Stevie Johnson mad about losing, but not unhappy in Buffalo


Bills receiver Stevie Johnson sat down with coach Doug Marrone to let him know that there are things he’s upset about this season. But those things are not a reflection on his feelings toward his teammates or coaches.

Johnson told the Buffalo News that he had a constructive meeting with Marrone.

“It was cool because now he knows where my mind was,” Johnson said. “Sometimes I can be misunderstood, and I think he probably was assuming since, you know, the numbers wasn’t the same as the previous three years, he may have thought I was getting frustrated about some other things. I think it gave him peace of mind, knowing I’m not mad at him or any other player. I’m just mad at the situation, losing these games. The talent is different this year from previous years, so that’s where the frustration came from, and I think he understood that.”

Johnson is still the Bills’ leading receiver with 41 catches for 471 yards and three touchdowns, but his production is down significantly after topping 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons. Marrone said he told Johnson not to get down about having to adjust to changes at quarterback, from EJ Manuel to Thad Lewis to Jeff Tuel.

“I had a long talk with Stevie about the challenges coming in,” Marrone said. “Playing with a young quarterback and obviously the injuries.”

This hasn’t been a good season for Johnson or for the Bills, but it is good news that Johnson and Marrone are seeing eye to eye.

13 responses to “Stevie Johnson mad about losing, but not unhappy in Buffalo

  1. He’ll be gone next year. Due a big roster bonus and doesn’t fit their”speed”, scheme. Whispers inside One Bills Drive is a need for a legit number 1, he’s never been that. Good player, gets open, but is moody and gets hurt all the time.

  2. he walked out of the mtg and fell to the ground with a groin injury. guy is injury prone winer. you can see how little value he is with Bills as the 3rd 4th & 5th wr played in the win over the jets.

  3. As a Jets fan, Stevie Johnson always has my respect, only dude who could play with revis…….

    and this only increases my respect for him, this is how you do it, even if he is pissed, tell it to the coach not the media.

    Much props stevie.

  4. reed’s numbers went down when moulds showed up, moulds numbers went down when evans showed up, evans numbers went down when stevie showed and now stevie’s numbers are down since woods showed up…..its the plight of being the #1 WR when a good #2 shows up….you get the double coverage and the #2 guy reaps the benefits til the #1 WR leaves and the #2 becomes the the #1…….if anything we need stevie to stick around so woods and goodwin can keep getting the ball lol

  5. This is coming from I guy that goes on national radio show and tells everyone how good he will be if he really tried and practiced hard. Maybe he is now and he expects more now. Hopefully that is it.

  6. Johnson is a very passionate player who cares about helping the Bills win games. The Bills have had horrible luck with QB injuries this year plus Johnson has been injured so it all adds up to a bad season for him and the team. It’s nice to see that Marrone understands where Johnson is coming from and that he did his best to encourage him.

  7. They have the easiest schedule in the league for the last 5 games. If the offense can play consistent football the rest of the way then I think they can get 3 or maybe 4 more wins. They already beat Miami on the road so I think they can take them at home in late December weather. With the 6th seed at 5-6 I wouldn’t count them out but I doubt it. However, they are one of the youngest teams in the league and are far better than what they were with Jauron and Gailey.

  8. *natijim235 says:
    Nov 26, 2013 9:51 PM
    get used to it – oh wait you must be to want to stay in buffalo -loser*

    Words is hard.

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