McCarthy: Rodgers is “slim to none” to play Thursday


Aaron Rodgers might want to play this week.

But it sounds like he’s going to have a hard time convincing his boss that’s the right thing to do.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy told reporters Rodgers might try, but it would be a “huge stretch” to think he’d be sufficiently recovered from a broken collarbone to play Thursday against the Lions. He also said that if Rodgers didn’t practice Wednesday, he wouldn’t play.

“He would like to go,” McCarthy said, via Jason Wilde of “I would say he’s slim to none. That’s what I’m thinking.”

McCarthy said he’d prepare both Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien, though he said Flynn “deserves to start” after some solid relief work leading them back for a tie Sunday against the Vikings.

As important as this week’s game might be, letting Rodgers push himself is unwise. So while McCarthy might feel pressure to win, taking care of the franchise quarterback is a greater responsibility.

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  1. If Flynn has even half as good of a game as he had the last time he started for the Pack against the Lions, they’ll be alright. But unfortunately, the defense will have to have twice as good of a game as the one they had that day, which might not be as easy based on their performance the past few weeks.

  2. Dear Packers,
    Despite our best efforts to give the division away to “little brother”, the Lions are clearly just not yet ready or mature enough for the responsibility…therefore, please win (or tie again).

    -holding our noses-

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Bears fans

  3. Rodgers broke the collar bone on 11/4/13. Go figure. Also, it’s great to have Flynn back. He won’t say it, but Oakland sucks. They had no offensive line to protect him when he was there. Hence, the lousy numbers and what not. Oakland’s OL was on the 4th string LT when Flynn was there. Flynn was sacked 8 times in a pre-season game. Oakland sucks. It’s great to have Flynn back. He’s good. Case closed.

  4. mizzousooner says: Nov 25, 2013 3:43 PM

    How do you let the Vikings tie you in your house?

    It’s a rather simple formula. Just take away the best quarterback in the league, and via injury, remove the best player at each position for several weeks in a row. Next man up doesn’t exist because there is no next man.

    That my friend, is the recipe for turning a super bowl contender into a sad pretender.

    – HUGE packer fan crying in my cheese

  5. Please put Rodgers in, look what happened to Hurtler. Lions will smoke the Pack unless they decide to hand the ball over to you 5 times.

  6. If the Lions or Bears where running away with the division I would say this is a must win and even before yesterday I would have said that. The Lions just dropped two games they shouldn’t have and the Bears got embarrassed by the Rams. Don’t down 1.5 games will be hard to overcome but it doesn’t seem like the Lions want the division. Just keep feeding Calving so my fantasy team keeps winning.

  7. McCarthy knows none:
    Mike how many doughnuts are left in that twelve pack you bought 15 minutes ago?

    Mike: None (sad face)

    What Mike doesn’t know is slim.

  8. @pft poet –
    Packer defense gave up 447 yds. to the Vikings.
    Viking defense gave up 494 yds. to the Packers and their third string QB.
    So your defensive rating should have been:
    1016. Lawn rake left on ground
    1017. Assorted fruit peels
    1080. Vikings

  9. It’s his non-throwing shoulder. What’s the worst that could happen? He injures it again, is out for the season, and the Packers miss the playoffs? Well, if he doesn’t play, the Packers miss the playoffs. Either way, the Packers could be done and Rodgers has until next season to heal. Either play him or send him home for the winter.

    BTW: I hope the Packers lose. 0-4-1 without Rodgers.

  10. I broke my collarbone 3 times before it fully healed. Trust me when I say this…he’s not playing on Thursday and he’ll be lucky to play next week. He is however, a shoe-in for the Dallas game unless they lose the next two. Then the coaches would be stupid if they dont sit him for a couple extra weeks must to be on the safe side. But if they’re still in the hunt, there no way he doesn’t play against Dallas.

  11. deltaoracle says:
    @pft poet –
    Packer defense gave up 447 yds. to the Vikings.
    Viking defense gave up 494 yds. to the Packers and their third string QB.
    So your defensive rating should have been:
    1016. Lawn rake left on ground
    1017. Assorted fruit peels
    1080. Vikings

    In pftpoet’s defense, Ponder is a 3rd string QB on any other team as well.

