Mike Glennon named NFL offensive rookie of the month

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Coming into November, there wasn’t much to feel good about in Tampa.

Things feel quite a bit better on Thanksgiving eve, however. The Bucs have won three straight games after opening the season with eight losses and they’ve seen rookie quarterback Mike Glennon develop into a player that coach Greg Schiano thinks can be the long-term answer at quarterback.

That run of strong play has earned Glennon honors as the NFL’s top offensive rookie for the month of November. Glennon went 62-of-88 for 785 yards, seven touchdowns and one interception while leading the Bucs to a 3-1 record. Glennon also recorded three passer ratings of 123.1 or better, which are the three highest passer ratings by rookie quarterbacks in Buccaneers history.

The play of Glennon individually and the Bucs as a team has made for a major change in the outlook around Tampa. The negativity of the first two months has been replaced by positive comments about Schiano from players and executives and it feels like there’s a much lower likelihood that they’ll be blowing things up in Tampa after the season comes to an end.

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  1. zac stacy had to be in the conversation for this. he’s had a great month as well. glennon has looked good too. 2 great rookies on the rise!

  2. Remember the Schiano-Freeman controversy?

    The fact the Bucs are suddenly winning, or, in the least, a very tough out (as was the case in Seattle), would seem to indicate Freeman was the problem, not Schiano.

    Improve at QB, the entire team gets elevated. That is what’s happening in Tampa right now.

  3. Natural ability to throw the football, nice height to see who to throw to and a good athlete for his height. All Mike needed was work on other things and he’ll keep getting better! His 2 years as a starter at NC State helped him and he’s improved in months in Tampa Bay. I missed on my Youtube predictions from 4-6 years ago of 1st round but teams needing QBs can wish they’d listened to cisco. Keep working Mike and congrats; we’ll keep following you.

  4. Once again … the coach proves who the starting QB should be … reading these posts about how good Freeman is became very annoying.

  5. trollhammer20 says:
    [[ Remember the Schiano-Freeman controversy?

    The fact the Bucs are suddenly winning, or, in the least, a very tough out (as was the case in Seattle), would seem to indicate Freeman was the problem, not Schiano. ]]


    Not picking on you especially as I have heard a LOT of people say this.

    Benching Freeman was the easiest decision a football coach has ever made. His stats in some splits were 20% worse than Jamarcus Russel. Freeman posted literally the worst QB play in some situations (v. no pressure I believe) that HAS EVER BEEN RECORDED.

    There was no Schiano v. Freeman to people who watch Bucs games. There was a horrible head coach and a horrible QB.

    The horrible head coach fixed the horrible QB problem (arguably a few games too late) and we went from a potential zero or 1/2 win team to a maybe 5 win team.

    Schiano is a dinosaur. His ideas are archaic and his in-game adjustments (even now during the winning streak) are horrendous. We are so bad in the second half it’s unreal — people praised him for the Seattle game when it was the ultimate example of why he should be fired: he stumbled into a winning strategy (hyper aggression) then got scared and backed off when we got the lead (and we lost).

    Schiano finds a way to be wrong even when he is right.

    People are looking at 3 in a row and losing their minds — it’s three games!

    Almost nobody who watched Bucs games disagreed with benching Free. Schiano v. Freeman is a media creation. It was Tampa v. Freeman and Schiano … now it’s just Tampa v. Schiano.

    He should be fired. He probably won’t be because the Glazers are idiots but the idea that three lousy games has saved his job is terrifying.

  6. To summarize: anyone who knows football and watches Bucs games would still fire Schiano.

    Luckily for Schiano the owners don’t know football and don’t watch Bucs games … so he might be in luck.

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