Russell Wilson, recovering Saints fan

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As the Seahawks prepare to face the Saints in a game that will go a long way toward deciding the top seed in the NFC, Seattle’s quarterback has a confession to make.

He is a recovering Saints fan.

“I used to wear a Saints hat at the University of Wisconsin all the time,” Wilson told reporters on Wednesday.  “I’m a huge fan.  I watch them [still].  I don’t wear it anymore.”

But did he wear it in January 2011, during the notorious Beastquake game that saw the 7-9 Seahawks beat the defending Super Bowl champs at CenturyLink Field?

“I probably did,” Wilson said.  “I’m not going to lie.  I’ve always kind of liked the Seahawks to be honest with you.  I liked the Saints for a pretty good time now.  But obviously I am in love with the Seahawks now and playing here is a special place to play.  Coach Carroll is a tremendous football coach.  John Schneider gave me an opportunity, the General Manager, and Paul Allen, the owner.”

Wilson may have been a Saints fan because he shares one important quality with Saints quarterback Drew Brees.  They’re both short, and they both were knocked for it in the draft.

On Monday night, in perhaps the biggest regular-season game of his career, Wilson gets a chance to show that the Seahawks are ready to do what the Saints did four years ago.

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  1. I would venture a guess that the biggest game of Wilson’s career was the playoff loss to Atlanta last postseason. He waged a brilliant comeback that was overcome by a last moment field goal.

  2. Its refreshing to see a player show a little honesty. It’s like people are shocked when these guys had a team they rooted for before they became professionals that isn’t the one they play for

  3. Cast away old loyalties and join the Seahawks Empire. Follow the lead of The Wilson and rejoice in the glory that is the Empire. Behold, the Seahawks Empire.

  4. In an interview that RW, gave last year, he admitted that growing up in Richmond (Va.), he liked the 49er’s, more than any other team. Presumably, that was before the days of Brees, and the Saints.

    We’ve seen the lack of compassion that he has had, playing against his childhood fave, thus far. I expect no less from Russell, come Monday night.

  5. It’s OK to like other teams before you get to the NFL. Obviously, a player can’t know which team is going to pick him (or even if it will ever happen), so you just enjoy the teams you enjoy. Naturally, when you play for a specific team, everything changes. I’m a lifelong ‘Hawks fan but I’ve always liked the Saints myself.

  6. Good to see Seattle fans not getting all offended by RW’s comments. Kaep would’ve been crucified by all the butthurt homers in the bay if he were to say any of this.

  7. It’s okay that you like other teams, and even that you sported their gear.

    I’m a lifelong Seahawks fan, always will be. But what football fan has watched Joe Montana play and not rooted for the 49ers? I used to have a Redskins pennant on my wall (just below the Seahawks one) back when Mark Rypien played (because he went to my dad’s alma mater WSU (go Cougs!). And watching Barry Sanders run still makes me drool. Who didn’t love to watch Emmitt Smith dive over the line for the touchdown? The list goes on and on…

    Football is the best. And I have to admit that I love even the teams that I “hate”. Because they play football. And football is great!

  8. I wish Wilson would have played his full college years at Wisconsin. That year he played . i knew he would rip it up in the Pros.. VIKINGS SUCK

  9. RW always talks about Drew Brees as somebody he admires in interviews. He models after him with work ethic and commitment to his community. Even got a few tips at last years Pro Bowl if I remember right.

    Russell Wilson has been the real deal since he’s come here. Even the fans that hate Seattle Seahawks have to respect the guy on and off the field. The 12th man loves him, if anyone doesn’t know check out what community work he and his wife do in the area each week.

  10. I’m wearing a sweat shirt right now that says, “RussellMania3”

    RW3 is such a classy guy. Humble, faithful, determined, and a strong leader. With all the crap in the news about the CBs getting suspended I recognize that at the end of the day is going to be dependable. That’s what makes me a Hawk’s fan.

    Super talented guy right there. A professional football player.

  11. macdaddyspeed says:
    Nov 27, 2013 6:29 PM
    Cast away old loyalties and join the Seahawks Empire. Follow the lead of The Wilson and rejoice in the glory that is the Empire. Behold, the Seahawks Empire.


    At least have one title before boasting about being an empire.

  12. I’m a Saints fan, Russell Wilson Exudes class, Seattle lucky to have him, just as we are lucky to have Drew Brees…

  13. Niner fan here. Can’t say enough about Wilson on having class and character.

    On the other hand, I knew some moron would say something about Kaep wearing a Dolphins hat. That’s like saying someone who works at Whataburger can’t like Taco Bell. It’s not like it was a Seahawks hat….

  14. No problem…that was then, this is now.

    Seahawks by 7. They’ll be 11-1 at the end of a cold and possibly snowy night!

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