  12. Two things to look at in this situation:

    1. With the chemistry that Flynn showed it makes sense to play him. With the increased risk of Rodgers re-injuring due to inadequate healing time means that if the backup has a slightly hot hand you play him. If Flynn would have started that game we would like be looking at a 6-5 Packer team today.

    2. There is no benefit to owning up to Rodgers getting the start if he is starting. Right now you have a Lions team watching film of Flynn. As soon as you make the call that Rodgers could be getting the nod you open the door to them having extra days of prep. Better to run the shadow game and get them worked up about Flynn only to pull a fast one with only a day’s notice. May not make a huge difference but it’s still the smart play.

    The Lions and Bears tanking opened the door to allow for McCarthy and Co. showing some extra caution since it isn’t QUITE do or die time.

  13. Packer fans have officially entered a sad fugue state of despair. I’m frankly embarrassed for them and by them as a human.

    Cheer up folks, at least you’ve won 13 championships and have won the last 4 season series against the hapless and tasteless Vikings.

  14. “…though he said Flynn “deserves to start” after some solid relief work leading them back for a tie Sunday against the Vikings.”
    Does anyone else see how totally sad that is??????????

  15. Fun Fact:

    The decade of the sixties, arguably the GLORY YEARS of the Packers…they could only muster an even split in head-to-head matchups against the expansion Minnesota Vikings. Very impressive Packers!

    PLUS, to all Packer faithful…seen that clip where Lombardi’s nearly having an aneurism due to Packers poor tackling “GRAB, GRAB, GRAB”…that was against the Vikings. Mason, McElhenny, or maybe Brown was running roughshod over the Pack. History repeated itself yesterday!

  16. Lots of Viking trolls here today. You’d think they’d be like every other Viking fan at this point – moved on to cheering on the Wild or even the T-wolves this year.

    You can talk trash all you want, but call me when you’ve won a WORLD championship (no – the ’69 NFL championship is not viewed as a WORLD championship because you got destroyed by the Chiefs in the Superbowl – Sorry).

  17. All this stupid jealous hate talk from loser trolls ! Glennon a rookie QB, beat the Lions in Detroit. Matt Flynn can beat them for sure if he gets pass protection. Packers must go after Stafford and KO him for the year. Rodgers won’t play until December 8th vs the Falcons. or 15th in Dallas . When Rodgers come’s back then Randall Cobb will come back soon after. Then the Packers run the table and make the Playoffs. If Rodgers didn’t get hurt the Packers would be 9-2 and the NFC North race would be just about over. GO PACK GO !

  18. The Packers are done.

    It has little to do with the QB situation. Other than Clay Matthews, the Packers defense would be second string at the University of Alabama.

    The Lions receivers will have a field day. The Packers can’t stop the run. The Packers secondary looks worse every week. They simply can’t tackle. They are out of position 75% of the time.

    However, how the Lions can lose to the Bucs is beyond me. The Bears don’t look much better.

    The NFC North is a collection of the Three Stooges plus Pee Wee Herman.

    Packers fan since 1961.

  19. There is one reason why you can’t believe anything a Vikings fans says, last years wild card playoff game against the Packers one of them predicted a 45 to 7 win by the Vikings lmao, keep on trying Vikqueens fans

  20. It is really pathetic that the only thing Vikings fans can cheer for is the Packers missing the playoffs, without their qb and one of the best players in football, not to mention countless other starters.

    Keep praying for the tanking season though Queens fans, by the time you find a qb Peterson will be past his prime.

  21. mizzousooner says:Nov 25, 2013 3:43 PM

    How do you let the Vikings tie you in your house?

    Simple. You start your third sting QB, then go to your 4th string guy in the 3rd Quarter. That is how you let the Vikings play you to a tie at home.

  22. Dear Santa Claus- thank you for bringing me a losing season for the Packers this year. Love, a Vikings fan.

  23. It is funny to see people write about how GBs D is bad since Rodgers went down. There is a reason for that. Opposing offenses prepare their game plan against GBs offense and defense. All teams ahve multipe plans for differnet scenarios.

