Ex-Lion Lawrence Jackson: Josh Sitton is right about Jim Schwartz

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Packers offensive lineman Josh Sitton, who ripped the Lions’ defensive line and coaching staff, has found an unlikely ally in former Lions defensive lineman Lawrence Jackson, who says that Sitton’s comments about Schwartz are accurate.

Sitton described the Lions as dirty cheap shot artists, and then added, “That starts with their head coach, Schwartz. He’s a dick, too. I wouldn’t want to play for him.” Jackson, who did play for Schwartz from 2010 to 2012, wrote on Twitter that Sitton had a point.

“I don’t disagree with him about Jim,” Jackson wrote.

Asked by a fan on Twitter what his issue is with Schwartz, Jackson elaborated.

“I don’t have anything against him. I just don’t have a ton of respect for him,” Jackson said. “Not everyone is held to the same standard and things are done because he wants to do them not because they’re good for the team. He will also lie right to your face. I asked a question I knew the answer to and he tried to bulls–t me. I saw right through it.”

Jackson added, however, that he didn’t agree with Sitton’s feelings about the Lions’ defensive line. According to Jackson, the Lions’ defensive linemen don’t go after quarterbacks with any more ill intent than any other defensive linemen in the league, and Jackson thinks that if Sitton has a problem with hits that the Packers’ quarterbacks have taken against the Lions, then Sitton should look in the mirror.

“If you don’t want any problems,” Jackson wrote, “protect your QB.”

That’s good advice for Sitton, who will do battle with a fired-up Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley on Thanksgiving.

56 responses to “Ex-Lion Lawrence Jackson: Josh Sitton is right about Jim Schwartz

  1. I just don’t like Jim Schwartz for the strategy mistakes the Lions constantly make. No coach on the Lions will ever have my respect until they stop making off-the-field errors that affect what the players are trying to do on the field. Those are voluntary anchors that shouldn’t be forced on the team that takes the field. The job is to simply not be stupid and make a stupid mistake. Be smart or don’t show up. PLEASE!

  2. The funny thing is that the lions have been in the window of having good talent the last couple years after all the top 10 picks piled up but its being wasted. Their window to win the Super Bowl is being squandered by Schwarzt.

  3. Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams both learned under Buddy Ryan (Remember the bounty Bowl?). Schwartz learned under Fisher. It’s no coincidence that Fisher hired Williams prior to the bounty scandal. It’s also no coincidence that Munchak (also learned under Fisher) hired Williams this offseason.

  4. If you listen to Lawrence Jackson on 97.1 this afternoon, he basically admitted he only said the stuff because he was peeved they didn’t resign him.

    Ex-employees probably aren’t the best at giving honest opinions.

  5. Lawrence Jackson is garbage, he lied to the Seahawks, lions and Vikings about being a competent football player.

  6. I have noticed a trend about the ’95 Browns coaching staff and front office. Now Im not saying they are bad coaches cause there are some really great X and O guys but read me out:
    Nick Saban – Dick, Jim Schwartz – Dick, Bill Belichick – Dick, Mike Lombardi – Dick, Eric Mangini – Dick, Mike Tannenbaum – Dick……. Do you see a trend. Bahahahahahahahaha Just a few words for thought. And the Alpha Dick is Bill Belichick

  7. Schwartz is a complete ass clown. I’m amazed he holds one of the 32 head coaching positions until you see for which team he’s coaching.

  8. The NFL players have become spoiled brats. Always crying the blues about something, they feel they are above the game, especially all the crap you read of their off field actions and then they want us to feel sorry for them.

  9. Personally I wish we had Gruden. Having said that if they get to the playoffs and make some noise then I could care less if he was a jerk. His job is to motivate players and get to the playoffs not make friends.

  10. David DeCastro held Suh without a tackle, sack or an assist against the Steelers.

    I’d say if DeCastro can tame Suh, Sitton has a pretty good shot at controlling him as well.

  11. When you don’t make character a high priority in your player-personnel decisions, this is the kind of team you get.

    Football players are warriors. What proud warriors do is respect your opponent and play the game the right and honorable way.

    I wish Sitton would have kept his opinions private because the Lions actions speak for themselves. I don’t need Sitton to tell me what I already knew. Why if your the underdog (as the Packers are), would you want to give your foe added incentive? Not very smart.

