Falcons become first team eliminated from playoff contention

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The Atlanta Falcons were 10 yards shy of making the Super Bowl last season. They won’t be going this year either.

With the San Francisco 49ers victory over the Washington Redskins on Monday night, the Falcons have become the first team to be officially eliminated from playoff contention.

The Falcons were no longer contenders to chase down the New Orleans Saints or Carolina Panthers for the NFC South division title, so their only hope was to make it as a wild card. The best record Atlanta can finish with is 7-9. The Panthers already have eight wins and San Francisco and the Arizona Cardinals are each 7-4. Since the 49ers and Cardinals play each other again in Week 17, one of them is guaranteed to get to eight wins, therefore eliminating the Falcons from contention. (Technically, the 49ers and Cardinals could also tie and finish at 7-8-1, which is still better than Atlanta can manage)

It’s just a reminder of how much can change in a year in the NFL.

Atlanta can now set its sights on possibly earning the No.1 overall pick in next year’s draft.

55 responses to “Falcons become first team eliminated from playoff contention

  1. Well the best the Vikings can finish is 7-8-1 so they were elminated at the same time even though Atlanta has a worse record.

  2. The only thing rising up is the falcons draft rank. Just like the falcons to pay an unproven QB 100+million and be battling for first overall pick the next year.

  3. Whoops nevermind forgot the nfc north was terrible. So not technically eliminated but pretty dang close.

  4. What a nice consolation prize for Tony Gonzalez after being talked out of retirement.

    No SB’s but can always say during his last season he was on the team 1st eliminated from the playoffs.

  5. Exactly.
    While baseball allows teams to buy championships (or at least pseudo all-star teams), making the small market contender little more than the annual novelty act that might sneak into the playoffs, but more likely serves as a farm team for the yanks, dodgers, etc.; and the NBA rigs it’s drafts and games, focused mostly on creating a pop culture environment in which it’s performers only want to play for a small number of teams (in order to have a realistic opportunity to win and/or be part of the NBA show time charade); the NFL, in spite of all its warts (and they are numerous), annually presents a compelling product in nearly every one of its markets. Obviously, the intrigue can fade quickly as the weak teams are revealed, but every team has a shot almost every year. And every horrible team has the potential to turn it around every year. That is the greatness of the NFL product.

  6. Yet everyone hates on President/General Manager Jerry Jones The Great, but let me tell you haters something. Jerry has rarely hit rock Bottom. The Dallas Cowboys aka America’s Team will ALWAYS be in it. Till Week 16! What happened to your Superbowl run Falcons? Falcons stand for

    N-Next Season .

  7. One of the Niners and Falcons isn’t guaranteed to get to 8 since could tie and both wind up 7-8-1, but the overriding point stands in that the Falcons are eliminated (ahead of the Jaguars, which has to be a source of embarrassment).

  8. To be completely accurate, at worst, SF and Arizona could both be 7-8-1 (if they tie after 5 quarters in week 17 and lose all their other games). That would still be better than Atlanta’s best possible 7-9.

  9. Seriously, Atlanta should trade the first pick to Cleveland. It’d be a win-win. Brown’s could land a good qb, and falcons could load up on draft picks to fix their holes

  10. That’s what happens when most of your team is injured and you pay your qb 100 million dollars but only invest 5 cents in your linemen

  11. I think this sheds a little light on where Matt Ryan stands in comparison to the elite quarterbacks. He is much closer to a Flacco than he is to Brady, Manning, Brees, or Rodgers.

  12. There must be some mistake. I thought most of the “experts” stated they were going to the Super Bowl this year.

  13. Parity. It effects every team but the patriots. Their down years still end in the playoffs. Oh Brady gets hurt? No worries they still banged out 11-5 , first 11-5 team to ever miss the playoffs.

  14. All I know is that using Roddy White as a decoy for the first 6 weeks of the season caused him to have another injury which has caused him to be ineffective the last 6 weeks as well. So maybe next year if a player has an injury that renders him ineffective the coach might actually sit his ass down and let him heal.

  15. So the Falcons got eliminated before the Jags… guess that shows how unbelievably average the AFC is…

  16. Epic fail of an organization, team and fan base…

    We had no coach last year due to a faux bounty claim, but still finished 7-9….what’s your excuse?

    All the smack talk last year against the Saints from a team that has never won a SB…lmao…Karma…

    Falclowns…forever SB ringless in da ATL..

    We will have our second Lombardi before you even sniff the playoffs again…

    Real owner of the Falclowns? Answer: Sean Payton

    Who dat, we dat…

  17. Cut Tony G. and let him make a run with the Chiefs. Good for Tony, good for the Falcons finances. What you might call a win-win.

  18. Atlanta is working for more than just the first pick. They are also giving time to future starters like Worrilow, Bartu, and Motta who look like they can be studs next year. Considering they were undrafted rookie free agents then it’s an even bigger score.

  19. I think it’s been a foregone conclusion they were done for at least the last month now. Good showing in slowing down the Saints. Now get all the young guys as much playing time as possible and see what’s on hand for next year.

  20. Great season for Gonzalez come back.
    Maybe he can retire early and Matt Ryan can scream at him to GET OFF HIS FIELD.
    Real tough guy Ryan is.

  21. hpeters77 says:
    Nov 26, 2013 8:25 AM
    The falcons all year were saying rise up, I guess they meant rise up the draft board
    Maybe they were talking about their 3rd leg..

  22. Ha Ha to the scrub Falcons. Yall had your shot again and blew it just like last year in the NFC Championship game in their OWN stadium. Oh wait, i meant to say “in their own large blow-up camping tent called the Georgia Dome”. Ha Ha! Saints swept the Falcons right out of the playoffs and right in to the first pick of the draft. They’re gonna need it. Ha Ha. Geaux Saints!

  23. Arthur Blank is just an awful owner. He really knows how to spend a ton of money to get his team nothing in return. One of the worst big spenders in NFL history. What a shame. Give Matt Ryan another raise. Maybe that will create more wins somehow.

  24. Not sure who is worse out of Arthur Blank or Dan Sneider…. At least Sneider owns the Skins, Sean Payton owns the Falcons lol

  25. well, at least this season answred the question of wether Matt Ryan is elite or not.
    Without being surrounded by pro bowl talent at every position, he has shown himself to be quite below average.
    Gret contract, Arthur Blank.

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