Clowney to be recognized with South Carolina seniors on Saturday

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If there was any doubt regarding the intentions of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney regarding the 2014 draft, there shouldn’t have been.

According to the Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier (via, coach Steve Spurrier said after Saturday’s win over Coastal Carolina that Clowney and defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles will “go out with the seniors” for pre-game recognition during Saturday’s home finale.

Clowney was regarded by many before the season as a lock to be the eventual first pick in the draft.  Thanks to injury and ineffectiveness, it’s now not so clear that he’ll be the first guy off the board.

Regardless, his days of playing for free are soon to end.

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  1. Maybe Clowney might get lucky and get drafted by a successful team like the Vikings. The Vikings have a 3rd best .543 all time record and whoever gets drafted to this organization yields immediate success.

    The impending Vikings dynasty will start after this draft and every player should petition and ask to be on the Vikings of they want a Super Bowl ring

    We will dominate year after year

    Whether you believe me or not, you will see it with your own eyes

  2. Many people in this world don’t know what greatness is. If you want to experience what greatness is, look at the Vikings organization. The Vikings organization is filled with classy players who give 100% every game and dominate in the NFL every single game, The impending Vikings dynasty will hit the NFL by surprise, but no one will be suprised after seeing us win Super Bowl after Super Bowl. The whole league envys us and I can see why, we are the prototypical NFL franchise, we are the Lambourghini of cars, the iPhones of cellular devices, the greatness is reflecting off us every second of the day and all I see is jealousy? I understand the jealousy and give full condolences too all the haters, haters despise greatness. Martin Luther King is a great example of a comparison to the Vikings, people despised and he changed the world just like the Vikings will.

  3. Is he graduating early? If not, I always thought Senior Day was reserved for seniors or others who were graduating. I could be wrong & if so will apologize, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Clowney is nowhere near graduating. I wonder if his dad will be in attendance?

  4. Clowney made it known before the season that he planned to enter the 2014 Draft after this, his junior season.

    He’ll still be a Top 3 pick. He’s the #1 prospect but QB is a more impactful position than DE.

  5. Regardless, his days of playing for free are soon to end.


    I guess when you went to law school at WV, it was for free for everyone, right Florio?

    That’s a huge problem right there, when people start to refer to education as worthless.

    But for those of us who have gone into debt to get an education – I would ask all those schools to refund our monies, seeing as they are free…

  6. Uh no CLowney is not playing for “free”. It may be a pittance compared to the NFL but he gets an athletic scholarship, a Pell Grant (every student gets that, 5635$ each year for 6 years) a student loan and MOST importantly an opportunity at the NFL draft.

    I’d say the deal worked well for both parties

  7. We all may have different interpretations of whether Clowney played for FREE (he did).

    What we do know is that he didn’t get to enjoy the benefits of a FREE enterprise system that everyone gets to enjoy. Except college football and basketball players, of course.

  8. pfic15 beat me too it, clowney will be a clown in the NFL and buster will be his new name!!!
    One hit on a player does not make a career, but the losers at ESPN tried to do that with him….pathetic.

  9. drop·out
    a person who has abandoned a course of study or who has rejected conventional society to pursue an alternative lifestyle.

    Plural: (Dropouts) A large gathering of NFL players.

    Jadaveon Clowney

    A junior that is honored on senior day.

  10. Wow surprised that so many people seemed unconcerned with the idea that things could get worse. He already was a lock for top pick and is likely to lose a lot more money. How many people still think he was wise to suit up and play this game for? If I’m a GM at the top of the board, I want a smart player, and I would have been more inclined to draft Clowney with the #1 overall pick if he said he sat out so he could save himself for my team. But now he’s dinged up and showing red flags and took a lot of wear and tear for what didn’t seem to be a very smart decision to me. That’s not the kind of guy I’m going to feel comfortable drafting in the Top 5 now.

  11. This guy maybe the most over hyped prospect I can remember. He has TWO sacks this season against college competition. I would make the Vernon Gholston comparison but that’s unfair to Gholston. He actually put up better numbers than Clowney while improving significantly each year. Clowney’s hype is largely due to one single play. Great highlight, but that doesn’t make him the anywhere near the prospect that many try to make him out to be.

  12. He’d have been better off setting this season out. He’d have avoided injury, questions about his toughness and work ethic, and everybody would still remember him for blowing up the kid in the bowl game last year. He’s got all the tools, but didn’t work very hard this season and missed a bunch of games that Spurrier clearly thought he probably could have played in.

    Maybe he’ll turn it all back on when he’s getting paid big bucks…or maybe he’ll decide he’s got his and just totally shut it off completely.

  13. This guy will be a beast. He half assed it this year because the risk of getting injured was far greater than any potential draft slide. The $ is in the 2nd contract, not the first.

    He’s a beast. Just wait.

  14. This is ridiculous, he leaves early he’s not a senior on the field and certainly not academically you hear him speak?

    Leave that right for players who stick it out all four years. Or just don’t do it because it becoming pointless and demeaning.

  15. @thestrategyexpert Any player that sits out a year while they wait for NFL eligibility is smart, but they are showing a bigger red flag- they’re only in it for the money. They’re the same type of player that only has a good season when they’re in a contract year.

  16. I wish you would get off the “playing for Free” trip. The only reason he is playing for free is he chooses not to take advantage of the education offered in exchange for playing. You should ask Cecil Shorts III what playing for free really is. He actually paid for his college education.

  17. bgibson8708:

    Being in it for only the money is one possible interpretation for any player, let alone one sitting out. But does that mean that JC is only in it for the money if he would have sat out? If I’m JC or his agent then that’s not my story or my claim. And if I’m a GM I will buy what they are selling because that’s what would make sense to me. Especially if I can interview JC and make sure he’s not full of BS. If he is I’ll figure it out, if not, then his story will fit with why he sat out based on principle and in part some activism to help pave the way for future kids to not get stuck playing this dangerous game for little to no compensation. A free education isn’t much compensation to me, especially for those players that don’t place the same value on said education as the average prospective student that might have a different plan for life.

    Either way, JC’s choices have LOWERED his appeal to me, if he would have taken my advice and sat out and had a story and truth consistent with why he sat out, then he would be the #1 pick in the draft very likely.

    This is an indication that he is not a smart person, and I have very little interest in him compared to what I used to. He has to figure out some way to win me over and bring me back now. That’s on him and his brilliant “handlers” if he has some. Which he probably does and that’s why he made this mistake, he caved in to whatever BS they were preaching to him for purposes of trying to lock down their own interests. Or so I suspect.

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