Schiano on Glennon: He’s on trajectory to be your quarterback for a long time


When Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano handed the starting quarterback job to Mike Glennon in the fourth week of the season amid all manners of chaos in Tampa, it looked like a move that would wind up weighing heavily on Schiano’s future with the team.

For the first few weeks, that weight was all on the side of a new coach in 2014. The Bucs kept losing, although Glennon wasn’t the top reason for their losing streak hitting eight games, and Schiano’s ouster seemed imminent. Three weeks, three wins and supportive words from players and executives have turned the heat down with Glennon’s play having a major role.

Glennon’s 34-of-44 for 478 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions over the last two weeks and he’s thrown 12 touchdowns and two interceptions over the last seven games, moving him to the front of the line of this year’s rookie quarterbacks. If Glennon continues to look like a quarterback you can build around for the long term, Schiano’s argument for another year gets much better and it’s no surprise that Schiano thinks Glennon can be that quarterback for the Bucs.

“As long as he continues on this trajectory, he’s is a guy you’d love to have as a quarterback for a long time,” Schiano said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

The Bucs will face a stiffer defensive test in Carolina than they did in Detroit. Should Glennon pass it, Schiano’s chances of remaining around a longer time should continue to improve.

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  1. Dear Glazier family,

    Glennon is a fine QB. Please allow his good play to convince you to extend the head coach’s contract, thereby ensuring your team will strongly resemble the 1984-1996 editions for years to come.

    Falcons, Panthers & Saints fans

  2. Schiano isn’t going anywhere. His players play hard for him, and he has shown this season that he can put his ego aside and adjust his gameplan to reach a better result. He himself is a work in progress and there is a learning curve for a 2nd year coach. Bottom line, the man is passionate about football, and his players are going in the record defending him. And as time passes his decisions are looking better and better. The Bucs drafts have been night and day better since he arrived, arrests and failed drug tests have practicly disappeared, and it seems ousting Freeman for his boy Glennon was the right move. Keep it up coach.

  3. It’s funny how winning changes everything.

    Three games ago Bucs fans were talking about how Schiano is the worst coach of all time…

    Now they’re talking like he’s Bellichick 2.0

    What a uneducated fan base

  4. I wasn’t sure about Glennon or Shiano after all the nonsense with Freeman and the Bucs. Freeman has proven he’s not a leader and Shiano saw that from the beginning. Glennon has proven he’s no slouch and he’s done a pretty good job as a rookie. Go Mike, keep on going on. Your more of a professional than Freeman was and we’ll let the Vikes deal with him now.

  5. Very, very impressed with Glennon. He has a cannon, it’s accurate and appears unflappable. Amazing how well he’s playing right now.

  6. I haven’t commented for a long time on the team, but I am buying into the Schiano thing now that the Freeman situation has taken its course. I still wish Freeman the best but it is Mark Dominik who kept him around with blatant maturity, leadership, personal issues. Mark Dominik’s drafts prior to Schiano were garbage, post Schiano the best we have had since the 90’s. I’m still not sure that Schiano is a great game day coach, but I’m willing to keep him around to build like the Dungy era and if he can’t get it done then we eventually get the game day coach we need. Until we started winning, it did look like he was the worst coach ever, I chose to do other things on Sundays and taped the game for the first time in memory. I am impressed now with some hindsight.

  7. Glennon makes three QBs in the NFL who played college ball at NC State.

    With the other two being Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson, that’s some pretty good company.

  8. If Schiano does nothing else for the Bucs, fans can thank him for getting rid of Josh Freeman. If not for Schiano we might have been stuck with that loser for who knows how long.

  9. stay the course. bucs got a good young core of players. just get rid of that idiot radio announcer dumig

  10. You are not lying Freeman truly suck. I had been seeing it for years even when people were saying he was having a good year. I never look a numbers on paper I look at his on the field demeanor and throws. lock on to one receiver at a consistent rate. easy for amy defense to read this guy no brains. didn’t know u needed brains until payton manning came alone.

  11. .

    ” Schiano’s departure seemed imminent ”

    Only to those who sit in closed rooms inhaling each others exhaust. Some pretend to have their fingers on the pulse, when in fact their finger (and head) is elsewhere.



  12. Schiano didn’t believe in the QB. The team didn’t buy into Schiano.

    The Jets buys into Rex Ryan because Rex believed in the QB. But it’s the wrong QB afer Sanchez was the wrong QB.

    Bucs have a worse record than the Jets.
    Bucs are rising, Jets are reeling.

    Again what is the difference?

    The QB (add some assistant coaching to that).

  13. Glennon has done a great job, but I’m not sold..we need to seriously consider taking a QB next year with a high pick. Can’t hurt to have 2 good QB’s these days.

    Now they’re talking like he’s Bellichick 2.0

    What a uneducated fan base
    ..nice way to jack a thread to take a shot..let me guess you lost to us? Sorry for your luck lmao

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