Tate accuses Thurmond, Browner of selfishness

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Through the various suspensions imposed on members of the Seahawks over the past two years, internal dysfunction largely has been avoided.

But with the Seahawks one win away from, for all intents and purposes, nailing down the top seed in the NFC, news of a pair of new suspensions has prompted a reaction.

“Everyone should realize where this team is,” receiver Golden Tate told ESPN 710 on Tuesday regarding the punishment imposed on cornerback Walter Thurmond and cornerback Brandon Browner.  “You are affecting way more than yourself.  I feel like that was kind of a selfish move on both those guys part.”

Tate technically is right; any player who breaks the rules and makes himself unavailable to his team has committed a selfish act.  But calling out a teammate publicly may not be the best way to go, because others in the locker room may not see things differently.

And so now, as the Seahawks try to come together and find a way to beat the Saints, the home team next Monday night possibly will be trying to resolve some unexpected and uncharacteristic in-house drama.  Coupled with the fact that they won’t have Thurmond or Browner (who’s missing time with a groin injury), the Seahawks could be ripe for an upset.

40 responses to “Tate accuses Thurmond, Browner of selfishness

  1. Love how everyone wants it both ways – you’re selfish if you get busted because you are affecting the success and livelihood of everyone else on the team.

    But if one of those teammates actually has the leadership to call you out on it, that makes you…a bad teammate?

    Adults in the real world where careers are in the balance need to be able to call each other out when it’s a situation where it’s deserved.

  2. “You are affecting way more than yourself. I feel like that was kind of a selfish move on both those guys part.”

    Bottom Line: He’s right.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  3. Tate is absolutely right,, in fact I would have used stronger words. What Thurmond and especially Browner did was incredibly selfish. Each one of them will pay for it, Browners days in the NFL may be over, and Thurmond just lost possibly millions when he becomes a free agent next year. I still think the Seahawks are still the top dogs of the NFC, but this makes it that much harder for the team.

  4. You left out some context in which Tate recognizes that everybody has been selfish in at points in their lives, even pointing out his own taunting act earlier in the season. Quoted from his Twitter earlier this evening:

    “At the end of the day everyone on this planet has acted in selfish ways only difference is the consequences have been weighed different.
    I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve acted selfish at some point, example taunting penalty. But at what moment does it give anyone the right
    Besides God to judge, or attack a persons character. I think both Bb and thurm would do anything for this city/organization at the end of the day.
    Like I said earlier it was a act of selfishness but haven’t we acted that way at some time or another ?”

    That doesn’t sound like somebody creating drama, he’s trying to send a message to his team to put the team first.

  5. ESPN reporter: Did you push off?
    GT81: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Go steal some donuts, Golden.

  6. ESPN and NFL Network both have already reported that this was said by players in a team meeting yesterday lead by Center Unger and CB Sherman. There is no internal division, this is a team that is circling the wagons and locking out those who might pull them down. Browner has had several opportunities since he was brought in the from the gulag that is the CFL. He blew it. Substance use is cunning, baffling and powerful. It attacks the ego. Said. Thurman will have a chance to come back and prove himself during the last game of the season and what is sure to be a deep run into the playoffs.

  7. Tate is correct. The nature of football, more than any sport is one of team and not individual. Hawks are now in a bad position because two players put their wants ahead of their mates. Good going, Mr. Tate.

  8. Seattle fans won’t suffer the angst this postseason should they fall short of the SB again. At least they can spark up.

  9. Not only does everyone despise Tate around the league, now he is calling out teammates and pi** ing them off too. Tate sucks.

  10. What a surprise. Golden Taint throwing teammates under the bus. POC. Overrated, selfish and 10-2 Tuesday morning.

  11. While Tate himself has less destructive all be it bonehead moments (celebrating a touchdown at the 30 yard line) he is 100% right in calling out Browner and Thurmond. These guys were on a straight path to a ring and still can’t use enough common sense to stay on it.

    Go Hawks!

  12. Somebody call the “Whambulence” for the whiney shehawks! Cry me a river Browner. I got a suggestion for ya; “Stop Breaking The Law”! You wanta play you gotta pay. Ha Ha. The Shehawks are just scared because the best team in the NFC is coming to their backyard Monday night and they know the Saints will blast them right off the field. So they’re just setting up some excuses to use when they lose 45 to 10. Ha Ha. The Saints are Super Bowl Champions. The Shehawks have NEVER won a Super Bowl and NEVER will. Ha Ha. Just like the scrub Falcons with a bunch of talk and smoke and mirrors. The Saints are bringing their secret weapon to Shehawk Field with them, ‘Rob Ryan’! That’s right. The Saints aint ‘one dimensional’ anymore. Russel Wilson will be running ‘backwards’ for his life on every snap. Drew Brees and his arsenal of weapons will shread the Shehawks banged up/suspended secondary to pieces! Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  13. Being a resident of Seattle and a fan of the Seahawks, I can say respectfully that the Saints have a good shot at winning. I mean seriously, Seattle can’t will 100% of their home games indefinitely. Add in the overconfidence factor along with some key defensive players out, this could be the time for an upset.

  14. How many of the sea chickens are going to get cought for using peds everyone but their safety.hes next!

  15. By the way….the National Weather Service issued an alert last night.

    There’s a cold air mass over the Yukon which may make its way into Western Washington sometime during the day on Monday.

    Plus there’s precipitation coming in from the West.

    Put it together, and what do you get?

    An increased chance of snow.

  16. But calling out a teammate publicly may not be the best way to go, because others in the locker room may not see things differently.

    What, the other players still on PEDs you mean ?

  17. You haters that cry and complain about Seahawk fans and players being classless and annoying do realize how hypocritical you are, right? All your hate and (mostly stupid) vitriol does is bring validity to the fact that the Seahawks really are good. You understand that, right?

  18. Let’s get something straight saints fans. The Seahawks are the DEEPEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!!! so browner and Thurmond or not your squad is gonna get DESTROYED in front of the whole world!!! We are faster and stronger and deeper then you and your pill junkie coach could EVER REALIZE!!! Well at least until you see it up close and personal Monday night. WHERE ARE YOU GONNA HIDE??? Drew cliff, Chris, bruce and mike are coming for you!!!!

    Seattle. 42
    Saints 14

    GO HAWKS!!!

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