Mike Shanahan won’t discuss possible Fred Davis discipline


With Jordan Reed sidelined by a concussion, the Redskins were expected to use tight end Fred Davis in a good-sized role against the 49ers on Monday night.

That didn’t happen. Davis played a handful of snaps, most of them coming when the game was out of reach in the final minutes and a report from NBC Washington during the game indicated Davis had missed team meetings during the week. Coach Mike Shanahan was asked about that report on Tuesday and wouldn’t say whether or not Davis had been disciplined by the team.

“I don’t go through what we do with discipline with players, but if someone does miss a meeting, if someone’s late, we have fines, we have possible suspensions,” Shanahan said, via the Washington Post. “If I feel a guy is not doing what he needs to do to help our football team win, any time we do have a discipline, and we do have some pretty strong disciplines — missing meetings, being late — because everyone is accountable, and everyone’s time is very valuable. So, if I did have something like that, I would address it individually.”

If Davis did skip meetings altogether, it’s a step up from his previous admission about nodding off during meetings but it would fit with his stated desire to ply his trade elsewhere now that Reed has pushed him down the depth chart. Davis will get that chance in 2014 because, missed meetings or not, his time in Washington is coming to an end.

4 responses to “Mike Shanahan won’t discuss possible Fred Davis discipline

  1. Conflict of interests for players in this position. You absolutely don’t want to get hurt for a losing football team in a pointless cause when you’re trying to go elsewhere next year. On the other hand, you risk other teams noticing your tactics and considering that a knock against your value. Putting nothing on tape doesn’t help Davis go elsewhere for a reasonable price.

    I enjoy watching front offices ruthlessly pursue their self- interest in a very businesslike frame of mind, but an unfortunate collateral effect is that it carries over into players’ decision making in deciding whether or not to commit to taking the field.

  2. Shanahan and Gary Kubiack can hang out together after this season. What a bunch of overrated schmucks. But for John Elway neither of these guys would have accomplished anything in their careers.

  3. Shanny winny does not like Fred Davis. You don’t have to be a genius to know this. He tries his best not to use certain players. This is why they lose games. if he would’ve let RG3 throw dump passes and screens to Davis. RG would’ve had a better game. Fire Shanny Winny and put a coach that can use RG3 and company the correct way.

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