  12. If one spends enough time studying the Lions, pre-game, in game and post-game, one can’t help but get the sense that the aspersions cast towards Jim Schwartz are not just cheap shots from opponents or grumblings from former players. Schwartz has consistently come across as smug and solipsistic, always out to prove that he is the smartest and toughest guy in the room and his personality reflects in the demeanor and performance of his players. They carry themselves with an air of entitlement and rarely display the composure or smarts of potential champions. The Mayhew/Schwartz era had been marked with mental errors, physical errors and a lack of discipline on and off the field with insufficient attention to detail and a failure to competently nurture and tutor their QB or hold him accountable for his failure to learn from his mountain of mistakes, repeated week after week. Win or lose this year, however, Schwartz is probably safe for awhile as this organization always carries the corpse of its coach a year or two beyond demise, like an NFL version of Weekend at Bernie’s.

  13. Maybe Jim Schwartz is a jerk and we should re-hire a nice guy like Mariucci…or Morningweg…or Marinelli…wait Marinelli was a super tough guy, I forgot. Blame Schwartz for things like not kicking the FG against Pittsburgh or having too many personal fouls…but I bet every coach is considered a jerk by a lot of people.

  14. lionshawk:

    I agree and think Gruden is a fine choice for any football team that knows how to accept him and embrace him the right way and put him in a position to succeed that makes sense for his style of coaching.

    I still think Schwartz COULD be a great coach if he just had better strategy experts (what a coincidence huh) to help them out with the stuff that he is unable to help them out with. There’s a lot going on during gameday, and he’s just not on top with making choices that give us the best odds to win mini-game propositions that affect our overall odds to win the actual game. Plus, there’s tons of other stuff going on positionally and scheme-wise that need to be shored up.

    But if he can’t get that stuff done, then Gruden would be wonderful if we can figure out how to set that up the right way. But we need a GM that can also build the roster properly, and I think we have one of the very worst GMs in the league. So it doesn’t matter to me who the HC is until we have a GM that is strong and in place.

    Our cap structure for 2014 and beyond is also in horrible shape at present day, so there’s that to think about long-term as well. The Lions have no logic working in place to solve immediate and foreseeable problems. It’s a real shame.

  15. As a Buc’s fan I didn’t really care much for Gruden. That being said, scary thought with those offensive weapons.

  16. Jim should have been fired the minute Lovie Smith went on the market. Stafford to Calvin works as an offense. Their defense is so undisciplined it’s a sin. Lovie would whip them into a top 10 defense and the Lions would be contenders for the next 6 years. Or until either stafford or Calvin get hurt / leave.

  17. Suh has had personal foul penalties, fines and a suspension in each of the past 3 Thanksgiving day games. Last year it was a kick to Matt Schaub’s groin. I’m thinking that was as close to a sack he had that entire game.

  18. I could care less what LoJack says…that being said, Schwartz has peaked with the Lions and has to be replaced before Stafford/Johnson/Suh/Fairley become AARP members…

  19. I don’t think Schwartz can take us to the Super Bowl but he’s a thousand times better than rod marinelli. Is he a little dirty maybe but that’s better than all the other lame ass coaches the Leo’s have had recently

  20. And Lawrence Jackson, after being a first round pick in 2008, is now without a team.

    Lions didn’t re-sign him after 2012, he went to Minnesota and didn’t make their roster.

    I don’t know what Schwartz supposedly lied to him about, but I don’t think Schwartz makes personnel decisions without Mayhew and his coordinators.

  21. cantonsteeler28:

    Tannenbaum may not have been the world’s greatest GM (although who knows how many of the worst decisions were forced by Big Pharma?), but I have never before heard him called anything but a nice guy…to paraphrase Bogie, “I think you were misinformed…”

  22. “If you don’t want any problems,” Jackson wrote, “protect your QB.”

    most teams don’t have to worry about protecting their QB AFTER the whistle.

  23. I think Schwartz could be a better coach, but what people need to remember is this team was 0-16 just five short years ago. Were are not talking a 2-14 team which is pretty bad we are talking an 0-16 team and the only one that has ever been that bad in the history of the game. This entire roster, I mean almost every player has been replaced in that time. Calvin Johnson, Dominic Raiolia are the only players on this team that were drafted before Schwartz took over.

    That is a pretty big overhaul. Am I sick of losing? yes, do I think Schwartz could do better? yes Am I pleased with some things he has done? yes

    Schwartz in in that narrow window now. We need to win and make the playoffs this year. If we don’t we wont ever with Schwartz IMHO, but if we do, and we can get this team going and add the same type of progression we have to this point over the next year or two, I believe we will be able to go all the way. Will we IDK, but we will have a chance to. If we miss the playoffs, I still think we could do it within a year or two providing the right coach comes in. Bill Cowher, Lovie Smith. Someone that has been here and been successful in the past could take this team to the top.

