Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods back at practice for Bills

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The Bills didn’t miss starting wide receivers Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods when they blew out the Jets in Week 11, but it’s always nicer to have a full complement of offensive weapons at your disposal.

Buffalo took a step in that direction on Monday when both Johnson and Woods took part in the team’s return to practice after their bye week. Coach Doug Marrone said that both players “looked good, looked fresh” as they got back to work.

Woods has missed the last two games with an ankle injury, opening the door for Marquise Goodwin to show off his speed in an expanded role. Goodwin’s probably earned a continued role in the offense, although it’s unclear what kind of role that would be.

Johnson was out with a groin injury against the Jets, the second time he was out of the lineup this season. Marrone said Monday that “you’ll see [Johnsons] numbers go higher and higher” over the remainder of the season because of his increased chemistry with rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel. The Falcons are up next for the Bills and their defense has enabled some big performances from offensive foes this season.

5 responses to “Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods back at practice for Bills

  1. The Bills have looked good at times this year, and this will help them in their playoff race, but they will lose to Tampa, and to New England to close out the year and finish 7-9. They should think about next year.

    Winner of Steelers/Ravens on turkey day is getting that final wildcard spot, after everyone counted both of them out. Ryan Fitzpatrcik ain’t leading the Titans to the playoffs, the Chargers are too inconsistent, as are the Dolphins. And the Jets? HAHA. Thats a good one.

    You heard it here first, folks. Either way, it doesnt matter anyways- the 2nd wildcard team will play Cinci on the road in the opening round and get pounded anyhow. The Red Rocket is a winner and look for the Bengals in the superbowl next year. Their almost there, just not yet.

  2. These guys have at least 3 more years together as the Bills top 2 receivers and that’s if no one else comes into the picture. The sooner they’re back the sooner they can keep working to become truly dominant. EJ kinda has something to with that too.

  3. The Bills are one game back for the final playoff spot after all the injuries and with a soft schedule remaining. They had a great draft, hired a good coach, and the effort is there. There’s progress but the big leap is learning how to pull out the close ones and rescuing a game or two when you’re not on your best game. I think their future is bright and it would be an added bonus if they play up to their potential here on out. The way I see it, the only two teams in the mix for the final playoff spot that are coming together now are the Steelers and the Bills with the schedule maker more kind to the Bills.

  4. jpvan, youre obviously a Bills fan because that is one of the more biased things I’ve ever read.

    1) Tampa on the road is no longer an easy game for the Bills. Neither is NE. Their schedule is not as soft as you think.
    2) It’s nothing short of foolish to pick the Steelers as a favorite and rule out Baltimore
    3) It’s nothing short of foolish to rule out San Diego. They just beat the Chiefs and only lost to Denver by 8.

    Bills are moving in the right direction, but they are not a playoff team this year. If EJ Manuel had been healthy the whole year, then they probably would have been. But the fact is he wasnt, and they lost games they otherwise would have won and put themselves in too big a hole.

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