Thurmond could have dropped his appeal at any time


When Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond opted to drop his appeal to a four-game suspension under the substance-abuse policy, an obvious question arose.

Why not wait until after the Saints game to drop the appeal?

With five total regular-season games remaining, Thurmond could have played against the Saints then dropped the appeal, missing the final four regular-season games and being available for all postseason games.

It seemed possible that Thurmond couldn’t have started the process and then pulled the plug at some point in the future, since that device could indeed be used to manipulate a player’s availability for strategic reasons.  But the league office advises PFT that a player can drop or withdraw his appeal during the review process, if the player chooses to do so.

This means that Thurmond could have played against the Saints before dropping the appeal.  Instead, he’ll be back for the final week of the regular season, and he’ll be available to play the Rams in Week 17.

If the Seahawks get torched by the Saints’ passing game on Monday night, it’s safe to say that the question will be asked, loudly, by Seattle fans.

24 responses to “Thurmond could have dropped his appeal at any time

  1. I dunno, there’s a quick little guy in the slot for the Rams that Thurmond was pretty effective against, and who has been pretty electric in games since… plus St. Louis is a division game and they’ve matched up well vs Seattle the last 3 games, each going down to the wire.

    Also, if he sits out the final 4 games and they have a bye, he’d have 5 weeks off before being thrown into a playoff situation. With Browner last year, he was pretty rusty at times in the Redskins game, falling down on 1 play that RG3 fortunately didn’t see in time to connect.

  2. the situation reminds me of Browners 4 game suspension last season… came back for the Redskins playoff match and was clearly rusty throughout the entire game.

    maybe take the 4 games now, give yourself time to get your feet under you during the Rams game, then off the playoffs (or a bye, you never know…)

  3. I guess it will take actually watching the Monday night game for people to relax and realize that Maxwell and Lane will be just fine filling in.

  4. Carroll has a lot of confidence in the PS player he promoted. He’s going to get a chance to show everybody what he was doing for the last 2 years. Maybe that was time well spent for constructive purposes.

  5. The Saints are a great team, don’t get me wrong, but they won’t torch the Seahawks, with or without Thurmond. The Saints will score their points. The Seahawks will score their points. May the best team win.

    Go Hawks!

  6. I just want to say I really like PFT’s covering of the Seahawks. It beats out ESPN’s biased and often polarizing reporting by a mile. I was impressed with the investigative reporting that was done on Brandon Browner. It was very eye opening especially against all the false information coming out of the reporter Mr. Michael Silver.

    I haven’t made this my regular spot for sports news but I am warming up to PFT. Congrats on being both perceptive and balanced on most accounts.

  7. A Seahawks defender facing a suspension for substance abuse? C’mon, Florio, quit pulling my leg. We all know Pete Carroll never has and never will tolerate cheating of any sort.

  8. Because he realizes the Aints are a joke team on the decline, while the Rams are on the upswing, so he did what the team needed him to do.

  9. Not just rust, but the Rams game is a divisional game and the 9ers already lost to the Saints. The Seahawks are rightly confident in who they already have in their secondary.

  10. Hey being from New Orleans anything that helps our shot at winning increase obviously I am all for it. That said it makes 0% sense for him not to play and here is why.

    The Saints are a serious threat in the passing game. Honestly it’s all we should do to move the ball. The 2 losses we have are both self inflicted wounds caused by trying to force the run.

    The best way to beat the Saints is to make us think we can run because we’ll end up in 3rd and long the bulk of the time. Most Importantly, a Drew Brees handing off the ball on downs one and two is not as effective as Brees on third down with a prior pass attempt on 2nd or 3rd down.

    The Saints are most effective when using the short passing game as a running game. This sets up spacing, which in turn sets up better traditional run plays called at the line by Brees; so in a sense you want every DB available taking the spread/single back away as much as possible so New Orleans forces the run and ends up in their heavy packages a good deal more than normal.

    Outside of this game (sort of) this Monday’s match up is for all the marbles. If he can play this week he should have. I don’t see Seattle loosing any more games and if the Saints split with the Panthers, week 17 may not even be a game the Seahawks try to win. Furthermore, say he comes back to shake some rust off in week 17 when you look at the prospect of a round one bye won’t that rust just come right back?

    I would have played week 13 and then took my suspension. The only way it makes sense is (and I can empathize) if the Seahawks feel they can’t trust Goodell to do the right thing. He may very well have the appeal heard on Saturday or Friday and have him ruled out anyway. If that happens the Seahawks are then short a guy they gave practice reps to all week, which is even worse.

  11. “If the Seahawks get torched by the Saints passing game…” Yeah, wishful thinking Florio. That ain’t gonna happen. The separation between the Seahawks and the rest of the NFL will become obvious Monday night.

  12. It’s gonna be pretty embarrassing for the guys who write these posts come Tuesday morning. Only team getting “torched” are the Aints. Wake up PFT. We’re so far above whoever’s second in this league talent-wise it’s just sick and unfair. May as we’ll quit dreaming and put our name on that Lombardi trophy now. It’ll save some time.

  13. Seattle seems to have good depth in the defensive backfield, but some experience facing Drew Brees can only help the next week against the 49ers with Crabtree back. Of course New Orleans is the biggest threat to homefield through the playoffs, and they can virtually insure the road to the SB goes through Seattle with a win Monday night. I doubt Thurmond’s loss will make the difference in any case, but they don’t want to play for the NFC championship in New Orleans.

  14. Seattle went 4-0 last season over the last 4 games with both Browner and Thurmond out. Out of Maxwell, Lane, Shead and Cox, someone will step up and prove their mettle. That’s how it works in Seattle. We have plenty of defenses to pick up the slack and that is why the Seahawks will win the SuperBowl – just too much depth.

    I guess everyone forgot we just got our starting O-Line back, Marshawn Lynch just put up 150 yards with them back, and we’ve got multiple weapons on offense – including Percy Harvin.

    All the Seahawks interviewed on local radio have been saying they’re angry and bitter that the media is giving them no respect against the Saints.

    It’s time for a Beast Quake up in this mutha, and we’re going to take back the noise record while we’re at it!!

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