Carson Palmer earns NFC offensive player of the week honors


A sharp performance in the Cardinals’ 40-11 rout of the Colts on Sunday has garnered quarterback Carson Palmer the NFC’s offensive player of the week honors for Week 12.

Palmer, who completed 26-of-37 passes for 314 yards and two TDs against the AFC South-leading Colts, was announced as the recipient of the award on Wednesday by the NFL.

According to the league, Palmer is the first Cardinals quarterback to win NFC offensive player of the week honors since Kurt Warner in 2009.

Palmer has completed 89-of-129 passes for 1,146 yards with eight TDs and two interceptions during the Cardinals’ four-game winning streak.

9 responses to “Carson Palmer earns NFC offensive player of the week honors

  1. The Defense keeps getting better with each game. The once sorry offensive line is now barely approaching decent. The big change is the receivers have now shown they have learned where they need to be when they run the routes the Bruce Arians offense demands on them. BTW, each receiver has 4 times more routes they had to learn how to run than before. Thrown in the changes of reading when they go hot and if it is press coverage or not that also dictates the routes they must run because Palmer will also read it and throw to the spot the defense being played does not cover.

    To his credit, Palmer has never complained that the receivers were lost in their route executions and that the resultant interceptions were mainly not his fault. He did not suddenly become competent again, its just the receivers have caught up to him and the offense.
    But try telling that to the beer and peanut crowd who can’t imagine anything more complex than “watch the receiver get open and then throw to that open receiver cuz the defense will just wait until the ball gets there before doing anything else.”

  2. All with an offensive line that let him get sacked 30 times (7th most in NFL).

    Palmer sacked 7 times during his NFC Player of the Month games.

  3. assuredmutualdestruction says:
    Nov 27, 2013 1:08 PM
    It just depends what defense is on the field against him. He looked like a card board cut-out vs the Seahawks

    Things have changed since that unfortunate outing.

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