Oneida Indian Nation to air Thanksgiving radio ads in Detroit and Baltimore


The only silver lining in the recent Redskins dysfunction is that the internal strife has pushed external complaints regarding the team’s name to the back burner.

That changes this week, with Oneida Indian Nation launching radio campaigns in Detroit and Baltimore.  The first ads not tied to the Redskins playing a game in a given city, the spots to be aired on Detroit’s WXYT-FM and Baltimore’s WBAL-AM commemorates the coming day of thanks and reflection.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday emphasizing the ideals of inclusion and mutual respect, and is a time when we give thanks,” Oneida Indian Nation representative Ray Halbritter said.  “We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who has spoken out about the important moral and civil rights issue of changing the Washington football team’s name.  Change the Mascot supporters have sent a powerful message to the NFL that no group deserves to be treated as the target of a hurtful racial slur, and that Native Americans should be treated as what we are:  Americans.”

The full ad can be heard here.

The NFL, the Redskins, and the Oneida Indian Nation remain at impasse regarding a name change.

53 responses to “Oneida Indian Nation to air Thanksgiving radio ads in Detroit and Baltimore

  1. Detroit? Thanks to the Democratic Party, Detroit is a bankrupt basket case. They’d get more bang for the buck broadcasting in Peoria.

  2. I sure wish the Oneida Nation self promoters (and the politically correct media types) would spend time and money helping Native Americans who are living in horrendous poverty on a lot of reservations instead of on PR campaigns over the name of a football team, which is a trivial PC problem compared to a real problem that’s causing tremendous suffering to thousands of Native American men, women, and children.

  3. I can see how the Oneida’s can be offended by the name, but to call it a “civil right issue” is way off base. ————————————————————————————————————
    I think there’s bigger fish to fry for them than a football teams name!

  4. If you’re gonna change the Redskins name you also have to change the Vikings name. Vikings are an insult to Caucasians. You ever see the Capital one commercials?

  5. Where’s the story on the Navajo’s that attended last night’s game in full Redskin’s gear? Are you only concerned about the Native Americans who support your cause?

  6. welcome, new comers. the tradition of festivus begins with the airing of grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! and now your gonna hear about it!

  7. “Ah crap, this is one of those stupid ads honey. Change the channel until the game comes back on.”

  8. What the PC crowd constantly forgets is that people have the right to be offensive, if they want.

    Don’t like the REDSKINS name? Too bad!! Get over it!

  9. I always think it’s funny how it’s worded as if there’s any kind of compromise that can be reached. There’s no middle ground here. The bleeding hearts calling for a name change make it seem like the Redskins are being unreasonable and refusing to budge for not completely giving in to the demands of a very small minority.

  10. Happen to catch the Native American heroes decked out in Redskins gear at last night’s game. The Navajo Code Talkers. They are probably not being investigated as frauds like Ray Halbritter, who may not even be a Native American.

    I smell a plot to get more people in our Oneida Indian casinos.

  11. Florio if you want to keep pushing this issue you need to get some support from some Native Americans other than Ray Halbritter that guy is as sketchy as they come. Don’t think that the rest of Oneida Indian Nation is behind him using their casino money to finance this agenda.

  12. The Oneida Nation was the only member of the Iroquois federation to support the Amerticans in the War of Independence. They also outfitted an Indian regiment in the Civil War, who acquitted themselves bravely. In return, they weren’t even considered citizens of the US until the 1920s and in some states were denied the right to vote until the 1960s. The Nation was impoverished until they were given the right to open a casino and now they are working to benefit their members and other Indians. The few paltry acres that they received as a reservation hardly constitutes feeding at the public trough.

  13. So there are three cities hosting games on Thursday, and the only one where the Indians won’t be running the ad is in the Cowboys city? I really don’t have much more to say, I just find that kind of funny.

  14. Just give up already Halbritter. You got Cooperstown High School to change their name for $10,000, I think that should be enough. You will not win. There are too many issues in this world that needs to be addressed and this is not one of them.

  15. Since the name ” The Washington Redskins” has proven to be so polarizing, offensive, devisive and demeaning the team will now simply be know as… “The Redskins.”

  16. Good thing the leaders of the Onieda Nation are concerned about the important stuff facing their community like rampant poverty, broken families and insanely high levels of alcohol/drug abuse…I mean changing a team’s mascot.

  17. Mike Florio,

    You are not the unbiased journalist you claim to be. If you were, then you would’ve written something last night about the Navajo Code Talkers being honored at the Redskins game. Apparently the Navajo have no problem with the Redskins’ name. Also call Ray Halbritter by his official title; he is the CEO of the Oneida Indian Nation. That means his number one goal is to make money for the tribe and to find new ways to improve the tribe’s bottom line. How much you wanna bet Mr. Halbritter asked Dan Snyder for money and was rejected? This is probably his attempt to blackmail the Redskins into getting a handout and to appear as a martyr at the same time.

  18. As stated before, will state again, spend your tax-free money on getting other members of your tribe out of poverty and ignorance…

    And as someone with American Native bloodlines, I do not want history erased so other self-promoting Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wanna-bees can extort old Rodge and the other PC wusses in the Beltway…

  19. Wanna know why the actual real life problems within the Native American communities continue to persist to this day? This stuff has got to be one of the reasons.

  20. Have I missed the column about the Washington Team’s salute to Navajo CodeTalkers at last night’s game? Not that they don’t deserve a tribute, but I thought it a little PR-obvious on Snyder’s part.

  21. That was great last night-the code talkers wearing redskins garb and basically telling the media they don’t speak for them.

