Mark Sanchez: “I don’t want to go anywhere else”

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Other than popping up in cornrows the other day (having lost a bet), we haven’t heard much from injured Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

And when he talked to reporters Tuesday, he said stuff that we’re not sure anyone really believes.

I don’t want to go anywhere else,” Sanchez said, via Darryl Slater of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I plan on being here. That’s all I’m thinking about, is coming back next year, leading this team and playing well. We’ll see what happens.”

Of course, his contract makes that highly unlikely, and everyone realizes that. But as he could be entering the job market soon, there’s no point in ruffling feathers and appearing to be a malcontent.

His old job was given to rookie Geno Smith, and though Smith is apparently trying to play his way out of it, it’s hard to imagine them going back to Sanchez now.

As to his physical condition, Sanchez said he’s coming along well.

He’s eight weeks out from surgery on his right shoulder to repair a torn labrum. While there’s no rush to get back, he said he feels like he’s ahead of the four- to six-month recovery period.

“It’s been awesome,” Sanchez said. “Things are going really well. I’m progressing exactly the way they wanted. Haven’t had any hiccups and I’ll be back better than ever.”

Of his arm strength, he said: “The way things are coming along, it sounds like I’ll be bionic.”

Of course, Sanchez also has a vested interest in saying so, since potential future employers will be curious.

Unless, of course, he’s still a Jet.

Which no one believes.

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  1. sorry sanchez but 5 years of pics and rookie mistakes is over and your obviously not teaching geno anything better

  2. “Coach, did you know they used to call me ‘Sanchise’ here? Come on, it’s been the coolest nickname for me since they called me ‘Mark the Mexicant”

  3. Why should he?!?

    It was obvious to anyone who knew who Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey was that Geno Smith was going to suck.

    I bet Sanchez sits in his luxury penthouse with a girlie hair rap holding back his hair laughing hysterically at Rex’s and Jets fans stupidity of jumping on the Geno bandwagon.

  4. I thought Sanchez actually looked solid in the preseason before he got hurt. And I feel like he’d be doing a better job than what Geno is doing. I don’t think it’s totally out of the question for him to return next year, especially if he’s willing to take a pay cut.

  5. Little reality check here Mark…

    I’ve had two torn Labrums. You are going to suck for a year and a half before you are back to normal strength and being pain free. Fusing cartilage back to bone isn’t like healing a paper cut.
    Don’t fool yourself and set yourself up for more failure. Keep mouth closed and get healthy first.

  6. And in related news, a source close to Anywhere Else says he has been told that they are ” In no way interested in Mark Sanchez coming here”. Looks like you’re stuck with him NY.

  7. What else is he supposed to say? He’s saying the only smart thing left to say in an awkward situation. And if Josh Freeman (!!) could get a contract, he should be able to compete for a starting job somewhere. Don’t think he will win it, but way worse Quarterbacks have hung around for a few years.

  8. I will say one thing on behalf of Mark Sanchez..he looked..different in what I saw in the preseason. I think the WCO could of helped him a bit and I truly have no doubt the jets would have a much better record with him at QB this year. It sounds crazy I know..but it’s true.

  9. Mark, get a clue the Jets have moved on from you, your replacement could actually be worse than you, but that doesn’t mean the Jets want someone of your caliber back, believe me they’ve seen enough of you, not to mention the flack the Jets will get from the fans. Hey Mark, C-YA

  10. The only answer I can come up with as to why he would say this is that he quietly tested the waters and found out that this pathetic joke of a team is the only one where he’d have a chance to play again. Their starter after all is the worst the NFL has to offer.

    I just feel bad for Sanchez he’s hit a low where he actually wants to be a part of this laughable organization, who’s fans still think a Superbowl while LBJ was in office is a bragginr point.

    #goingnowherefast #suckstosuck #laughingstockofthenflfordecades

  11. Then you are set
    With a capital J,
    Which you’ll never forget
    Till they cart you away.
    When you’re a Jet,
    You stay a Jet!

