Kyle Long fined $7,875 for scuffle in Rams game


When the time comes to say what he’s thankful for on Thursday, Bears guard Kyle Long might note that he’s thankful his brother Chris saved him some money last Sunday.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Long has been fined $7,875 for his part in a scuffle with Rams defensive end William Hayes at the end of a play in the Rams’ win. Chris Long rushed off the bench to get between his younger brother and his teammate, which meant that Kyle’s kick at Hayes didn’t connect.

If it had, the Bears rookie could have been ejected and he certainly would have been fined a larger amount this week. As it was, he received a personal foul during the game before the league took further action.

The Bears have a date with the Vikings this weekend and there won’t be any familial protection on hand should Kyle Long decide to show Robbie Gould his moves again.

16 responses to “Kyle Long fined $7,875 for scuffle in Rams game

  1. Sounds about right…I gotta laugh at the Rams and Kitty fans claiming this makes Long worse the Donkey Kong.

  2. I thought it’d be higher, I wonder if the fact that the play should have been blown dead impacted the amount. I’m a bears fan and I get the feeling this probably won’t be his only fine.

  3. In the NBA Chris Long would get fined for leaving the bench. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up getting fined here too. But kudos to Chris for doing right by his brother.

  4. Chirs literally saved his brother at least 10k if not more and a possible supension. He was ready to lay a “Suh” on Hayes.

  5. I find it funny that very little happens when you can see him looking like his gave a kick at the Rams player on his back. Typical NFL with not being consistent with fines and penalties.

  6. For all the grief the Bears got after drafting him he’s been nothing but solid on that o-line. He’s got the right temperament to play the position…as a football fan you have to like his game, as a Bears fan I love it.

  7. I still can’t believe I haven’t seen one replay of what actually led to this happening. All the cameras showed during the game was the football, and then they panned over when Long was on top of Hayes, but I still don’t know what Hayes did leading up to it. From everything I’ve seen from Kyle Long, he doesn’t just go after guys. Whenever he has done something like that, it’s always been to protect a teammate, so I have to believe Hayes did something to a teammate Long didn’t like, and I still have no idea what led to Hayes being on the ground. Hard to believe there’s not one network camera that caught it all.

  8. First play Chris Long has made his whole career. The media gives this guy a free pass because of his old man. He’s a bust that wears makeup and is given a career free pass.

  9. What did his mom say after the game??? Howie seems to ‘fear’ her, so maybe she can talk some sense into this kid.

    Good thing his older brother was there…that must have been embarrassing in the Bears’ locker room! LOL

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