David Caldwell: “Realistic possibility” that Jones-Drew returns


With a 2-9 record and needs in just about every corner of the roster, it’s not surprising that minds in Jacksonville have already started turning toward the offseason.

During an appearance on 1010XL in Jacksonville, Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell was asked about running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s future in Jacksonville. Jones-Drew is playing out the final weeks of a five-year contract with the team and was the subject of some trade chatter before this year’s deadline before remaining in town.

Caldwell said Tuesday that the eight-year vet might not be leaving after the year either. Caldwell, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, called it a “realistic possibility” that the team and Jones-Drew reach agreement on a deal that keeps him in a Jaguars uniform.

It’s hard to argue with that statement since it is almost always a realistic possibility that a team signs a free agent to a contract, it just doesn’t feel like a particularly likely one. Jones-Drew is turning 29 before next season and has averaged just over three yards a carry this season, which hasn’t been all on him but hasn’t been all on the shortcomings of the rest of the offense either.

This offseason should bring significant change to Jacksonville as Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley continue the roster reshaping they began this year. Committing money to Jones-Drew while that’s going on doesn’t really fit with the larger rebuilding effort.

8 responses to “David Caldwell: “Realistic possibility” that Jones-Drew returns

  1. Its cool with me if Mojo finishes his career in Jax, but we gotta get a viable 2nd option at RB and a center who doesnt fall down as soon as the ball is snapped.

  2. There is also a realistic possibility that he doesn’t return. There is not a big market out there for a running back on the decline. He could go to a contender and be part of a rotation or he could go back to Jacksonville and be part of a rebuild. He’s not going to get a big contract either way.

  3. This guy would make a great committee guy for a lot of teams…but he’s not cost-effective if he still values himself as a guy that should be paid for 25-30 touches/game. Everybody would rather go unearth their own Joique Bell than pay MJD to be an oft-used # 2

  4. Just wait and see what money he wants. He has always had an inflated opinion of himself. I bet he tries to test the market and finally signs somewhere after training camp is almost done.

  5. It all depends on the money. MJD has to be reasonable, but the team can’t lowball him either. If it’s a similar deal from another team, the “no state income tax” thing could help us keep him. It has before.

    Our interior O-line has been REALLY bad this year. Tough to run downhill when the lane closes too fast, if it was even open in the 1st place.

    As far as going to a contender, sometimes it’s better just to stay home & stick with the plan you know. Greg Jones took less money to leave the Jags & signed with the Texans, looking to play for a winner…How’d that work out?

  6. MJD may balloon to 280lbs by next season at the rate he’s at. His profile shot on espn is hilarious, he looks like a center. I’ll be shocked if he gets an offer for a penny more than the veteran minimum…

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