Stafford, Bush disagree on need for players-only meeting for Lions


The Lions have lost two straight games, dropping them from sole possession of first place in the NFC North back into a tie with the Bears.

Running back Reggie Bush reacted to the second straight loss on Sunday by suggesting that the team needed to hold a players-only meeting. Bush said that players needed to “really dig deep inside and find out what we’re made of” with five games left to play this season.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford doesn’t think the Lions need to hold any meetings, however. He said the team’s veteran leaders had to be sure that younger players weren’t overreacting to the losses, but that things have not become such a crisis

“This is a team I’ve been around awhile and we have strong leaders on this team who can get it taken care of just in individual groups and we’ve got leaders at every position,” Stafford said, via the Detroit Free Press. “And guys know what it takes to win in this league and what a fine margin it is. There is no offensive, defensive, special-teams overhaul needed. We’ve got to go out and just play a little bit better than we’ve been playing.”

The Lions don’t have to wait long to see if they can play a little bit better as they are back on the field against the Packers on Thursday afternoon. If they don’t, there might be more calls for players-only meetings because time would be running short for the Lions to find their game.

26 responses to “Stafford, Bush disagree on need for players-only meeting for Lions

  1. typical Bush, 1st year on the team and he’s acting like he’s been their franchise QB for a decade, when he can’t even be an every down back.

    He’s lucky he’s getting more touches than Bell.

  2. Stafford is just a gunslinger – he’s far removed from the surgical precision of Brady, Peyton, Brees, & Rodgers.
    Stafford doesn’t listen to people who dwell on the losing. But he also doesn’t listen to retired QBs criticizing his side-arm crap.

  3. They know what it takes to win in this league? Really? Who on your team has such a storied history of success?

  4. Is Stafford serious? I think it is time for some kind of meeting so that everyone can know who’s head is in the game. Clearly after some early interceptions, the Bucs were in Staffords head.

  5. Both Pitt and Tampa games should of been wins, but bonehead plays cost them the games. Wouldn’t be surprised with the Same Ole Lions that Stafford is happy with gets beat by the Rodgerless Fudgepackers.

  6. “Do we need a players-only meeting?” It’s a fair question, and the team’s 2 biggest names are arguing about it through the media. That says a lot right there.

  7. Stafford needs to shut up. He’s the biggest problem this team has right now. He has been inconsistent the entire season, and these past two games his inability to make a play when it mattered has cost them games. If someone who has played on a Super Bowl team thinks a players only meeting is warranted, you just do it and listen carefully.

  8. It’s mostly on Stafford. He went 0 for 10 in the 4th quarter against Pittsburgh. He threw 3 TD’s and 4 picks against Tampa Bay. He’s becoming a bad clone of Brett Favre.

  9. Are they really tied with Chicago for the division lead or are they technically leading Chicago considering they’ve beat them twice this year? I would say the latter and I personally feel pretty good about facing the Packers on Thursday without Rodgers.
    The Lions WILL win the division and there will be a lot of very sad people in Illinois and Wisconsin. They’re just going through a rough patch right now.

  10. I agree with Stafford. If he gets rid of the Farve gunslinger mentality he might actually become a really good QB. That last loss is on him alone.

  11. I don’t think they have to worry that much about beating Green Bay. As a Packer fan, and a realist, the Packers have had too many injuries this year to be effective. I’ll just be happy if they can come away from the game without another major injury.

  12. To not be able to agree on a team meeting shows this team isn’t playing as a single unit. Even Mike Wilbon from PTI said its because of the coaching.

  13. How’s that team leadership working out for you Stafford? Seems like the last few years are a pretty good indication that your idea of how it should work, is NOT. Maybe listening to other ideas is a positive. Been spoiled brat since high school.

  14. I agree with Stafford. There is no problem with the players, it’s only a problem with managers and coaches. Those guys should have a meeting and figure out how to do their jobs, but really they are already on borrowed time and shouldn’t have been given as much time as they have been.

    This is disgusting and disrespectful football here in Detroit. Total garbage.

  15. Same old Lions. Makes me sick to my stomach as a Bears fan to see the Lions and Bears let the Packers stay in the division after the loss of Aaron Rodgers. Packers will win this weak division by two games.

  16. If we can’t beat the packers this time around Schwartz should be fired before he is able to run off the field.

  17. cobibones13 says:
    Nov 26, 2013 7:38 AM
    typical Bush, 1st year on the team and he’s acting like he’s been their franchise QB for a decade, when he can’t even be an every down back.

    He’s lucky he’s getting more touches than Bell.

    hm havent watched much of this season eh? dont get me wrong i love me some joique but he is still the obvious #1.

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