  24. Sitton is just mad because he HAS to hold to block Suh. Or get help. He sure as heck cant block him one on one. And because the Packers are the most favored team in the NFL, getting away with holding shouldnt be a problem for Sitton.

  25. Schwartz reminds me a lot of Brad Childress, basically simple minded coaches who were always trying to act 50 pts higher than their real IQ. Because they were always trying to impress, they feel short on in-game strategy and because they were basically wussies, they lost control of their teams.

  26. Lawrence Jackson probably said “coach you’ve got a place for me on your DL….right”. Shwartz: “errr….ummm….yeah kid, you’re set”.

    Drafts Ziggy Ansah.

    Shwartz really is no more of a dick than 90% of HCs in the NFL. He wears it on his sleeve more maybe, but he’s really no more of an ass than the rest of them.

    If his coaching decisions were more sound people would love him.

  27. I’d have to concur with this concurrence. At least Harbaugh humbled him a little bit with the ol slap to the back. Before that Detroit was on an undefeated streak where Schwartz would basically act like an unrefined 6th grader pumping his fists and pointing and shouting at the opposite sideline. In that game when he yelled at harbaugh, “know the rules, coach,” he set himself up for the infamous handshake.

  28. apkyletexas says:
    Nov 27, 2013 6:20 PM
    David DeCastro held Suh without a tackle, sack or an assist against the Steelers.

    I’d say if DeCastro can tame Suh, Sitton has a pretty good shot at controlling him as well.
    Umm… no.
    Suh had 3 pressures, once causing the qb to throw away the ball in the red zone. He also stopped (tackled) the rb for no gain, and by taking up an additional defender, allowed two of our lb’s to have stellar games.

  29. beedubyatoo says: Nov 27, 2013 7:42 PM

    Suh has had personal foul penalties, fines and a suspension in each of the past 3 Thanksgiving day games. Last year it was a kick to Matt Schaub’s groin. I’m thinking that was as close to a sack he had that entire game.


    Good to see we have a stat sheet scout here tonight. You clearly didnt watch the game if you think Suh didnt have an impact against the Texans last year. Same goes for the guy saying DeCastro played well against him

  30. tigers182 says: Nov 27, 2013 6:07 PM

    If you listen to Lawrence Jackson on 97.1 this afternoon, he basically admitted he only said the stuff because he was peeved they didn’t resign him.

    Ex-employees probably aren’t the best at giving honest opinions.

    That Schwartz is an idiot is not just ONE man’s opinion.

  31. Who is this guy, again?

    Apparently someone who was so awful, the Lions didn’t even want him anymore. You’ve gotta be pretty bad to get let go by the Lions.

  32. The Lions would have won a Superbowl by now had the hired a good coach instead if Schwartz at that time. They have lots of talent, but the coaching staff can’t get consistent perormance from that team.

  33. There is no reason why the Lions can’t win their division. The only problem is, they will Schwartz themselves when it matters most.

    Not to mention Suh and/or Fairley will do something stupid and either be kicked out of the game and/or suspended.

    The Lions will always be the Lions.

  34. Schwartz didn’t resign him, so they have history…

    The real story is what Jackson says about Sitton protecting his QB. Talking smack like this…is that really the best way to do that?

    Then you have McCarthy saying the same thing. Talk about NOT having your QB’s back. These two would not be saying this if Rodgers was starting….too bad Flynn doesn’t earn the same consideration.

    Go LIONS!!!

  35. Am I the ONLY one getting tired of Fox pre-game talking about how great Barry Sanders was? The guy has been done for years….who cares? Let’s talk about current great running backs, like Marshawn Lynch. I would love to have him on our team! And he has more class in his little finger (helping kids in his old neighborhood) than I see from Sanders…quitter.

  36. Do you know what’s funny about Josh Sitton’s accusations? Here are some facts from the official statistics of the NFL as of Nov. 27th.
    1. Of the players with the most penalties in the NFL, 2 of the top 20 are Packers. Detroit doesn’t even have any in the top 25.
    2. Green Bay is in the Top 10 in the NFL in personal fouls. Detroit is not even in the top 20, let alone the top 10.
    3. Green Bay is tied for 2nd is the NFL with most Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties. Detroit doesn’t have any Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties against them.

    So who is the dirtiest team?

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