Mike Jenkins says “personal vendetta” ended Cowboys stay


Cornerback Mike Jenkins played well for the Cowboys, the way you’d expect a first-round pick to play. But when they started signing other players to the kind of contract he wanted, it made for an inevitable and ugly divorce.

Now with the Raiders, Jenkins is going to see his old friends again, but has no love for the organization that replaced him last year by signing Brandon Carr and trading up in the draft to take Morris Claiborne. His insistence on rehabbing after shoulder surgery in Florida as opposed to Dallas didn’t help.

“My swagger and my confidence never left. My last few years in Dallas had nothing to do with swagger,” Jenkins said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “It was more of a personal vendetta that was going on around there, and I don’t care too much to talk about it.”

Jenkins then tried to stomp out the embers he dredged up, saying it was “pointless” to “bring up old fire.”

If he holds a grudge, it’s not against cornerback Orlando Scandrick, who was given a five-year, $27 million deal which effectively left no room for Jenkins in Dallas.

“Why would I be envious of Orlando?” Jenkins said. “That’s like one of my best friends. I would never be envious of Orlando Scandrick. First of all, I came in on top. I came in as a first-round draft pick. There’s no reason for me to be envious.”

He’ll have a chance to see his old friend Scandrick on Thursday, and will doubtless be looking to make the rest of them pay.

18 responses to “Mike Jenkins says “personal vendetta” ended Cowboys stay

  1. Yes, It was a personal vendetta and not anything to do with his play…which is why he turned in that awesome “swagger” to a massive one year contract in Oakland.

  2. Couple things with this article. .Yeah Jenkins came in as a 1st round pick but rarely played like one. Also from the get go he had to earn his starting spot and often rotated with Scandrick who was a later round pick. They picked Scandrick cause he was/is the better corner. Jenkins had questionable work ethic as well will never forget how he literally stepped out of way to tackle Jacobs. Looking foreard to Romo throwing his way lots and having success. Go Cowboys!!

  3. I remember many times Jenkins jumping so high to get a pass break up damn near 5-6 feet in the air and hit the ground so hard because he didn’t try to break his fall. That resulted in many shoulder injuries which led to his exit. In the other hand that shows his commitment to the team and commitment to win. Sacrificed his body for the game. I have respect for Mike.

  4. …”Jenkins played well for the Cowboys, the way you’d expect a first round pick to play…” What the hell were you watching the past few years? Jenkins had a nice rookie season, but RARELY played to the level of a top flight cornerback. Now if you want to compare his play to Morris Claiborne (who has been less than average) you may have a point.

  5. Not a Cowboys fan so have no dog in this race but I gotta say I missed the games where “Cornerback Mike Jenkins played well for the Cowboys, the way you’d expect a first-round pick to play”
    I’m pretty sure he NEVER lived up to the 1st round expectations was given every opportunity and lost his job multiple times.

  6. Whenever I hear a person use the word ‘swagger’ when describing himself…. it is obvious that he is a huge part of the problem.

  7. Really? Did you watch Jenkins actually play football? The guy was horrendous in Dallas. He had 1 good year. Which was his rookie year. After that he continually got picked apart by opposing offenses.

    But whatever people tend to rewrite history all the time I cant really fault you for doing the same.

  8. Mike Jenkins was a penalty machine and couldn’t cover my cat. No way that he played like a first round corner other than his second year in Dallas.

  9. He made some plays for the Cowboys but he never looked all that great to me. It seems he believes “swagger” is a skill. With his attitude is wouldn’t have resigned him either.

  10. As a Raider fan I have been very satisfied with Jenkins. He hasn’t gotten a lot of picks but he has been a solid cover corner and an excellent tackler. Maybe he fits the Raiders scheme better?

  11. He was decent (not great) in coverage but anytime the ball came his way he would somehow get injured. I’m not sure Claiborne is much better other than being younger. Jenkins can’t be mad at playing in the same secondary as Woodson for a little while anyways.

  12. As a Cowboys fan I’m glad Jenkins has been playing well in Oakland. He has a ton of talent and maybe it is a scheme issue. Or coaching. Whatever the problem, he couldnt pull it all together in Dallas. It’s a joke to say he played like a first round player.

  13. In their preseason game, Mike Jenkins put a hit on Dez that made it clear it’s personal. If Jenkins hit like that while in Dallas, he would still be in Dallas.

    I look for Jenkins to play with a lot of effort Thursday and that is something Cowboy fans aren’t use to seeing from him.

    Not personal? Whatever Mike.

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