turned that garbage off somewhere in the 3rd Qtr. The Redskins are just done son. The Good thing about that is no more illogical/logical foolish nonsense.

  4. Before we all destroy RG3, the O line and play calling was pathetic today. Nothing but deep throws to WRs when you know RG3 has pressure in his face within 1.5 seconds. It looked like Mike “7 step drop” Martz was calling plays. No screens, no throws to the TE postion, no crossing routes running backs didnt have any catches AT ALL. Awful. Trent Williams looked like a 5th round rookie out there against Justin and Aldon.

  5. Robert Griffin III hasn’t looked good all season. One might blame the knee surgery. One might blame no training camp. He is only a relative youngster in the NFL, in his second season, for crying out loud. But one has to wonder if he has the best coaches and offensive system for his talent.

    I do think it is time that Dan Snyder seriously think about the viability of the current coaching regime. Clearly, the offensive side of the ball has not excelled. Shanahan the younger is questionably competent as an OC. He has clashed with other players and clearly has not developed Griffin. The defensive side has been competent but not overwhelming. Personally, I think Shanahan the elder is no longer an effective head coach, and his use of his son as OC prime evidence of his culpability.

    And maybe also wonder about whether Bruce Allen is a true GM or simply a Shanahan rubber stamp. If the latter, it might be appropriate to erase that stamp.

    I know it is fashionable in some circles to rip Griffin, but I think it is important to think of the multiple contexts in which he is playing.

  6. Seattle owns the division..but Frisco defense is scary good and Crabtree comes back next week…Watch out.

  7. The only thing that can fix the Redskins is to fire the entire coaching staff, and the owner. Oh, and the overrated WRs! Their secondary is good for betting the over, so I hope they don’t change that.

  8. Congratulations on throwing 235 yards and 3 td against the 26th ranked PASS Defense in the NFL that gives up an average of 31 points a game and 275 passing yards per game.

    You are the greatest.

  9. RG3 looked absolutely awful. I don’t even know if he cares that much… It seems like he’s more concerned about making friends on the other team than he is winning games.

  10. This 49ers team is better than their record would lead you to believe. And remember that the last three Super Bowl winners were 10-6, 9-7, and 10-6. So they’re very much still in contention.

  11. Could not have happened to a nicer guy.
    Redskins and RGIII need to stop bragging and
    just try to play the best they can. If they go
    0-16 would be ok with me and a lot of other

  12. I think this question can be asked now…

    Could RG3 be the biggest bust in NFL history?

    Consider what the redskins gave up to get him, the overhype by the media and ESPN….

    I think he is in the conversion.

    Time for Cousins in Washington…

  13. Congrats Niners on the easy road win.

    Washington has the worst defense I’ve ever seen. Soft coverage on vernon Davis? What a joke!
    Washington has a pathetic offensive line. Penalties all night, and no protection.
    Did the skins do a draw run on 4th and 2? Wow. Who thought they could out run the niners linebackers? No hope with this kinda play calling.

    Blame the league, refs, and goodell logical. They clearly impacted this game

  14. Is there anyone in NFL Nation that expected the outcome of this game to be otherwise? This years’ Redskins bear little resemblance to last years.

  15. I like hearing the melt down comments from the washout fans. Same people who were talking about RG being a god just weeks ago, now talking about how they wasted all those draft spots. Lmfao. You guys are funny. I for onr thought he was over rated all along. The read option is a college gameplan. It took the league by suprise at first so thete was success there, rg, wilson, kaep, hell even tebow a little. But here in the big boy game. You are not as much faster than that D line as you used to be. Adjustments and preparation for it closed it down. I bet seattle and carolina fans are glad thier guys can throw too.

  16. Fire Shanahan, both of them! And get rid of Haslett too! I’m tired of watching my team suck, it hurts and it’s due to poor coaching. HTTR

  17. This was a game the niners should have won easily. This shows us nothing however, as the 49ers can not beat good teams. Harbaugh afraid to throw on good teams, often coaching not to lose instead of coaching to win. I see the 49ers not playing up to their talent and that is on Harbaugh. This team has two very tough games the next two weeks, and not sure they will win either. There are issues that must be fixed and will not be able to be addressed until the off season. This season part of the issues on the passing game fall on the head coach and he has done a poor job. Better coaches must be brought in…perhaps Jim needs to leave. This team has great talent and he is not using it in a way that can win you games against top teams.