  22. First, to call this a “civil rights issues” is an insult to those who fought and in some cases, died fighting for civil rights 50 years ago.

    Second, the Oneida Indian Nation needs to find a better cause. That money they’re spending could be better spent helping native Americans living on Indian Reservations, many of who live in poverty. No ad money every fed a hungry child.

  23. UND had to change their name over this garbage as well and theyre a university with alot of pride in their programs. Why is it now 2013- that this has become such an offensive slur Fighting Sioux? Where was this in the 90s? Heck 70s? If i was UND i would pull all the free scholarships they hand out to the native americans. Ralph englestad built that school a beautiful facility to play hockey in and each individual tile in floors and the seat had fighting sioux written on them. Im under the assumption all that had to go just cuz some people are being offended for what im not quite sure on. Maybe they shud take the chief symbols off the hwy signs then too since im from minnesota (not a vikes fan) and i just dont like looking at them. Since everyone is appeased these days!

  24. scrp2 says:

    If you’re gonna change the Redskins name you also have to change the Vikings name. Vikings are an insult to Caucasians. You ever see the Capital one commercials?

    Sorry but trying to use terms that have never been a racial slur as justification for continuing to use a racial slur in an invalid comparison.

    Same for Eagles, Seahawks and any other non-racial slur, animal or human.

  25. cleminem757 says:
    Nov 26, 2013 11:29 AM
    The Navajo windtalkers they honored on the field Monday do not have an issue with the name. Probably the only natives I have seen with an opinion.
    This is the beginning of exploitation at its finest. For every group offended, Snyder will find a group that’s not. “Put it in all caps!, ” Danny boy…EXPLOITATION!

    I still can’t figure out how referring to a people’s skin color in team name, and people wanting that to stop, is called PC. After all the civil rights battles where people with darker skin color have been “prejudged” or discriminated against, people can still say this is simply political correctness? It’s not because it’s just plain wrong to categorize groups by skin color? Oh, but freedom of speech allows us to offend people. How could I forget. And that’s what you’re hanging your hat on? Really? Free speech allows us all to offend people, so too bad if you’re offended.

    Remind me to never let any of you with that set values market my products for me. And for those think it’s Snyder’s money and team, he can do what he wants, we’ll see. Onieida Nation is smart. Let’s start making the other owners feel uncomfortable about this name issue. This is just the start of other teams getting these ads. At a point, their brand, their reputation is sullied by this mess. If I was an owner, and I know Danny boy made the Smart A$$ “ALL CAPS” comment, I would be getting pretty irritated when my city starts paying for Dan’s arrogance.

    And while Snyder has both money and power, the league he plays in has more than he does. And those other owners will not like negative pub.

    This is going to be interesting to watch.

    ALL CAPS Danny boy! Something tells me the other owners will have a lot to do with hitting your shift button. Oh, and Danny, if you don’t like it. You have money. Start your own football league. When you do, tell me how that’s working out for you.

  26. In the end, the team will change its name.

    It’s inevitable.

    All the complaining by the powerless here on pft, notwithstanding.

  27. I understand being worried about losing your “brand” if you had to change the name, but I don’t fully understand this issue. I have to believe that nearly all Redskins fans would still follow the team if the name changed, and the amount of new merchandise that would sell would be incredible. Dan Snyder would put an extra $20 mil a year in his pocket on jersey and hat sales. At some point they will change the name and call it a PC move, but in actuality it will be a huge money maker for the Skins.

  28. barbeaux says:
    Nov 26, 2013 1:23 PM
    Radio? Someone’s living in the 1800′s

    Sadly comments like the one above make me realize how uninformed many on PFT are.

    1800’s? We are talking radio programs and shows. You might want to check the time period these began. Also, there is a significant amount of radio traffic and advertising dollars for the product called NFL football. Even on radio. Not to mention the number of people on the go over Thanksgiving and listening to…you guessed it! Radio.

    Pretty smart value for Oneida Nation.

  29. How is this an impasse?? By defination an impasse is two sides not being able to come to an agreement on something. It’s NOT one asking the other side to change, and politely being turned down.

    If I go to my boss to ask for a raise and get refused, it’s not an impasse; it’s me making a request and getting turned down. End of story.

  30. Ray Halbritter stop it everyone knows you are not really offended you are just doing this for money I can see it in your eyes.

  31. I think the name should definitely be changed – to the “Landover Redskins.” The team doesn’t play in Washington, why should “Washington” be in their name?

  32. Redskins honoring the Navajo World War 2 Code Talkers (who wear wearing Redskins Jackets and Gear right on the field at FedEx) pretty much killed Ray Halbritter’s “cause”. Time to move on people. No one even listens to the radio anymore.

  33. Why don’t the Indian nations bid for the Washington team to use one of the tribal names? For instance, the Washington Mohawks or the Washington Iroquois. Then the winning tribe could benefit from the publicity, control the art and mascot, and be honored. Much like the Florida State University Seminoles; the Seminole tribe has input into all things related to its name, including outfits, the name of the mascot (Oceola), and the ribal members have benefits that allow their children to attend the university, etc. There is a statue on the FSU campus that is titled “Unconquered” because the Seminoles are the only tribe that was never defeated by the U.S. Army.

  34. Oneida Nation wants people to know they’re Americans. Sounds good to me.

    Washington Americans. Also sounds good to me. Maybe even keep the same logo.

  35. Why shouldn’t Snyder employ some PR? There’s nothing about the other side that’s organic. Quit letting mediots issue your opinions to you.

  36. “Washington Americans. Also sounds good to me.”

    That offends me. America is about excellence, not persistent mediocrity and lowered expectations. Maybe they should be the Washington Democrats.

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