Jeff Fisher: It’s clear to everybody penalty on Brockers was a mistake


Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers was flagged for what looked like a good, clean sack and forced fumble on Bears quarterback Josh McCown on Sunday, a hit so clean that when Brockers saw a flag come in, he assumed one of his teammates must have committed a penalty.

“To be honest with you I didn’t know it was a roughing the passer until I got on the sideline,” Brockers told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I thought it was a pass interference call because [the hit] was so clean.”

Rams coach Jeff Fisher told FOX 2 in St. Louis after the game that he didn’t want to get into what he and the ref said to each other after the penalty.

“That’s between me and the referee. They’re going to officiate on the side of player safety,” said Fisher, a member of the NFL’s competition committee.

But on Monday, Fisher told 101 ESPN in St. Louis that the ref made a mistake.

“They’re going to make a mistake every once in a while, and I think it was clear to everybody that there was a mistake made,” Fisher said.

Brockers was classy about it, saying he understands that officials will make mistakes.

“The athletes in this league are so big and so strong, I mean, stuff happens quick,” Brockers said. “And you can’t expect the referees — the human eye — to catch everything.”

The officials definitely didn’t catch everything on Sunday.

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  1. Even by the standards of the NFL Sunday was one of the worst days the league has had since……well, last Sunday! The officials are terrible and I don’t even necessarily blame them. Many are too old and slow to keep up with a game that is too fast. The future of the NFL is to have a few officials on the field to run the on field operation (i.e. spot the ball, break up fights, etc.) but rules enforcement is going upstairs where people can actually see what is going on…and press the rewind button when they need to.

  2. Refs have, and will continue to, make bad calls. Unfortunately they are so numerous that its become hard to keep up with the number of bad calls. The NFL is not worth watching sometimes. Especially when the refs change the outcome of games and suffer no penalty themselves. The NFL is no democracy. It a dictatorship.

  3. These are the refs that all the news media and all the announcers screamed to the heavens that needed to be on the field.

    Pat Summerall was the biggest homer of them all when it came to the refs.

  4. In a game filled with bad calls, that might’ve been the worst one.

    That said, the Rams responded exactly how a team should….drove down the field and scored, didn’t let that call beat them.

    They may not be a good team yet, but they’re learning.

  5. Refs make bad calls? Seattle fane have been saying this since they were screwed in Superbowl XL. Even the ref has since come out and said he lost sleep over the bad calls. They say good teams over come bad calls. I disagree, some calls are so frequent and force punts/turnovers that it becomes very difficult to overcome the calls.

  6. Yea Jerome Bulger blew the call, what a surprise. That sack, force fumble, and TD was called back and led to a 14 point swing. When the NFL goes to camps next summer to show teams how and where to tackle a QB they could use Brocker’s tackle as an example.

  7. In my estimation refs have way too much power to alter the outcomes of games. Calls have become very subjective and inconsistent from one game to another even within games. Roughing the passer and pass interference are two good examples of official’s subjectivity. Hopefully a ref doesn’t have a bias towards a team on the field.

  8. As you watch more than one game you can see where the officiating has been less than perfect this year. Just to many rules and to much inconsistency in how called by each crew. There have been many calls that has cost team either to win or lose. Not a fan of either team but was a lot of close offensive and defensive interference calls Sunday night not called and yet in other games there would have been flag out all over the place. Same goes on its to QB’s.

  9. The same guy that writes the rules for the competition committee is the same guy that is responsible for draft day trades. This is the same guy that couldn’t process the Oakland-Miami trade fast enough, so Philly should have been able to pick Dion Jordan. They got screwed.

  10. That penalty for the Michael Brockers sack is probably the most ridiculous call I have ever seen. The hit should be shown to every player on how to properly tackle and the ref threw a flag on it. Why not just put flags on the quarterbacks and instead of tackling them just pull the flag for a sack? That is how stupid it as become.

  11. That was as poorly an officiated as I’ve seen. The roughing call, P.I. on a pass 4 yards out of bounds, holding call on Steltz that killed the Hester TD, the refs not knowing what an incomplete pass was that led to 3 personal fouls.

    I know I’m naming more Bears ones, but the Rams had just as many bad calls go against them. Terrible game.

  12. Who would give a thumbs down to Kabe444? He is exactly right. Drive killing or drive extending penalties change the outcome of games. Its reality. Sure good teams have the ability to overcome them but they shouldnt have to. NFL will address it this offseason. Way too many inconsistent interpretations of the rules from crew to crew. Its on tape. They have the evidence. Hope they DO address it.

  13. I’m (formerly) one of those that thought the amount of bad calls was pretty much the same year after year & didn’t affect the outcome of the games much, if at all.

    I have changed my point of view on that. It is obvious that the pendulum has swung much too far in the wrong direction due to the emphasis on player safety. I’m all for player safety, but this has gotten so onerous, that most games are not enjoyable to watch. Unless you’re a fanatical homer and you’re team gets a gimme from one of these refs.

  14. Should we really be surprised? They have penalties for hitting the QB high, penalties for hitting low, glancing the QB’s helmet trying to bat down a pass is even a penalty. The league ordered the refs to find new ways to penalize hits on QBs and have gotten exactly what they asked for.

