Michael Griffin suspended one week for head shots

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Titans safety Michael Griffin is the latest player to be suspended for a week for repeated shots to the head.

The league announced the suspension moments ago, citing “a repeat violation of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.”

Griffin teed off on Raiders TE Mychal Rivera yesterday, knocking Rivera’s helmet off and out of the game. Griffin was penalized for the play. It was his second violation this year and fourth since 2011.

Griffin’s suspension was handed down by NFL Vice President of Football Operations Merton Hanks. He’ll have a chance to appeal before either Matt Birk or Ted Cottrell.

While some suspensions have been overturned, recent precedent is against Griffin playing this week. Both Dashon Goldson (repeat offender) and Erik Walden (headbutting Delanie Walker) had suspensions upheld following appeals last week.

10 responses to “Michael Griffin suspended one week for head shots

  1. Who’s coaching the Titan’s safeties ? If is still Chuck Cecil. Cecil was a head spear artist when he played for GB and Arizona. Maybe he’s teaching the art of being a nasty, hurtful, spearing player.

  2. all I know is his helmet ended up in the end zone, and nobody picked it up until like 5 minutes later when they finally got him up and off the field.

  3. Wow … and just three days after the Titans cut back-up safety Corey Lynch … again. Let me guess, they’re on the phone with Lynch’s agent as we speak: “Yeah, about that … Would Corey be interested in resigning with us for the third time this season?”

  4. This is ridiculous when can you ever hit a receiver after the catch, the call on the field was hitting a defenseless receiver. Well let me just tell you Rivera took 3 steps and looked right at Griffin after he made the catch he had plenty of time to react. It’s amazing how even when he looked at him and was moving with the ball that he was defenseless he had every chance to defend himself.

  5. What game were you watching? He took nowhere near 3 steps. You need to not drink before the afternoon games…obviously you were drunk. He hadn’t even made the catch yet (which is why it was ruled incomplete and not a fumble).

  6. I’m just happy Rivera was able to get up. The first thing that reminded me of was a few years back when Trent Green got that wicked hit and they had to take him off the field on a stretcher. Glad Rivera is going to be ok.

  7. The nfl is getting really soft. First the take away launching, now you have to wait till the receiver catches the ball and makes a football move because he defenseless, I feel like u should go for the catch if you think u gonna get sean taylored!!!!

  8. I saw the play happen in real time & my immediate reaction was that is was a dirty, cheap shot, even as a Titan fan. But watching the replay, I do have some sympathy for Griff here. I mean, if he’s trying to dislodge the ball, then there really isn’t any other way to hit a guy who is basically already on the ground by the time contact is made. And he was successful is dislodging the ball. In this particular situation, his only other option to avoid this kind of hit is to let him keep the catch & just graze him with his hands so he is down by contact. I don’t think the suspension is warranted because I am not a fan of a player (any player, not just Titans) having to give anything up. He should be trying to make that play & it’s unfortunate that Rivera was hurt but honestly, watch the play & tell me what else he is supposed to do other than just letting him keep the catch.

  9. Put simply, Griffin is not in a position to dislodge the ball. He has no play. What is he supposed to do? Get there earlier. It’s not a complicated decision-making process. If a guy is out of bounds, you don’t get to hit him. If a player is making a diving catch before you get there, you don’t get to hit him either. It’s not that hard.

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