Remembering Sean Taylor, six years after his death

On this day in 2007, Redskins safety Sean Taylor died at the age of 24.

He’d been shot the prior day by intruders who believed they’d be robbing an empty home.  But Taylor was there, with his girlfriend and their young daughter.

Earlier this month, Eric Rivera Jr. was found guilty of second-degree murder in connection with Taylor’s death.  Another man has pleaded guilty, and three others await trial.

Taylor’s daughter, Jackie, is now seven.  Taylor died after he’d matured into someone who was prepared to embrace the obligations and challenges of being an adult.

“It’s hard to expect a man to grow up overnight,” teammate Clinton Portis (pictured) said in the aftermath of Taylor’s passing. “But ever since he had his child, it was like a new Sean, and everybody around here knew it. He was always smiling, always happy, always talking about his child.”

“He was kind of a wild child, like myself,” former University of Miami teammate Jeremy Shockey said.  “But life changed for Sean after he had his baby girl. Fatherhood really changed him. He grew up and matured.”

Taylor would still be in his NFL prime today, cementing what would have been Hall of Fame credentials.

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  1. I was watching some of his highlight videos on YouTube the other day.

    Just watching some of the hits and in my head thinking: “Flag, flag, that’s another flag. Suspension.” etc.

    2006 is not a long time ago, but the NFL landscape has changed in such a drastic way, Taylor would have really had to change his play to survive in a league of suspensions & fines at a drop of a hat.

    RIP Sean.

  2. Prototypical safety, If you drew up the ideal safety on paper, height, size, speed, instincts, hitting ability, Sean Taylor is exactly what you’d get. Course, he’d have some adjusting to do to not be fined for half his paycheck in today’s NFL flag football.

  3. i was the biggest Sean Taylor fan, everyone in my town knew it too…i modelled my game in high school after him not the lauching aspect but the aggressive nature he played safety…the day he died people came up to me in school like i lost my family member lol its kind of funny now how people acted towards me that day but when it happened i was in such disbelief….

  4. RIP. What a shame.

    Just a little piece of info. Ryan Clark wear’s #21, in memory of Sean, throughout training camp. He’s worn it every year since Sean’s death.

  5. The loss of Taylor is huge for us Skins fans. What could of been? He was the most physically gifted football player I have ever seen play. He played Safety like a LB with very good NFL CB coverage skills. He was Ronnie Lot 2K. He crushed everything he could at every opportunity, but he could snatch balls out of the air as good, or better, than Ed Reed in his prime.

    Some of what I just described could be due to me being a Skins homer, maybe 10%. Taylor was just that good, and he was just a kid. As the post says he was just starting to mature as a Man…

    What could have been?


  6. Sean Taylor to me had potential to be the greatest safety of all time, he played defense with the passion thats is very much needed to be on that side of the ball, and even if he did sometimes play too hard even after the whistle he still would’ve made it in the league that the NFL has became today just for the simple fact that the man was a vicious hitter but never did I see him hit with his helmet he would demolish his opponents with his shoulders, he never led with his head he was truly a great tackler. Sad that he left this earth so young and a little girl to grow without her father, RIP Sean Taylor, my favorite football player.

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