Shanahan: Players know that at 3-8, they’re playing for their jobs


Washington coach Mike Shanahan wants his players to realize that even if they have no realistic shot of making the playoffs, they still have plenty to play for.

Most importantly, Shanahan says, the players are playing for their careers: Every player should realize that if he doesn’t play well enough at the end of this year, he may not have a job next year.

“I think the players are smart enough to understand that if you are 3-8, then everybody is playing for their jobs,” Shanahan said. “That’s the nature of our business. I don’t care if it’s players, coaches, support staff. The nature of this game is to find a way to win, and if you don’t win, everybody is accountable.”

Shanahan is right. In this business, everybody is accountable. And that includes Shanahan himself, who is now 24-36 in his four years in Washington.

36 responses to “Shanahan: Players know that at 3-8, they’re playing for their jobs

  1. The Minnesota Vikings have now been decided as the symbol of greatness. The Minnesota Vikings are a franchise that has dominated for decades with a .538 overall winning percentage to prove it, ranked #3 in the league worldwide. The NFL has recently scammed the Vikings out of multiple Super Bowl rings because they envy our greatness, jealousy like this prevents the Vikings from this, but we will succeed. The impending Vikings dynasty will soon follow, multiple Super Bowl rings will be coming our way and our greatness will be shown worldwide.

    Many of you so called “haters” will say this is not true, but haters are known to envy greatness. Martin Luther King is a great example of a person who resembles the Vikings organization, he changed the world and was hated for it, but people recognize him for greatness

    The Minnesota Vikings are the prototypical franchise. We are the Lambourghini of cars, the iPhones of cellular devices, The Kate Uptons of females, and our presence can be felt worldwide by our profound greatness. We are the boat floating proudly on your favorite teams tears, sailing to multiple championships.

  2. But I’m smart enough to know that if you are 3-8 and have a case where so many players are playing for jobs, then the GM or HC didn’t do their job good enough in giving these jobs out in the first place.

    Get better people that hire less guys that aren’t good enough to have a job secured by now, that’s your problem.

  3. Shanahan, just doesn’t get that he needs to keep his mouth shut at this point as much as possible.

  4. No matter what previous success they may have had I always wonder about the fascination with coaches who were fired because they had like four or five bad years in a row.

    Shanahan didn’t ride out of Denver on a wave of glory he got fired because in the 10 years after the second Super Bowl — also the year Elway retired — he had ONE playoff win. ONE playoff win in 10 years is almost a Jerry Jones Cowboys level of futility.

    In the six years after he won a Super Bowl with the Bucs Gruden had ZERO playoff wins.

    The guys weren’t fired because they were too successful.

    I wish Andy Reid all the best but the odds are against him.

  5. thepftpoet says:
    Nov 27, 2013 4:22 PM

    …the iPhones of cellular devices,….
    Therein lies your problem. While other teams are getting better, putting out a better product, you stretch your screen in hopes that it revolutionizes your product.

  6. To the uneducated, Robert Griffin is at fault for what’s happening to the Redskins. To those who understand and PLAYED the game, they KNOW that it’s a TEAM SPORT! You can see the team around Robert is terrible outside of Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris and Trent Williams. The defense? Don’t get me started. Robert Griffin is the best QB in this sport with ALL the TOOLS and IQ and the other fanbases are JEALOUS period. The Rams will draft a bust as usual. Thanks for giving us the best QB since Elway. I’d do the trade 100 more times. And for the record, Griffin has beaten Luck at EVERYTHING head to head. He is and was the best QB in that draft HANDS DOWN. The End. #FootballisnothingwhentheRedskinsdontsucceed

  7. No they aren’t. In the salary cap era players are not ‘playing for their jobs’ because teams can’t take the salary cap hit to cut them. Coaches on the other hand don’t count against the salary cap and are much easer to fire.

    I think the players are playing for Shanhan’s job, not thers.

  8. logicalvoicesays says:
    Nov 27, 2013 4:40 PM
    The Rams will draft a bust as usual.

    You mean like that Tavon Austin guy? Yeah, he’s a bust for sure.

  9. Considering that 3 months ago Shanny said of his team that anything less than the Super Bowl is a failure… yeah, you’d think it should go without saying that jobs are on the line.

  10. it doesn’t matter who is coaching this team. washington gambled their future on 1 guy and it did not work out. it’s gonna be very tough to rebuild this team for a long time.

  11. Unfortunately, Shanahan has ruined his future coaching career….and also his son’s future career. Nobody is going to touch anyone with the last name Shanahan after this mess.

    Redskins pecking order for next coach:

    1- Gruden
    2- Lovie Smith
    3- Rex Ryan (defensive coordinator only)

    But if they were smart…they would go after Adam Gase (denver OC) because he will be available on the cheap and hire Rex Ryan as DC.

  12. Shanny may want to re-phrase that one: “I am coaching for my job as i’ve probably already been fired.” As any Cowboy, Giant, or Eagle fan will tell you…..” Danny, please keep Mike’e for another 10 years-he’s the perfect Redskin coach in our eyes”.

  13. Sit RG3 out and let the rest of the players prove they want a spot on the team next year.

    Sitting him out will let his knee heal completely and let the rest of the team make the best of the rest of the season as he heals for next year.

  14. The allowing of RGIII to dictate when he came back.
    Historically bad defense.
    Historically bad special teams.
    The O-line is bad.
    RGIII is not developing and is getting killed.
    The tackling… Tackling???
    But other than that? It’s all good Red Lobster!!

  15. Shanarat is probably the most overrated coach in NFL history. He’s a below .500 coach since 2000 with a grand total of 2 playoff victories. He’s been nothing short of mostly atrocious from 2005 on. The game has passed this selfish clown by.

  16. As bad as our season has gone, and it has gone really bad, there are some good things to take away here.

    1-We seem to have found a couple of good players from last seasons draft, and overall have built a nice core of DRAFTED players due to the illegal salary cap garbage brought down on us by Mara and the Giants.

    2-We will run Haslett out of town following the season and go back to a 4-3 defense that works.

    3-Karma is having her way with the Giants. John Mara thought that by stealing Cap Space from the Skins and Cowgirls, and an Eagles team that was in a downward spiral under Andy Reid, he could run the division for a couple of years. Didn’t work out too good, huh?

    4-We will have anywhere between $25 Million and $41 Million in Cap space to re-stock a thin roster. So, Shanahan is correct. With that kind of spending power, all players better prove that they are worthy of keeping around as starters. If not, they can be replaced.

  17. boyshole25 says: Nov 28, 2013 2:05 AM

    It dIdnt work out eh? You fan boys are idiots, give rgiii some time to recover he will be fine , it’s the defense that needs the overhaul.


    What defense? Too many ex Bucs and Rutgers players.
    Think they had a Bucs ass’t coach also.

  18. Redskins won the Superbowl in the preseason and forfeited any chance of real rings when they threw RGIII under the bus.

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