49ers will activate Michael Crabtree Tuesday, expect him to play Sunday


The 49ers offense had its best night in a while in Washington on Monday and they’ll get some help from a long-absent friend in their effort to keep things rolling against the Rams in Week 13.

Wide receiver Michael Crabtree will be activated from the physically unable to perform list on Tuesday, the final day of the three-week window that opened when he began practicing. The 49ers could activate him even if he’s not ready to play just to avoid losing any chance of him playing this season, but coach Jim Harbaugh said after Monday’s win that the team expects Crabtree on the field when they face St. Louis.

“I anticipate that he’s going to come back this week,” Harbaugh said, via the San Francisco Chronicle.

Crabtree had 46 catches for 665 yards and six touchdowns in seven regular season games with Colin Kaepernick last season and added 20 catches for 285 yards and three touchdowns in the playoffs. Getting that kind of production again this season would make for a big improvement in a passing game that’s been a disappointment for much of this season.

18 responses to “49ers will activate Michael Crabtree Tuesday, expect him to play Sunday

  1. Now, if our offensive coordinator can just learn to
    Take What the Defense Gives US

    Announcers last night kept noting that the Redskins kept clogging the box on first down
    …. and the Nibners KEEP RUNNING on first down

    Last week the Saints were playing man coverage on first downs,, and Greg Roman kept Running !!

  2. The Defense is legit., hopefully the offense catches up for a run to and through the playoffs. Kap was decent against a subpar team, but I’ll take that over a loss any day. Welcome back Crab! Go Niners!

  3. gosfvr says:Nov 26, 2013 11:16 AM

    @AMD – You do know the Hawks will be missing 2 CBs, don’ you?
    Browner has missed games this season already and Seattle played fine without him. Maxwell and Lane are more than capable. And they have elite players and depth everywhere else on that D, so I’m not concerned about it at all. I would say Seattle’s secondary still trumps frisco’s weak passing game.

    Now Wilson, Lynch, Tate, Baldwin, Harvin…that’s a whole other can of worms for the niners. You D is good, but Seattle has played well against it recently and I expect that trend to continue with the health of key offensive players no longer in question.

  4. PED Hawks lmao…..oh wait, that’s been used and played out, not really funny at all. Is literacy a problem for 49ers fans? Browner and Thurmond are out for smoking weed, not PED’s. I guess it’s better to fire off automatic weapons in a crowd, beat your teammate with a bottle, crash into trees drunk at 7 am, then it is to get high. As for Crabtree, congrats. I’m happy you will be at full strength come the 8th. You do realize Browner missed last seasons game late in the year when Crabtree was healthy, how’d that go? Seattle was missing a few key starters week 2 this season, did that go any better for you? Injuries, suspensions, things happen. Next man up.
    Go Hawks!!!

  5. Fear? Why do your 49ers plan on showing up next time the teams meet in December? You all act like your getting Calvin Johnson back or something. Crabtree had a good season last year but he isn’t a world beater. Should be a good game.
    Go Hawks

  6. allday38 says:
    Nov 26, 2013 1:25 PM
    Fear? Why do your 49ers plan on showing up next time the teams meet in December?

    Why show up? Maybe because the last (and only) time R. Wilson played in San Fran, he put up 6 points. The Hawks are 1-4 at the Stick over the last 5 years, that is a worse record than The Niners have in Seattle over the same time.

  7. frisco fans haven’t accepted it yet because it hasn’t happened at their place. They will come to terms with Seattle’s superiority when Wilson and crew come to town and put a thumping on Kaep again.

    Kaep is 0-2 vs Seattle for a reason. The Hawks D plays to aggressively and fast for him to handle it. We’re talking an ELITE Seattle D vs what any reasonable niner fan has to admit is a subpar quarterback this season. Advantage Seattle all day long.

    This game will come down to Seattle’s offense vs frisco’s D. And Seattle’s offense is looking like a tough out regardless of where they play. Add in a dominating D and Seattle is head and shoulers better than the niners.

    Harvin is going to drop atom bombs on you scrubs. Watch.

  8. Crabtree will not make a big difference right a way and maybe not at all this season as he comes back from this injury. It will take time. As for Browner he did not play against the 49ers in last year in Seattle in 2012 and the Hawks walked all over SF, and they had Crabtree then. Not sure the 49ers will be Hawks in SF. 49ers have not beaten a good time other than Ariz this year. All the losses come to teams over .500, this is not a good sign moving forward. The passing game has not down well against these times and most of that must fall on the coaching staff. I want the 49ers to do well, but have concerns if they can beat Hawks and Ariz. The team has issues and problems that must be fixed, a big issue is play calling. This is still a problem.

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