Rex Ryan says deep touchdown wasn’t Ed Reed’s fault

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Ed Reed still hasn’t won a game this year. And the Jets still can’t defend the deep ball.

But Jets coach Rex Ryan wasn’t about to connect those two dots.

Despite Reed being in the vicinity of Jacoby Jones before a back-breaking 66-yard touchdown pass, Ryan insisted it wasn’t the veteran safety’s fault.

“I’m not going to pin it on any one individual,” Ryan said, via Neil Best of Newsday. “Certainly not on one guy. Certainly not Ed Reed. He’d probably be third on that list, in all honesty.”

The Jets were stacked in a deep coverage designed to prevent such a play, but Reed said he couldn’t find the ball.

“I never really saw the ball,” he said. “I should have played it different. I probably should have just grabbed Jacoby and took the pass interference instead, given the position I was in. . . .

“I mean, they had the wind; it’s just that simple. It was like, here comes a shot . . . What would you do? I tell one of the fastest guys to just run deep and locate the ball, and that’s what he did.”

Sunday was the second time Reed’s lost to the Ravens this year, after once with the Texans before he was cut. And since he missed Houston’s two-game win streak to start the year, and has lost his first two with the Jets, he’s still waiting to experience a victory this season.

“You hate to be on this side of the fence, but somebody wins and somebody has to lose,” he said. “It’s a child’s game we play. We had fun. We have to make our corrections and have to be ready to play next week.”

And while they prepare, they’ll still be working on fixing the problem Reed was supposed to solve.

26 responses to “Rex Ryan says deep touchdown wasn’t Ed Reed’s fault

  1. … because if it’s Ed Reed’s fault, it makes Rex look like a duffs.

    Yeah, the Free Safety never has deep responsibility.

  2. Rex is right, Reed is 3rd on the list of blame. Here is the list for you:
    1) The Corner
    2) The Coach who put Reed on the field
    3) Reed

  3. A little creative CYA from Rex for signing a once great player who has lost a step (or @) in a position where there’s not that much room for error.

  4. Hey Jets fans! Just curious if you *still* think Revis is in a worse situation in Tampa. Have you seen Glennon’s numbers?

  5. Dude are you kidding? Your eyes could be red for a million reasons.. You really think he was just blazing in his car before the game?? Smdh… And even if he was, his eyes being red were the only issue right??? Exactly. Shut up. You’re ignorant.

  6. sidepull says:
    Nov 25, 2013 10:27 AM
    Yea and nothing is Gino Smiths fault either.

    If you are going to bash a man, and that man’s name is only four letters, learn to spell it right. You look like a clown.

    baltimoresnativeson says:
    Nov 25, 2013 11:22 AM
    Am I the only one that noticed how red Santonios weed eyes were during the game? It was actually somewhat disturbing. They almost were glowing.

    He wears red eye contacts, this isn’t new.

    Let the unwarranted Jets hate continue…

  7. Ed Reed sucks now. No other way to put it. He won a Super Bowl with the Ravens, made an interception in the Super Bowl, and headed for the texans immediately after. Reed returned to Baltimore in red and blue, made zero plays, and got defeated. Reed returned to the Bank again in green and white. Only this time he had big Rexy Rex by his side. Maybe Rex could finally beat the big bad Ravens with the greybeard Reed by his side!!! NOPE. Jacoby is too fast. Sorry Reed it’s not 2005 anymore. Since Rex has been the coach of the hopeless jets, he has gone 0-3 against Harbaugh and the Ravens. And Reed is now 0-2 against his former team. I love it. But enough about the jets. We have another legitimate and respected team to look toward this Thursday. Yeah I’m talking about Pittsburgh. Another classic grudge match.

    Baltimore Ravens
    2x Super Bowl Champions
    T-Sizzle and Doom 9 sacks each !!!
    GO RAVENS !!!

  8. sidepull says:
    Nov 25, 2013 10:27 AM
    Yea and nothing is Gino Smiths fault either.

    HAHA he said Gino

  9. Love how people are acting like this was the deciding play in the game it wasn’t and if it was it was a great throw and even better catch, they lost the game because Geno is lost can’t read a defense , look for a 2nd wr or make a decision and cherry on that the WR’s suck out loud they have zero playmakers on offense … all that said about the high school offense they run out every week Rex has coached this team to 5 wins and that’s 3-5 more than anyone predicted so you can all kiss his ….whether you like him or his style dude can coach

  10. I wonder if Ed watched the pats game last night wondering why he wasn’t playing in that game for a team that has a chance at going to the Super Bowl instead of a team playing out the string. I thought guys at the end of the career only wanted to play for teams who actually had a shot at a title? Waste of your last football left Ed! And btw, BB would have put you in much better positions to make plays on the field rather than give up bombs. He would have known that you are not the Ed Reed of the past, and used whatever skills you had left to make the team. Rex left you on an island like your 24 years old still. Sad way to finish a good career.

  11. I am not even a Jets fan but I think we should let up on Rex and Ed Reed. Reed has had a great career and Rex is a good coach, just not a great head coach but he has done a decent job this year given the talent he has on offense.

  12. Another bust so far is Milliner, this guy was hyped as another Revis, but he gets beat constantly. Add Milliner to Geno, and those two draft picks leave a lot to be desired.

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