Moreno has bone bruise, believes he’ll be fine

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Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno had the game of his life.  He’ll apparently be back on the horse sooner than later.

Per a league source, Moreno has a bone bruise in his ankle.  It’s painful, said the source, but Moreno will be OK for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

Moreno rushed for 224 yards on 37 carries against the Patriots.  According to NBC Sports researcher Aaron Feldstein (i.e., the guy who finds out stuff I don’t know . . . i.e., plenty), Moreno generated the fourth highest rushing total for a player in a losing effort.

In 1976, O.J. Simpson set the then-single game record in a loss to the Lions.  In 2002, Ricky Williams gained 228 for the Dolphins in a loss to the Bills.  In 2012, Jamaal Charles gained 226 in a lost to the Colts.

Moreno was spotted on crutches after the overtime loss to the Patriots.

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  1. got tired of this little turd pumping his chest all game like he was the second coming of Jim Brown. Obviously, to the entire world, the Patriots wanted you running all night for a good reason because Manning only through for 160 and 30 something of those were on one screen pass

    He had a good game but cheez buddy give it a rest on the Superman act and I hope you are okay

  2. @ zimaman

    Yea, obviously the Patriots’ game plan was to limit Manning and let Moreno rush for 224 yards, and go down 24-0 at half w/ three fumbles in the first half. Belichick loves this gameplan too.

  3. pittsburghavenue says: Nov 25, 2013 4:11 PM
    who won?

    your logic flawed the 224 yards had nothing to do with the 3 turnovers that led to the scores on a short field

    he let them run all day long

    don’t try to couple the fumbles into the game plan

    who game plans 3 fumbles – you make no sense

  4. Yeah, he ran through a sieve of a defensive line all night, but dude was a warrior. I will never call him no show…at least until he loafs on the mega deal he will assuredly sign this offseason.

  5. Man, hes tough, but not very elusive…or fast. AP would have run for 500 behind those blocks last night.

    Does anyone else get tired of watching Moreno jump out of his jock strap everytime he falls forward for 2.5 yards?

    Seriously, he is the least elusive runningback since Rod Bernstein or John L. Williams, its a toss up. Actually I think Sammy Winder was in this class too. Not strong enough to be a plow horse, not fast enough to be a race horse.

    Why the heck did they every trade Peyton Hillis (or Dominic Hixon, or Jay Cutler, or Tony Scheffler, or Brandon Browner, or Reggie Hayward, or Elvis Dumervil)?

    Don’t anyone blame Denver’s D for last night either. Manning sucked! Especially when it counted, and I am sick of him. That defense is a heck of a lot better than people realize.

  6. Love guys who get 5-6 yards a pop and act like they did something. I wish an o-nline man would do that. Oh wait, they’re typically modest and don’t prefer the buffoon image.

  7. You spend a 2nd round pick on Monte Ball then bench him after a fumble and put in an undrafted rookie who cant pass block, catch, or take a handoff out of spite for his fumble. That cost the broncos the game. Peyton needs to go for the throat when he has a chance. He sits back and takes the safe play far too often. 2nd and 10 on the 39 yardline you handoff to an obviously injured moreno for 2 yards. Take a shot there downfield to ice the game. Third down you throw a 5 yard out to welker who drops it (whats new). That wouldn’t have been a first down if he caught it. He’s not going to win a superbowl playing not to lose. Welker what a choke job of a game he better bring it in the playoffs and redeem himself because he made Belichek look like a genius last night.

  8. So much hate for Knowshon on here. Who cares if he is confident when he plays? If you aren’t as a RB, or any player for that matter… you will not have much success. He just expresses himself in a different way.
    Knowshon has been a great teammate during his whole stay in Denver, and I hope he gets an extension.
    Drafted in the 1st round
    Hurt and had to work to get back
    Comes back, gets hurt again
    Denver brings in Mcgahee and drafts Ronnie Hillman
    He stays quiet, does his work and accepts his 3rd string spot
    Plays great last year late before getting injured
    Denver drafts Montee Ball
    He gets put on 3rd team again, doing scout team stuff.
    Outperforms Montee and Hillman in camp and pre-season and gets this job
    Now he is playing fantastic this season

    I, for one, respect a true pro like that.

  9. When they brought in a new corner at the end of the game to cover DT- they should have smoked him deep down the left side. Instead, two yards and cloud of dust to Morono.

  10. zim has a point. Belichick baited Manning, with his ‘check with me’ routine at the line of scrimmage, to run the ball. The idea was to take away Denver’s passing game by showing a two deep safety shell, playing nicle or dime, and gett. ing Manning to check to a run at the line of scrimmage. Run all you want between the 20’s. Brady has more guts than Manning, is the greatest bad weather QB of all time(if not the greatest period) and Belichick and his staff coached circles around the Denver staff. Paging forsbergler.

  11. Nice game by Moreno….

    But tell me, is this the team that was supposed to be able to beat that 2007 Patriots team, which played almost all it’s games outdoors, in the north east, under intense scrutiny? Really? It’s a shame that team came up just short because they really were the best single season team of all time. This Denver team would be no match for that team. They look like a good Indianapolis team….

  12. Barry Sanders says stop pumping your chest on every 5 yard run and hand the ball to the ref

  13. @tedmurph.

    Not to take anything away from Brady cuz he’s amazing in cold weather but Favre had a career record of 43-6 when the temperature was below freezing. Personally I think he was the biggest cold weather warrior of all time.

  14. Can’t argue with that pillow, Farve was great in the cold, esp for a Mississippi boy. The only quibble I would have, admittedly being a Pats fan, is Farve just didn’t win it enough. Brady has won more big games in the cold. Farve’s gunslinger mentality some times hurt the Packers as much as helped them, IMO. But, he was somthing.

  15. @elway6532… 9-2 not good enough for you kid? You’d take a Tebow rally over Manning? Really? You’d probably take a Cosmopolitan over a Guinness too..

  16. Plus Favre’s record is not that good. Brady’s is 30-4 regular season. I saw the site you sited about Favre, not valid.

  17. matterson20 says:
    Nov 25, 2013 6:07 PM
    He’s going to miss time. Denver’s trying to ease the misery of their fans with false hope. Ditto for DRC.


    Are you a disillusioned Chief fan? Both Moreno and DRC are expected to play in KC. Both are OK.

  18. Pats replacement DT’s got manhandled, but most of those runs came on shotgun draws when the Pats were in nickel preparing to defend the pass. Why did they never bring a safety down?…because they’d rather have Manning choose run and take their chances defending 3rd and 3’s all night in the wind. Good strategy.

  19. The very fact that
    “fourth highest rushing total for a player in a losing effort” is a thing, is worrisome…

  20. I am a huge Peyton Manning fan but I can’t make excuses for his big game failures any longer. Enough is enough and the facts now are just too overwhelming. The voice in the back of my head has been telling me this for year s but instead I would just follow the Herd and ESPN in defending him. Greatness isn’t just playing great when conditions are ideal and easy. It’s got me thinking that I may have been duped by the media about his All-Time Greatness all along. He’s great but you can’t be All-Time Great with these games and playoff failures. How do you get OWNED by the guy they so often compare you to? Unbelievable. BTW, for all of you that use the excuse that he plays against Belichick here’s something to consider. Drew Brees averages 32 PPG has 10 TDs to 1 INT and passer rating in the 120s against Belichick. It’s time to stop making excuses and call it like we see it and what the facts say it is. He’s a soft, dome pampered QB with a fire no bigger than a match stick that wilts like a flower in the cold and crumbles like a cookie under pressure

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