  18. 27-6 is not hammering a team. 45-6 would be. The Hawks would of put 45 on the redskins. The 49ers idea of playing not to lose holds them back, and the Hawks now out play and out coach SF all the time. The 49ers need to go to play to win mode as Bill Walsh did, as Bill Belichick does. If Harbaugh refuses to do this like he has all year, he should be replaced. The OC from Seattle has done great with Wilson, he will be a head coach soon. I’d thought niners would win a few SBs with Jim. I seriously wonder now. He is good, but perhaps is to the point he can take the team to the final place. His record against top teams is poor. Perhaps a change to a better head coach is needed.

  19. who cares they beat a team that just gave up after the second quarter 9ers showed if you stop there running game they not going anywhere cheap win if i say so Kaepernick reminds me of Dan Marino makes it to super bowl his rookie year and will never be back

  20. I thought the Shanahan’s are suppose to be offensive gurus? I know the Niners have a tough D, but that was some terrible and predictable play calling. Obviously Elway is the reason Shanahan ever got the Washington job.

  21. It’s starting to look like . . .the Rams may be in contention for the #1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

    You have just been . . . ” Shanahan’ed ” . . . Again !

    Redskins – Building a Rams-Dynasty since 2012.

  22. That’s cool but the 49ers are 0-4 against teams that currently qualify for this seasons playoffs (Seahawks, Colts, Panthers, Saints) and only 1 win against a team with a winning record.

  23. This game was more about the Skins sucking than anything the 49ers did.

    Still didn’t like Roman’s play calling, which has been a big problem this year and why we have 4 losses and won’t win the division. This was still anybody’s game at halftime, which is not good news. Offense struggled too much vs. a bad defense. No consistency.

    As usual, Willis, Bowman, J & Aldon Smith and Brooks, looked awesome on D.

    The win doesn’t mean anything if we don’t take of business next week and put a nice win streak together. Hopefully Crab can suit up next week and take the pressure off Q and Vernon. Baldwin looks worthless as a WR option. If we lose out on the wildcard it will be because Roman and Harbaugh couldn’t get it figured out on offense.

  24. Non-story. Kap~{dolphin boy} is still unprofessional and will be washed out in a couple of years. 3 tds against the worst defense does not exactly inspire.

  25. WTF was Shanahan doing leaving RG3 in towards the end of the 4th quarter? He needs to be fired ASAP before he destroys what is left of RG3’s career.

  26. RG3 was getting killed last night.

    If he doesn’t change his style am not sure he won’t get permanently injured. It seemed like almost every play in the game he was getting hammered.

    How can the Redskins win with him?

  27. Right now I think all Native Americans are protesting the name Redskins because they’re embarrassed to be associated with Chief Danny Boy Snyder and his ragtag tribe of overpaid squaws.

    Chief Danny Boy = Flail Fail the Redskins!

  28. The single biggest difference with Kaepernick in this game was that he actually had time for decent reads and to set his feet before throws….. something he was not doing consistently the last two games. The result was his accuracy was significantly better and he was finding open receivers that he was missing before.

  29. Mr Logical Voice here is some facts I thought was important for you to know. You said Griffin has beaten Luck head to head in everything! Well here we go:
    Luck more passing yards after 27 games
    Luck has more passing TDs in 27 games
    Luck has more Rushing TDs in 27 games
    Lucks has 18 wins to 9 losses
    RG bust is a swell 11-14 now. If say those are facts. Please note Cousins won 2 of those games last yr. good day!!

  30. We were a dominate rushing attack last year with a line that is build for the running game.. Idk why we are shying away from… I’m tired of these “Gimmie-Games” or “Should be a easy win” game as a niner fan Im not impressed with this win..

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