    No Rodgers means that teams can play conservative on offense and won’t need to think about putting up 35 to win. It changes how the approach the game and GBs D is not set up for a team grinding on them, and teams can’t grind on them when Rodgers is in there.

    The D is part of the whole system and it is true of every team in the league. If anyone needs proof, Dilfer has a SB ring. Any doubters now? LOL

  24. trollsetter says:Nov 25, 2013 3:59 PM

    Don’t worry about winning this week. Keep resting on past laurels and pretend that Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting old.

    Yeah, the Packers will need a replacement for Rodgers in 6 or 7 years. Odds are they will daft someone in about 3 or 4 years to sit behind Rodgers and learn the system and they will have another superstar QB for a decade after that. It is going to be a bitter pill to swallow. LOL

  25. Look at these jealous Viking fans
    OMG they have finally realized they are among the league s pathetic worse teams and their way of dealing with it is to bash the team with the most World Titles.

    The Packers have also won 4 Super Bowls and the Vikings have won ZERO…….
    so Viking fans….
    keep hoping that the Packers cannot find another All Pro QB and sling useless unimportant twisted rhetoric…………
    The Vikings are pathetic…
    So lets remind them again
    You wear purple
    Your State allows gay marriage
    You play indoors
    Your coach scalped Super Bowl Tickets
    The ” LOVE” Boat
    Non stop DUI s this year along with wife beatings
    A team MV that has 7 kids with 7 different women..
    I guess if I had all of that going for me I d attak the Green Bay Packers also.

    Hey Viking fans
    Kiss the Rings !

  26. The Great Ted Thompson the Genius says:
    Nov 25, 2013 4:35 PM

    At the end of the season, we’ll look back and see that the Packers lost the division because they tied the Vikings.

    You may be right that Pack may not win the division this least they have a chance to lose it… unlike the Vikings whom even with the reigning MVP playing and not missing many if any games this year…are still one of the worst teams in the NFC.

  27. the packers defense is horrible fire capers now and whoever the trainer is. these guys are hurt all the time they never have a healthy team. they need the iron man bret favre mentatlity back!

  28. The Packers have done almost everything right since McCarthy took over. Not finding a quality backup to Rodgers after Flynn left was something, though, that they got very, very wrong. If they’d simply kept Vince Young, they would have won at least two of these games they’ve lost. Oh, and they wouldn’t have tied the Vikings either.

  29. What the Viking trolls fail to realize that out of all the teams in the NFC North Division, only Green Bay controls its own fate. The other two have to either beat the Packers or hope for other teams to lose.

    When you are forced to watch Ponder start every week, its tends to turn your mind to mush.

  30. I think its funny Packer fans think they have any hand in the World Championships the Packers won. Hey you have as many World Championships as I do….Zero.

  31. sevensixtwonato says:
    Nov 25, 2013 9:53 PM
    I think its funny Packer fans think they have any hand in the World Championships the Packers won. Hey you have as many World Championships as I do….Zero.



    Ironically that’s the same number that the Vikings have.

  32. sevensixtwonato says:
    Nov 25, 2013 9:53 PM
    Hey you have as many World Championships as I do….Zero.

    That’s not necessarily true. As a member if the Viking fan faithful, you are amongst the most arrogant, self-centered fan base with the most severe superiority complexes in the NFL. In fact, you’re Number One.

    So ya got that goin for ya.

  33. thesconnienation says:

    @toes110 – Oh and since we’re on a football board. Wisconsin has beaten the Gophers the last 10 years in a row. Ouch.

    Using the tried and true Packer comeback …

    How many National Championships does the Badger football program have?

    The answer – is ZERO.

    How many do the Gophers have?

    The answer – is SEVEN!

    Who leads the all time series record?

    The Gophers… 😉

    The Gophers also have more:

    Basketball National Championships

    Baseball National Championships

    Men’s Hockey National Championships

    Women’s Hockey National Championships

    Wrestling National Championships

    Golf National Championships

    Just sayin’…. 😉

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