Crabtree activated, Bethel-Thompson released by 49ers


The 49ers now officially have another weapon in the passing game.

According to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers officially activated wide receiver Michael Crabtree to the 53-man roster, waiving quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson to create the roster spot.

The move was filed before today’s deadline for activating him from the physically unable to perform list, and they’re going to likely use him soon. As we mentioned earlier today, they’re hoping to have him back on the field this week against the Rams.

Cutting Bethel-Thompson leaves them with just two quarterbacks, as Colt McCoy’s the only backup to Colin Kaepernick.

21 responses to “Crabtree activated, Bethel-Thompson released by 49ers

  1. Bethel-Thompson was on both the 49ers & Vikings

    We all know how obsessed the Seahawks are with both of those teams.

    Look for the PEDhawks to pick him up ASAP

  2. Crab is back just in time for the run in. Kaep has a full complement of wideouts. NOW we’ll our real offense!

  3. Having Crabtree back may not be a “cure all” for our offensive struggles…..but damn it’s nice to have him back!

  4. The 49ers won 5 out of 6 Superbowls…it doesn’t look that bad compared to teams that has an empty trophy case with no Lombardi’s to show for.

  5. Well, this is the playoffs in mind Harbaugh has. Will be great fun to watch the niners go to Seattle for the NFCCG and take it to them in front of the 14th man.

  6. @ hmpennypacker

    “Crab is back just in time for the run in. Kaep has a full complement of wideouts. NOW we’ll our real offense!”

    Oh, I see. It was all due to Crabtree being out all along that their “real offense” wasn’t in full force. It had nothing to do with the fact that your team is 30th in overall yards, and 32nd in passing yards. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

    BTW, what is “NOW we’ll our real offense” mean, anyway? Really? A Niners fan AND the inability to complete sentences correctly. One more strike and you are out, Bro!

  7. This is perfect timing. Kap and Crab ar an electric combo. They were as good as any top combo down the stretch last year and the numbers prove that. Things are shaping up nice for The Niners with the Seattle rematch. I expect a completely different game plan this time around since the last two didn’t work. NOBODY wants to see SF coming to their house in the playoffs NOBODY.

  8. sandersmarcus10 says: Nov 26, 2013 5:49 PM

    Please stop with the Seattle will get this guy that guy from SF, they havent done nothing but GO to the Super bowl and LOSE!
    True but, according to S.F. fans and their post, Seattle lost the SB with S.F. players.

  9. After being 5-0 in superbowls my whole life, losing one is worse then not making it to me. Id prefer not to get that far then lose one.

    I still don’t know what to expect from Crabs, Kobe has same injury around same time and he’s still not back. I don’t know that anybody works harder then Kobe. Nice to have him back but not sure his impact will be all that big.

  10. Seattle fans: is Russell Wilson a more polished QB than Kaep? Yes he is. While Wilson is further along in his progression, both of these guys are still developing. The assessments on Kaepernick have been on both extremes; prior to this season – Kaep was destined to be the greatest ever. Now, 12 weeks in he’s allegedly a flash in the pan gimmick. How about he’s a young QB who’s still learning the ropes of what it takes to play successfully. He’s been inconsistent and the bar – after last seasons incredible run – has been set way too high. He had a solid rapport with manningham before he was injured last season, and had lots of chemistry with Crabtree. The latter, who also showed flashes but was hindered by the conservative play of Alex smith. Last season, before the playoffs – Kaep was not on the same page with Vernon. Now he’s finding him. The threat of Crabtree and Kaep is enough to make defenses play honest and hopefully – will create opportunities for others.

    There’s an obvious comfort between Kaep and Crab, which is essential to have for a young QB trying to adjust to what the defenses have done this far.

  11. @jsrdc :

    “BTW, what is “NOW we’ll our real offense” mean, anyway? Really? A Niners fan AND the inability to complete sentences correctly.”


    Before you rush to criticize others for ill-formed sentences, perhaps you should double check your own. It’s pretty clear he accidentally omitted “have” between we’ll/our. And you say “What is -x- mean?”

    You’ve made this so easy.

  12. justwhathapped,
    Bethal is comparable to ShAaron right now. Both are not playing on Sundays. Although, Bethal has a better chance of playing on a Superbowl team this year if he’s picked up.

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