Chandler Jones wins AFC defensive player of the month honors

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It’s been more than nine years, but the Patriots finally have another player of the month.

Defensive end Chandler Jones, with 16 tackles and four sacks, has been named the AFC defensive player of the month.  He’s the first Patriots player to secure that honor since safety Eugene Wilson in September 2004.

For the season, the first-round pick in 2012 has 10.5 sacks.  Jones joins kicker Stephen Gostkowski as the second player of the month this year.  Gostkowski was the AFC’s special-teams player of the month for October.

Jones now has 16.5 sacks in two season.  He has a chance to surpass Chris Slade (18.5) and Garin Veris (21) with the most sacks in the first two years for any player in franchise history.

14 responses to “Chandler Jones wins AFC defensive player of the month honors

  1. Stealthjunk doesn’t understand how different systems produce different results for players.

    He is 5th in the NFL in sacks, so your comment that many players have 4 in 2 games means that they then follow it up with nothing for the rest of the year.

  2. stealthjunk says: 16 tackles and 4 sacks? Is that a typo? That’s a two game total for many defensive players.

    Let’s see. 4 sacks every two games = 32 sacks over the course of a season. But the single season record for sacks is 22.5, held by Michael Strahan. Hmmm… I think somebody needs to learn more about defensive stats in the NFL. What do you think?

  3. Robert Quinn of the Rams probably would have gotten it if they didn’t have a bye week in the month of November. In 3 games 9 solo tackles, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and a touchdown off his own forced sack fumble.

  4. stealthjunk says:
    Nov 27, 2013 10:45 AM
    16 tackles and 4 sacks? Is that a typo? That’s a two game total for many defensive players. Defensive quality in the AFC must be down drastically this year.


    Patriots had a bye week two weeks ago so they only played 3 games in November. Good job on the research pal….

  5. If Jon Jones played ball he would be a straight killer. Dude has the frame to carry 250 lbs at 6’4″ and moves like a running back.

    He’s too busy submitting people in the UFC though as the youngest longest reigning UFC champion in history.

  6. This team would be scary if Wilfork and Mayo were healthy. But this D finally has something it has lacked in the past 6 years or so, playmakers at all 3 levels of the defense.

    Jones feels like he is going to continue to trek upwards in the second half and playoffs. Fast, long, athletic pass rusher, he and Ninkovich compliment each other very well with Robs nose for the turnover

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