PFT Live: Jets have failed Geno Smith

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio asks NFL analyst Shaun King if today’s society asks too much of young quarterbacks, focusing on the talents of rookie QB’s Geno Smith and Mike Glennon.

1 responses to “PFT Live: Jets have failed Geno Smith

  1. lol,, laughable.. i hate the jets but to sit there and say that they are the reason that he sucks and throws the ball right into defenders hands?? Laughable.. I am taking it that you and Geno go way back to the old neighborhood.. I mean , u must be boys with geno to say somthing this absurd.. You cant blame these HORRIBLE passes that he throws at his receivers feet and into the defenders hands on anyone BUT Geno! Geno is in control of geno when it comes to his accuracy. You talk about Mike Glennon,, Mike glennon lookS Awesome .. why cant geno.?

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