  15. You might see the de-emphasizing the pass rusher in the upcoming NFL Draft. It is going to be better to spend your high picks on Cover Corners and Safeties instead. Why spend money and a high pick on someone who will get flagged for making great, by the book sack/tackles?

  16. I’m hoping that Kuechley gets a big fine for his helmet hit on Miami receiver in the end zone, and the official get a but kick for not throwing the flag. Bill

  17. It doesn’t help that the rules continue to change each season. Theres already talk of more rule changes next year to further protect the QB.

    I’m guessing QB’s will soon be playing with a flag belt on.

  18. Fisher highlights that penalty but chooses not to comment about any other penalties called in the game. I wonder why? Maybe because most of the rest of them did not go against his team.

  19. Let’s face it, the rules are so complicated and the physical demands so tough that it’s unrealistic now to ref a perfect game. Way too much is expected of these guys now. Look how often coaches and players don’t know all the rules and football is their only occupation. An NFL ref is a part time employee, which means they have other things in their lives.

  20. I watched that game and that was a beautiful textbook hit. I was mad it was flagged and I’m a Pats fan.

    I swear they flag things because they “look bad”. That’s why I think they should allow coaches to challenge any penalty and NEW YORK should review it, not the refs on the field or in the box. The people who GRADE the officials should review those calls. It’s really not going to add much more time to the games.

  21. Next the QB’s are going to wear a METER on their uniform.
    If they get hit too hard the Meter will sound and the Defensive player will get an automatic roughing the passer penalty.

  22. This has been one of the worst reffed years i’ve seen in football, It’s like they don’t have a clue out there, way to much interpretation, and inconsistency. Oh well, welcome to the future of the NFL.

  23. There is overcoming bad calls, and there is overcoming the 21 points that the refs spotted the Steelers in XL.The Seahawks did enough to win that game 2.5 times.
    But watched most of monday night FB and do not recall the officials being anoying.

  24. @ dino2997

    the reason Fisher is highlighting this play is because it was one of the most blatantly ignorant calls in the league this year, not because it was against his team, but it stood out. yeah there were a few bad calls against the bears, but do any stand out more than the one on Brockers.

  25. Looking at a GIF of the play (wasn’t able to see it live, as I’m out of market), only thing I can figure is that it’s because Brockers’ helmet winds up near McCown’s at the end of the play?

    Looks to me like he hits him with his left shoulder and/or arm right about McCown’s left pec, wraps him up with the right arm, pulls him around and down (cleanly) as they both fall onto their sides while turning, and the two are facing each other, so the top half of Brockers’ helmet is down near the facemask of McCown’s – but only due to them being wrapped up and falling together.

  26. What’s Fisher complaining about? It’s jerks like him that have suffocated the game with new “safety” rules. Or did everyone forget how he was all in favor during the offseason about the “crown of the helmet” rule against running backs? You’ve made your bed Fisher, so lay in it.

  27. What bothers me the most about what I saw last night was a nobody was helping him up after he got hit! As a ex player that shows me that there’s a problem with the team. Coach Shanahan needs to protect him more and run The offense that he had with John in Denver! The NFL defenses have caught up to this running shoot offense from college and is going to get him and other quarterbacks like him killed!! He has a real good arm why not use it like he did with John Elway

  28. That was no mistake. A mistake is when the ref incorrectly thinks the QB was hit in the head. Boger made up a rule and then announced his imaginary rule. He said “hitting a QB in the chest” when he announced the penalty. If you can’t hit a QB high, low, or in the middle, where do you hit him? The NFL has so completely destroyed their own product that the officials are conditioned to throw flags on every hit.

  29. Not taking anything away from the Rams – who were the better team — but the officiating in that game SUCKED, and it was much more than just the one bad RTPasser call

    From the very beginning of this game, this officiating crew inserted themselves into the natural play of the game WAAAY too much – they had NO business making most of those calls.

    Since the majority of these horrible, nit-picky (yet game-changing) calls went against the Bears (10 penalties for 84 yards, 3 TDs called back, including Hester’s all-time record breaker for return TDS, not to mention a 27-yard end-around) I can only assume the ref crew was going out of their way trying to impress/officiate for none other than Competition Committee member Jeff Fisher.

    But ironically, in trying to do what they thought Fisher wanted them to do, they went overboard (see, “over-officious jerk”) and ended up ticking him off, too.

  30. stabbymike says: Nov 26, 2013 11:20 AM

    @ dino2997

    the reason Fisher is highlighting this play is because it was one of the most blatantly ignorant calls in the league this year, not because it was against his team, but it stood out. yeah there were a few bad calls against the bears, but do any stand out more than the one on Brockers.


    How about the non-existent holding against Steltz that wiped out Hester’s all-time record breaking TD return? (happened well behind the play, too — as did several of the phantom “holding” calls)

    And with about 8 minutes left in the game, Bears would’ve only been down by 6, and momentum having turned, yes – I’d say that one certainly stands out!! But because the media loves the QB stories – no one’s talking about that one.

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