Browner’s hearing concludes


Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner currently can’t play due to injury.  Whether he can’t play due to suspension will soon be determined.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that Browner’s hearing on his one-year suspension concluded on Wednesday.

Few specifics are available regarding the case.  News of a looming suspension first emerged on Monday, when the league-owned network erroneously reported that the league wants to suspend Browner for performance-enhancing drugs.  In reality, Browner faces a one-year suspension under the substance-abuse policy.

If it were a suspension under the PED policy, a decision would be required within five days.  The substance-abuse policy requires that a decision be reached “[w]ithin a reasonable time.”
A one-year suspension would be devastating to the career and financial prospects of Browner, who is due to become a free agent in March.  The 29-year-old defensive back, who was cut by the Broncos in 2006 and played in the CFL, became a force for the Seahawks after a five-year NFL absence.

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  1. This is a BAD rule, and really speaks to a bigger problem in the NFL.

    Who really KNOWS what the rules are these days?

    I’m being dead serious if you want to make some money.

    Create an APP that you put in different scenarios, and it spits out if this a violation of league rules.

    Or helps you scan a food / drink bar-code that gives you all the ingredients, and let’s you know if it’s on the BANNED substance lists.

    I mean my GOD how is a guy who is suppose to really just be working-out, watching film, and studying plays suppose to keep up?

    I understand they are collective bargained but this is really a bit MUCH.

    If at the very lest the UNION should provide these services.

  2. He will be out 6weeks either way with injury, it would be nice for him to clear his name of sorts.

    I had a friend who played in the league who told me nearly 75% of players smoke weed and usually know when tests are to come an get it out their system by the test.

    He will be known to everyone as a cheater but, I bet you wouldn’t want to heat about, J Graham , Crabtree, Davis, Suggs, M Wallace, Bowman, Big Ben, S Jackson, M Vick among your Favorite who have smoked. Do I have proof, no so I’m not going to act like I do, but do I know from friends who played? Who are credible.. Yess….. Anyways he doesn’t deserve a year for failing other tests not related to substance abuse. IE PEDS. Don’t count towards Substance abuse.

    Yeah rules are rules but fairness is always the goal, and it’s obvious this isn’t fair. He wasn’t gone just 1 year just dopeing up on PEDS just to come back.. some morons like to twist the story and compare the two . He was playing professional football in Canada. For 5 seasons also not testing positive for steroids or a non performance enhancing weed. He was clean their and therefore should not be penalized bc he had to take the long hard road to any NFL success. Major difference between weed or substances and peds.. Anyone not acknowledging that is an idiot or conspiracy theorist
    . People start making sense if they drop it or reduce he still isn’t playing for at least 6 weeks.. Why does the title of suspension change the seahawks when they have played before without him and were extremely successful blowing teams out and only allowing 32 pts total I’m 4 games.

  3. This never should have been public knowledge until his appeal had been resolved….The NFL needs to put a muzzle on Silver and the rest of it’s minions.

  4. Actually what players such as Russell Wilson should be doing instead of holding out!

    The problem in the NFL is if you out play your contract you have little to NO leverage in getting a new contract.

    My advice would be to what i term “strategic suspension.”

    2 options:

    1. Threatening to use a Banned substance, or drug that would require you to miss games.

    2. Do just use the banned substance or drug, actually have fun do it right in front of the collector. Tell him I have a problem, whatever it takes to sell it.

    Who cares about the penalty, if you are on a bad contract such as Russell Wilson that’s crap money, and you could careless losing it.

    Or the team would go crap, and possible sign you to a long term deal, I’m sure there would be language to prevent you from pulling this stunt again.

    Now i know i know, what you are going to say but what about the TEAM!

    What about the TEAM it’s a business as the NFL reminds EVERYONE it’s a NON-PROFIT business, tell them I’m a business, and that’s the business of getting paid for Profit!

    Have a good T-Day!

  5. I thought there was supposed to be a huge $500k fine for leaking suspension information before appeals are heard? Does that not apply to NFL employees who are reporters?

    If the reason for the fine is to try to keep this information private until appeals are heard, you would think their reporters wouldn’t be the ones to break these stories. It’s also pretty embarrassing that an NFL employee reporter wanted so bad to get this story out to be the “1st” one, that he couldn’t even get the story correct.

  6. That whole business of the NFL, having the right to drug test an individual AFTER they leave the league, is completely Draconian. I can’t believe that the union allowed that to stand.

    I’ll wait to hear from Browner, or his reps, before I’ll say anymore about this. Loved watching him play, but c’mon do we need all of this excess baggage?

  7. If it’s true that Browner was moved to Level 3 because he missed a scheduled test after being cut by Denver and was out of the country seeking work in the CFL he should win his appeal. Level 1 offense has no suspension. Level 2 has 4 game suspension and random testing. My understanding is he was moved to Level 3 carrying the year suspension ONLY because he missed the ONE test, NOT because he ever failed a previous test. He doesn’t deserve for his career to be destroyed by this! Especially if its for Marijuana that’s legal in his locale.

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