    Mark has been watching too much “West Side Story”….

  12. Why on earth would he want to go anywhere else? He would get a giant paycheck to hold a clipboard. If that isn’t ideal, I don’t know what is.

  13. If he’s smart he rides the bench for the Jets or any other team that will keep paying him NFL money, shut the hell up and be happy.

    If he’s managed his pre-rookie wage scale bonus money properly he never has to work another day in his life anyway.

  14. Funny thing is Mark Sanchez & Josh Freeman don’t even need football. You realize they can quit, become models, and still be paid very well?

    Makes me wonder what I’m doing with my life.

  15. By that he means he doesn’t think he can get anything close to the $9,000,000 he is due next year anywhere in the league. I would want to stay a Jet too. I would have nine million reasons. Plus moving is a pain.

  16. Well, I think this decision will be up to the new coach. Sanchez will also have to accept less money by far.

  17. You won’t have a choice, Mr. ButtFumble.

    The Cardinals will come calling. They have a history of turning to overrated, past their prime QB’s to try and fix their issues.

  18. Of course he wants to stay. With Geno gone next year and a new head coach that knows a little about offense coming in why not?

  19. hehateme2:

    I don’t know if the AFC east would want Sanchez to stay in the division actually. Maybe the Patriots do, but what about the Dolphins and Bills, two of the most inept franchises in the NFL over the last 15 years? The Dolphins haven’t wont a playoff game since 2000 and the Bills haven’t even appeared in a playoff game since 1999. We are talking about 15 years of futility for each of the teams. That’s nearly 1.5 freakin decades!!!

    Compare that with Sanchez, who has played overall rather poorly in his regular season career. But yet in his playoff career he is 4-2 in games all on the road, 60% completion, 94+ QB rating, and a 9-3 TD-INT ratio. That includes outplaying Brady, Rivers, Manning, Palmer all on the road. And yes, he was playing well. He was carrying the team. The team won in spite of him in the regular season but it was just the opposite in the playoffs.

    Mark Sanchez- 4 playoff wins in last 5 years
    Bills and Dolphins- 1 playoff win since the turn of the century combined

  20. The best part of the Butt Fumble is that it occurred on Thanksgiving. This year my family will celebrate its anniversary with the traditional fumbling of the leftover Halloween pumpkin, where you try to hand it off left, try to hand off right, realize you are all alone as your family ceremonially deserts you, and then run straight into a wall and smash it all over your face. Amen.

  21. It would be stupid of the Jets not to retain Sanchez. Geno Smith is not the answer. They won’t draft high enough to grab a surefire QB and there aren’t any second stringers at the end of their contracts that are any better than him. Tyrod Taylor? I don’t think so. He’ll have to take a pay cut, but will probably still make at least $4m. You could call me a lot of names for that kind of money and I’d cry all the way to the bank.

  22. Just to clear the air for you posters who have any desire to see Sanchez under center for NY Jets ever again, let me remind you why there is a zero percent — 0% chance, nada, nil, zippo of that EVER happening again.

    In a word…


    Sanchez will collect his $1.5m to carry a clipboard in either Buffalo or Cleveland or Houston in 2014 and prob several years hell even Brady Quinn has that gig going about 4 years running now.

  23. Regardless of what you trolls say the jets would at the very least be 6-5 with Sanchez at the helm and I a believe him when he says he would like to come back but I hope he moves on to a team that will have what he’s never had here weapons and a good OC at the same time .

  24. @doctorrustbelt

    Who is your team? You have the big mouth for everything Jets, is your team this season at .500?

    The closest you ever got to playing football is setting up the Gatorade cups.


  25. if i were the jets,i would look to renegotiate his contract and keep him. at the very least, he is a viable backup and knows to handle the new york hate.

  26. Sanchez is much better and has given the JETS more wins than the crybaby Diva Geno! We need Sanchez back or start Matt Simms , but please cut Diva Geno now ! He sucks and is the joke of the NFL !

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