Ahmad Brooks: RG3 shouldn’t be playing

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The San Francisco 49ers made easy work of the Washington Redskins Monday night.

The 49ers kept the Redskins’ top-ranked rushing offense in check and repeatedly hit Robert Griffin III in limiting him to just 127 yards passing on 27 attempts.

Griffin struggled last week against the Philadelphia Eagles as well before a fourth quarter burst made his effort look stronger in total than it actually was. It’s been a difficult sophomore season for Griffin where he’s struggled to find the consistency of his rookie year.

49ers’ linebacker Ahmad Brooks thinks he knows why Griffin continues to struggle this season after seeing him in person Monday night.

According to JP Finlay of CSNWashington.com, Brooks says he feels Griffin’s knee isn’t 100-percent and he doesn’t believe Griffin should be playing.

“I don’t think he should be playing,” Brooks said. “You can see it. Everybody can see it, everybody can see it.”

Brooks picked up two sacks against Griffin Monday night.

Griffin completed over 65-percent of his passes as a rookie and had a 102.4 passer rating. This season, Griffin is completing 60-percent of his passes with a rating of 81.9. He’s thrown 14 touchdowns with 11 interceptions.

“He’s a man, he has the heart of a warrior and is going to go out there and play regardless of the circumstance,” Brooks said. “Everybody can see it. Everybody can see it. He shouldn’t be playing.”

The Redskins have many more issues than just the quarterback position. However, Griffin clearly doesn’t look like the same player he was last year.

71 responses to “Ahmad Brooks: RG3 shouldn’t be playing

  1. I’d tend to agree with Brooks here. This kid is tough as nails. That said, Shanny is hanging him out there to dry. Not to mention, the pressure he must be feeling is ridiculous.

    I’d sit him, get him 100%, and let Cousins finish off the season….

    Get well RG3….

  2. maybe he should bot be out there but he was the one that made the call. he may want to blame his coach for all his problems now but remember he was upset when was not allowed to work during camp or play during preseason by his coach. he said he was fully recovered and wanted to be out there,but now that it is not going well he blames everyone but himself.

  3. Who cares what this crybaby thinks. His team beats a one legged man and he has to have an opinion on it. It would be best to not point it out so the forthywhiners can feel better about their very overrated team. Good luck beating St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa and Arizona. Will love watching the Whiners miss the playoffs like the overrated Falcons!!!!

  4. This Washington franchise is really in bad shape having a stench and rot that starts at the top which continues to permeate into the on field product.

    Griffin is broken right now due to injury and the failure of his coaches to adjust to the opponents adjustments. Around this time last year Newton began to get it because he was coached well enough to allow adjustments to manifest themselves on the field. In order for Griffin to recover the coaches have got to go and every aspect of his game has to be completely torn down and rebuilt. Its not hard to feel for a kid who’s play calls encourage running in the middle of the field against a Niners D full of assassins.

  5. Blame Shanarat. He was going to have RG3 play this season whether he was ready or not. And that’s heartless and foolish.

    Mike and Kyle Shanarat don’t give a rat’s behind about RG3’s health, they only care about winning and their own jobs.

  6. Let me break it down to you Redskins fans. Your Owner gives the green light to make an expensive investment on a injury prone QB that only plays ONE system that will be out of the NFL very soon. The read option is NOT here to stay folks. What happens once RG3 gets older? He can’t run like that forever. Look at Vick. Consistently with concussions. I really do feel for RG3 (Trolling aside)
    It’s all bone and no meat left on that knee. He needs a season off to heal properly. Look what Peyton did with his neck injury. Redskins aren’t going anywhere. Start Cousins and raise his trade stock to make up for that heavy investment.

  7. The condition of his knee is only one of the major issues. He seems to have become increasingly un-coachable, with no interest in learning how to actually play QB in the NFL. Looks like he just wants to improvise as if it were a pickup game of street ball. Nobody can tell the kid anything. He’s adopted a bunker mentality.

  8. The knee isn’t 100% this year. It won’t be 100% next year. It will never be 100% again. Simple reason, 100% of it isn’t there. Its missing cartilage. It doesn’t “lube” itself like it once did. It no doubt hurts from time to time. It will affect RGIII’s game. Get used to it.

    I have no animosity towards Griffin. Why should I? We don’t play the Skins very often, so for me he is an interesting QB to watch play. But don’t get down on me for telling the truth. Get down on Shanahan, for filling your head with fantasies that won’t come true.

  9. RG3 does not have heart why do people keep saying this…Heart wins games. I guess you could call him tough, but, he’s been talking about how his knees been fine. What’s the real problem?

  10. He looked gimpy I’ll admit, but if you’re going to play through an injury you can’t let it limit your team like that. I really do think Kirk Cousins could do better.

  11. As long as it’s not a head injury, if a player wants to play then let him play. He’s a grown man and can make his own decisions.

  12. Mike Shanhan should be fired for being so cavalier with the team’s biggest asset. I’m still sickened that he ran RG3 back out there in the playoff game against Seattle.

