Coughlin: Ref was right, I was wrong on Cruz fumble


Giants coach Tom Coughlin was furious on Sunday when the officials ruled that Victor Cruz’s forward progress had not been stopped before he fumbled on a play that resulted in a Cowboys touchdown. But after watching the tape, Coughlin said he had nothing to be angry about.

In fact, Coughlin now believes the officials got it right when they ruled that Cruz fumbled before the Cowboys had stopped his progress.

“From what I understand there has been some misunderstanding from what I felt,” Coughlin said, via the Star-Ledger. “When I looked at the tape today, the forward progress was not stopped. That wasn’t even an issue when you looked at the tape and that’s exactly what the official told me. We all would’ve liked for the whistle to blow in that case but it didn’t and Victor was still driving as hard as he could to get more yardage. There were three or four Dallas defenders that were flying to the ball there. In one desperate effort [by Cruz] to get further up the field, the ball gets ripped out right into [Cowboys safety Jeff Heath’s] hand and he takes it and runs into the end zone. No. There was nothing to discuss there after watching the tape.”

The officials did make a clear mistake at another point in the game, but it was actually a mistake that benefitted the Giants: Coughlin was so angry about a roughing the passer penalty that he threw his red challenge flag to demand an explanation, even though he wasn’t actually challenging anything, he was just trying to get the referee’s attention to initiate an argument about the penalty. When a coach does that, the officials are supposed to charge that team a timeout. But the officials failed to charge the Giants a timeout. So if anyone should be complaining about the officials, it’s the Cowboys.

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  1. The faux challenge didn’t come on that play. It came on Cole Beasley’s fumble recovered by the Giants that was negated by roughing the passer.

    Point remains though, refs failed to do their jobs not penalizing Coughlin for the ridiculous challenge.

  2. Dez Bryant totals over 100 yards receiving and fumbling but not turning the ball over in a win… and… GETS REAMED.

    Victor Cruz totals less than 30 yards and fumbles to the opponent in a loss … and… nobody says a word (except to defend his fumble).

  3. Coughlin will be in the HOF at some point. But they better do it sooner rather than later. He is no spring chicken. I have always liked him as a coach. Solid coach, and has SB wins to boot. I am a Cowboy fan, but have always respected Coughlin. Even if he did throw a challenge flag and not lose a TO for it.

  4. Coughlin for Canton? One of the best? Look at his record, especially in the regular season, and tell me you’re serious. This notion that we should elect every player from a team that wins a championship or two is why truly deserving players like Chris Carter and Andre Reed have to bide their time for years while the HOF voters try to rationalize electing literally every member of the Steelers, 49ers and Cowboys during their championship years. Coughlin can get in when every coach better than him, of which there are many, gets in first.

  5. You need to remember this the next time you say somebody doesn’t know anything about the game, MrWright.

  6. Call on Kiwanuka (roughing the passer) was ridiculous, in that he only touched Romo’s neck, and Romo ducked his head making it look like his head was hit.
    Call that Bryant catch was incomplete (last Dallas drive) even after the ref saw it on replay was ridiculous. That ball never moved…yes, it touched the ground, but it was firmly in Dez’s hands the whole time, and THAT is a catch.
    One of the worst called games I’ve seen in a while.

  7. Cmon cry babies, you still talking about that game???? We moved on to the raiders like Sunday night. Let’s go cowboys Nation. Theyre in our rearview. Bye bye your season is done, hope you were really really happy about that four game winning steak against no one. The highlight of your season huh!! Americas team!

  8. So where are all the Giants fans that have spent the last few days whining about the fumble?

    Surely they should be posting on this article, saying that Coughlin should be fired for getting it so wrong. I mean all those Giants fans can’t possibly be wrong about Cruz’s forward progress being stopped. Can they?

  9. Actually Garrett did protest the red flag – that NY should be charged a TO. But the refs didn’t listen. I think that happened in another game last week too.

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