Three teams can wrap up playoff berths this weekend


With five weeks of season left, the bottom of the playoff race is still a muddled mess, especially in the AFC.

But three teams at the top could punch their ticket this weekend, as the Broncos, Chiefs and Seahawks can all clinch their postseason berths in Week 13.

The league sent out the complete scenarios today, and they get a little thick. Denver and Kansas City can each clinch with a win (the two 9-2 teams play each other Sunday at 4:25 p.m.) and a combination of at least three other results.

The 10-1 Seahawks are practically guaranteed one already headed into their game Monday with the Saints, since they lead the NFC West by three games with five to play.

They can secure a berth with a win over the Saints and a loss by either the Cardinals or the 49ers, among five possibilities which include them tying the Saints and getting certain results from games involving the Cowboys and Bears and Lions.

Basically, they’re in.

But they can make it official this weekend.

18 responses to “Three teams can wrap up playoff berths this weekend

  1. The league sent out the scenarios? Why does this need to be a package from the league? I wouldn’t trust their information or take it for granted, they could have made a mistake. Maybe some of these scenarios aren’t actual scenarios if we file an appeal against them. You never know with the NFL, they get a TON of stuff wrong that they thought was right when they told you the first time.

  2. Seahawks clinch it all this week. If Brees was getting beat up by the niners D, Seattle’s D is just as physical and MUCH better vs the passing game. Don’t let the suspensions give you hope Saints fans: this defense is still LOADED with stars playing for contracts. It’s going to be a long night for the who dats.

  3. johnnyjagfan says:
    Nov 27, 2013 12:43 PM
    Brees will throw 50 passes, 35 of which will be for 15+yards. Hope the WRs drink plenty of water on that flight.
    If he’s throwing more than 40 times, it’s because the Saints are playing from behind.

  4. Seahawks O-line is getting healthy and that has been their Achilles, and now adding Harvin to a pretty good crop of playmakers on offensive makes them a Super Bowl favorite even with the suspensions and not a Seattle fan at all, just how good they look. Seahawks and Pats in the SUper Bowl and hate them both but that’s how this year shakes out.

  5. hillbillyjim – perfect moniker with that totally uncalled for comment.

    Us folks here in Louisiana going to have some Seahawk gumbo come Tuesday.


  6. spicymudbugs says: Nov 27, 2013 1:02 PM

    Saints better watch out for all the syringes on that Seattle field.
    I believe you mean roach-clips

  7. saintsallday says:
    Nov 27, 2013 2:18 PM

    That’s so old now. The saints are past that and hawks better watch out. They could easily lose and give up the #1 seed.
    I don’t think either team will lose “easily” ;o)

  8. spicymudbugs says: Nov 27, 2013 1:02 PM

    Saints better watch out for all the syringes on that Seattle field.
    No worries….the Saints players/coaches probably have a payment plan in place in case they find some on the field.

  9. Uncalled for? If you’re gonna say stuff about our suspensions you’re gonna hear about yours. Don’t throw stones from a glass river boat. By the way, at least seattle’s suspensions were by one individuals choice. Your entire franchise condoned hurting people for money.

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