    You trade all those picks for the guy and then you can’t even take proper care of him?

  13. RG3 should have started the season on the IR with the ability to practice at week 6 and play at week 8. That would have given him 6 more weeks to Rehab his knee outside of football to work on flexibility, strengthening, explosiveness and speed. He could have started practicing football at 6 weeks and at week 8 started his first game or eased into playing football or gone on IR for the season if he was not ready to play. This young guy has been handled poorly by Washington since his initial knee injury. They’ve treated it like its sore throat and he’s a back up QB with no long term future with the franchise. They’ve probably ruined him physically and he will never resemble the QB he was his rookie season. Please remember that Doctor’s that are paid by the team are “Paid by the Team”. I’ve been a licensed healthcare provider for over 25 years and people must realize Doctors that aren’t independently employed are primarily in the business of making money. If you don’t believe that you are naive.

  14. The Shanahans did not want RGIII, that is why they are trying to get him knocked out for good. After what went down with McNabb and Haynesworth their owner is a moron if he can’t see what makes the Shanahan Ego Machine run.

  15. If you were to remove the Baylor-esque dump passes and wide receiver screens, he would be completing more like 30 percent. That doesn’t get it done in the NFL.

    He’s not really playing the position like a professional. Kirk Cousins would absolutely give the team a better chance to win right now. Maybe RGIII can return to his 2012 prowess, maybe not.

  16. Who cares, the redskins mortgaged the house on a guy had knee issues before, a flash in the pan first year will never be duplicated. Somehow he still doesn’t get it with his smug attitude in press conferences, he’s part of the problem.

  17. The old mysterious and previously undisclosed injury is always a good reason to shut down a self-proclaimed superstar. As the Beatles once said, Give Kirk a Chance.

  18. Couldn’t agree more. The seasons over and he could get hurt even further.

    He was awful in the Eagles game last week, and yet the announcers kept singing his praise. He had a 20 yard throw to a fullback with busted coverage for a TD, and he underthrew a ball by 10 yards against bad coverage for a TD. He consistently missed open receivers, including 2 for potential TDs on the last drive. And he can’t scramble on that injuried leg.

    Sit him and rest him for next year…

  19. I appreciate his candor, and respect what he’s saying. But I think the last paragraph is a little more correct. The Redskins have many many more issues than Rob’s knee. The o-line is simply putrid. Chester & Polumbus need to go. The are just terrible. I think Niles Paul should not be allowed to play offense again. He’s a special teamer (at best). Josh Wilson looked completely lost out there…. The 9ers were simply picking on him the entire second half.

    The lone bright spot of the game was Josh Morgan. I think he played pretty darn well for someone that has been all but moth-balled for the last month, month & a half.

    Oh well. This season has been an utter disappointment….from the first quarter of the first game these guys just look lost.

  20. RGIII is terrible right now. I don’t know if he’s hurt, doesn’t like the system, isn’t being coached, or what, but he’s terrible.

    I spend a lot of time in the area so I follow a lot of the chatter around the team. It’s getting pretty clear that the Shanahan/Griffin marriage is headed for a divorce at the end of the season.

    And I think we all know who’s moving out of the house, and taking his son with him.

  21. Why spend a third round pick on Cousins if they are just gonna keep him on the bench? Maybe benching RG3 for a game or two would be a good thing. This team is not in the thick of the playoff race…

  22. RG3 gives this team no chance to win. He’s a shell. He scrambles around about as well as Peyton Manning does right now. Cousins can’t be any worse.

  23. Too bad the Deadskins mortgaged their future by giving up those 1st rounders for RG3. The Rams are still laughing all the way to the bank. While WAS has their OL problems, fact is that RG3 isn’t that good. Defenses spent the offseason learning to adjusting to him. Meanwhile you look at what Carolina has done with Cam Newton. They built an offense around his strengths. Don’t ask him to do too much (e.g. no need to throw 30+ times), but pull out the right plays for him in the right situations. He has plenty of big play ability, just don’t need home runs on every play. And they are 8-3 and not 3-8 like the Skins.

  24. metalhead65 says:
    Nov 26, 2013 2:53 AM
    maybe he should bot be out there but he was the one that made the call.

    Hate to think I was paying a coach 7 million dollars a year to let the players decide when they were going to come back from injuries.

  25. I’m no fan of Shanahan, but anyone who blames him for rushing RG3 back onto the field needs to look a little higher up. Or a little lower down, technically.

    You think Dan Snyder is going to let his fanbase-energizer and their dollars wait just because the guy may not be healthy?


  26. God I’m not even a Skins fan but all this RGIII bashing has gone out of control. People are acting like he’s as bad as Gabbert or Ponder, he isn’t playing explosive like he was last season but he’s not that bad. He needs to get used to not having a lot of mobility unless he gets it back next season. The whole team is struggling not just him. He’s not the only young QB to have a bad season, it’s not like guys like Tannehill and Luck are doing much better. Luck is routinely getting crapped on without Reggie Wayne.

