Broncos put Kevin Vickerson on IR, sign Sione Fua


The Broncos knew they were going to be without Kevin Vickerson for about six weeks with a dislocated hip, so they’ve decided to move on without him.

The team announced they placed the veteran defensive tackle on injured reserve Wednesday, signing former third-round pick Sione Fua to replace him on the roster.

The loss of Vickerson leaves Mitch Unrein and 2013 first-rounder Sylvester Williams to fill in next to starter Terrance Knighton. Williams saw his most extensive action against the Patriots, and will need to take on a bigger role.

Fua was a third-round pick of the Panthers in 2011, and started 11 games for them that year. He bounced on and off the roster since, with the team trying him at guard before releasing him recently.

8 responses to “Broncos put Kevin Vickerson on IR, sign Sione Fua

  1. I am a huge Peyton Manning fan but I can’t make excuses for his big game failures any longer. Enough is enough and the facts now are just too overwhelming. The voice in the back of my head has been telling me this for year s but instead I would just follow the Herd and ESPN in defending him. Greatness isn’t just playing great when conditions are ideal and easy. It’s got me thinking that I may have been duped by the media about his All-Time Greatness all along. He’s great but you can’t be All-Time Great with these games and playoff failures. How do you get OWNED by the guy they so often compare you to? Unbelievable. BTW, for all of you that use the excuse that he plays against Belichick here’s something to consider. Drew Brees averages 32 PPG has 10 TDs to 1 INT and passer rating in the 120s against Belichick. It’s time to stop making excuses and call it like we see it and what the facts say it is. He’s a soft, dome pampered QB with a fire no bigger than a match stick that wilts like a flower in the cold and crumbles like a cookie under pressure

  2. Tough blow. From what I saw in Broncos games, that big boy was one of the main reasons for their improved run D.

    But I’m a fan of a team that has lost Pro Bowlers Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo for the season so my sympathy level is very low. See you guys in the AFC Championship Game.

  3. I think it’s funny hearing more broncos fans start to turn on manning. Give it a week when he has a great performance and you’ll all be on the greatest of all time wagon again.

    Manning didn’t lose that game. The broncos simply had horrible turnovers. Mannings numbers were down because Moreno was running the ball very well.

  4. Pipe down Dodger fan. If you seriously want to throw Manning under the bus then you are a joke of an NFL fan.

    Last years playoff loss to the Ravens was the coldest game in Broncos history. The windchill was so cold that it was hard to step outside that day. Manning completed 28 passes that for 290 yds and 3 Tds in the miserable conditions. If it was for a major gaffe on a 75 yd td with 30 secs to go then everyone would be talking about his comeback that day.

    As for the pats game the same can be said on Welkers dropped pass in OT. Welker catches it and the Broncos have a 49 yd FG or else a 4th and 1 on a night when they were running productively against the Pats.

    Is manning the same in the cold? Heck no. But he is still great and what I witnessed on that frigid Sat vs Ravens is proudly have him be my teams QB.

  5. Dude should seriously sell advertising space on his mega-forehead.
    Unless they’re bringing Terrell Davis back, I don’t see a championship for Manning in Denver.

  6. TaintedSaints2009 & slopes16, I’m not turning on Manning. Do I have to excuse his every failure to be a fan? The only way the Patriots get back in the game is if the Broncos turn it over. Manning contributed to that with his 3rd down fumble and INT. He had his worst game of the season and lowest yardage and YPA since 2009. Last year he had the ball TWICE after Moore screwed up. That’s TWICE to be “Great” and move them into FG range for an attempt. It’s something us Peyton fans always critique Brady about. Vinateri won it, right? Instead he gives the ball to the Ravens with a terrible INT. You want to be a bias unobjective Peyton fan that’s your prerogative. I choose to hold him accountable. Shocker from a Peyton fan, I know.

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