  27. He ain’t Adrian Peterson, just thinks he is. No one can ever repeat what AP did in his rehab. RG III doesn’t have the work ethic, it won’t come easy ever again RG III welcome to the NFL. You’ll figure it out year 3.5.

  28. The skins do not have a bad offensive team. Morris, Helu, Garcon, a few names who are contributing solidly. Its frustrating to watch what could be a good offensive team struggle because RG3 isn’t healthy and can’t put the ball on target.

  29. Hey PFT, where is your article about the Navaho code talkers accepting an honor from the REDSKINS? They were obviously NOT offended by the name. Cant you be just a little objective? You print hundreds of obscure articles bashing the RDSKINS name but never print one showing the other side… Why is that?

  30. Its not his knee…

    Another athletic quarterback who has no ability to adapt and read defenses has been figured out by NFL defenses. I’m not surprised…

    See Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick, Vince Young, etc.

  31. People keep saying Shanahan is at fault for having him out there. Did any of you guys have cable this summer? Shanny was being cautious with Griffin and continually kept him out of practices and preseason games this off season. Griffin was the one who kept getting up in front of cameras throwing his coach under the bus for not letting him see more action.

    In one breath he said he should have been pulled out in that playoff game and in the next he was calling his coach out for not letting him be more active this offseason. He did everything in his power to force his coaches hand.

    Yea the coach has ultimate power but King Griffin made it nearly impossible for him to keep him off the field. Even so Shanahan stuck to his guns and kept him out. Finally he let him play in week 1 but that was only after RGIII was at a point where his risk of injury was no higher than any other player. The best sports surgeon in the league (James Andrews) agreed and signed off on it.

    That’s all you can ask a coach to do for a rehabbing player. I can’t stand the Shanahan’s but how he handled the return of Bob was textbook.

    Also what is with all these people insisting on special treatment for Bob. Nearly every player in the last 10 years who has had an ACL injury plays the next season. Yea they may not be 100% like their old self but none of them sit just to sit. Mcnabb came right back and played the next year so did, Peterson, Peters, Brady, Revis, Clemons, Mendenhall, Cox, Moreno, Woods, Hightower, Fletcher, Bradley, Thomas, Britt, Hixon, Moeaki, Beason, Davis (3x), Leshoure, Kaeding, Berry, Charles, McGahee, Foxworth, etc. The list goes on and on.

    So be impartial, player after player have ripped up their knees and made it right back on the field the following year. There’s no reason why RGIII should be treated any different.

  32. boomgrounder says:
    Nov 26, 2013 5:43 AM

    Please remember that Doctor’s that are paid by the team are “Paid by the Team”. I’ve been a licensed healthcare provider for over 25 years and people must realize Doctors that aren’t independently employed are primarily in the business of making money. If you don’t believe that you are naive.


    In most cases I would agree with you but not this time. Maybe if it was some middling doctor who worked for the Redskins that wouldnt get another high profile job if he lost that one I would agree with you, but that’s not the case here.

    This Dr. James Andrews were talking about. The leading sports Dr in the world. If he was fired today he would instantly get phone calls from a 100 other sports franchise all over the world looking to acquire his services.

    Also the guy has already shown his willingness to come out in opposition of his employer when he thinks something wasnt handled correctly. He publicly called out the Redskins for allowing Griffin back in the game with out his say so last year. I doubt the next thing he would do is give that same player a less then honest assessment of his health just to get him back on the field.

    So yea maybe in some other cases your absolutely correct, but I very much doubt you are in this instance.

  33. The effect of his injuries this year are obvious. One thing the young man did was throw the deep ball very accurately, and he’s not even close this year. That inaccurate deep pass that he threw on a scramble drill early in the game last night quite frankly was sad to watch from how he hit those same kinds of passes time and time again last year on a dime. He might be doing more damage to his long-term mechanics by playing in this state than anything. He clearly doesn’t trust the Shanahans to have his best interest at heart either. Not to mention, that people seem to forget that this team was at the exact same place a year ago, circling the drain before his excellent play down the stretch got that team into the playoffs and are simply now back to being the 5-11 or 6-10 type mess they were on track to be anyway due to a horrible roster.

  34. Operation Patience? Try Operation NFC East Basement…where the deadskins belong.

    Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!

  35. Rushed back because he was scared of losing his job to Cousins. He is three steps slower than last year. There were about 7 or 8 plays off the edge that he would have run past the first two levels for 20+ yards last year. Now, he is getting caught by defensive tackles and 260 lb LBs like Brooks?

  36. I’m not a fan of shanahan, but RGgimp has nobody to blame but himself. He threw his coach under the bus time and time again begging to play. Couple that with the fact he was never that good to begin with, and had most of his passes come from 10 yards and under, and you’ve got the biggest trade molestation since Hershel walker.
    Watching him play QB is to experience the true definition of struggle snuggle…..oh well, at least skin fans got to experience ONE winning season….

  37. He’s not fully healed yet. His knee was messed up during a Ravens game. And he tried to play on it. It was a season-ending injury. He thought he could run on them like a RB. He’s not one.

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