Vick plans to start two more years then become a backup


With Mike Vick conceding the starting job in Philly to Nick Foles and poised to become a free agent after the current season, it’s not too early to wonder about Vick’s future.

Vick plans to find a starting job, somewhere.

Going to start for two more years,” Vick said Tuesday, via Reuben Frank of  “Then be a backup.  I’m going to be a good backup.  I’m going to come off the bench and win some games.”

Frank said that Vick’s comments came while the veteran “joked around” about his future with reporters.  But as Vick approaches his 34th birthday and the Eagles embrace Foles as the quarterback, Vick needs to be pragmatic.

“It’s tough when your future’s uncertain,” Vick said.  “But you also have to look at the things that you did, the things that you’ve been able to do well and hopefully that’s enough to continue to show that I can still play.

“I feel good.  I feel great,” Vick said.  “I still feel like I have a lot of time to play this game. . . .  I feel like I can still start in this league.  But I still have to focus on each and every day for the rest of the season and continue to try and help this team win games.”

The question in early 2014 will be whether another team believes Vick can start in this league.  More importantly, the question will be whether any team will trust Vick to stay healthy as the starter, something he’s done for the full season only once in his entire career.

With so many rookie quarterbacks available in the draft, it’s hard to imagine another team handing Vick the starting job in March.  At a minimum, he’d have to compete with another quarterback — possibly a first-rounder who will be the presumed favorite to win the job.

There’s also a chance that no one will make the kind of commitment, financial or otherwise, that would make Vick even a contender to start.  If he involuntarily will be entering the backup phase of his career in 2014, it makes plenty of sense for him to stay in Philly, where his sixth season would match the number of years he played for the Falcons.

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  1. If I had a mobile QB running the pistol & read-option, etc., I’d want Vick as a backup if maintaining continuity of the playcalling is anything important. Vick’s been an excellent team player in Philly.

    I don’t know who is ready for Vick to start next season. Sure, you can throw around the team names w/ bad QB situations, but Vick isn’t playing like he’s a missing piece to a Super Bowl win or a franchise QB to build your team around.

    I’d say the time to begin the next chapter of his career as a backup is Sunday. Then go find a team with that system and mentor the young QB. They’ll get hurt and he’ll be coming off the bench more than he expects.

  2. He will never learn how to read a blitz. He will never learn how to check down & reroute receivers. He will always have happy feet & look for the home run ball instead of running an EFFICIENT offense. Had Reeves, Mora & Reid fired in his starting career. 2-3 post season record.

    The most over hyped, over rated NFL player in the last 25 years.

  3. Raiders, Texans, Bills, Jaguars, Vikings, Jets, Browns, and Cardinals would take Vick as an upgrade over their currents starter.
    Maybe the Titans, Dolphins, Chiefs, and Bucs as well.

  4. I plan to grow wings and fly to Australia in the next two years.

    Vick’s not an upgrade for anybody. If you can’t make it as a QB with the Eagles with those other ham-n-eggers as competition, you can’t make it anywhere. And spare me the Foles talk, even his own coaching staff came into the season thinking washed-up Michael Vick was the better option. This is not Bledsoe/Brady. It’s not even Bledsoe/Romo. Vick’s gonna be 34 before next season starts, and he’s as fragile as a snowflake. He’s done as a starter unless some OTHER scrub team picks him up to sell a few jerseys. It’s too bad he didn’t get one more start with the Eagles, I’d love to be able to rib you guys about how the Hundred Million Dollar Man had a losing record for the Eagles but he’s sitting right at .500.

  5. He should just settle for a back-up job right now and thank the good Lord that he’ll still make a lot more money doing that than the rest of us will during our entire working lives. I can see Vick as a very solid back-up who can help a young quarterback while also being there to win a game or two each season if called on. His days as a starter are over, I think.

  6. Sad thing is The Jets would be a better football team if they took Vick up on his beliefs. Unfortunately, they still wouldn’t have a QB capable of being a starter … in the CFL.

  7. Now I know how his fan base got to be so delusional. Listen to that for 12 years and you could believe anything. Never has a below average QB been paid so much money!

  8. For a guy who,s team is below .500 you sure are talking an awful lot, ‘zilla. That 100 million dollar contract was voided. He didn’t come close to getting that amount. BTW, how’s your franchise QB work in out for ya? He hit 20 int’s yet? Foles has 0 and he’s not going to cost more than 700,000 for 2 more years. Enjoy our washed up linemen you’ve been scraping up every year, its really got things looking up for big blue…in the standings. 🙂

  9. I wish I owned a team I would give this guy a job in a heartbeat. He has been the ultimate teammate and class act throughout his time here in Philly. He bit his tongue and always said the right things even when you could tell something was bothering him. He lived up to every promise he made when they first gave him that second chance. I hope he gets a chance to start but if not I hope he comes back here as a backup.

  10. Vick is a good backup to Foles in case of injury or for change of pace. One thing is for sure, he runs a completely different style of offense, so he would be sure to throw a defense off kilter if he comes in the game in relief.

  11. Well he can negotiate with teams and tell them he will take less money in exchange for more playing time. How bad does he want to play or have a shot to play? The less he asks for, the greater the chance he will get the job. Play time and pay time could be trade-offs in a way.

  12. It’s good to have plans. I plan on dating Jennifer Lawrence for the next two years, then move on to date Selena Gomez.

  13. I guess people dont know what jokingly means. Ill break it down. It means not serious. Kinda like sarcastically but different.

  14. xevious02 says:
    Nov 27, 2013 2:19 PM

    Never has a below average QB been paid so much money!

    I think Matt Flynn, Kevin Klob, and Matt Cassel would disagree with that statement. From a production to salary ratio, they all got a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

  15. If a healthy vick got to face washington again, tampa bay and also the raiders, and Foles had to play the chiefs and the broncos, Vicks record would stand at 4-1, and foles would be 2-3.
    Oh how people are so oblivious.
    Vick was lighting up the NFL yet again in weeks 1 and 2, just as foles did against garbage teams. He started to struggle against the best defence in the league (chiefs), and then got injured after getting destroyed by the broncos.
    I CANNOT WAIT to see Foles struggle against an actual real team when they host the cardinals, and see Vick save the franchise yet again, and beat the cowboys in week 17, something Foles was not able to do.

  16. I don’t know who is more delusional, Vick or the fans who thought he played well this year.

    The Vick era is over, he is less capable of playing QB, than he ever was!

    At his best he was a poor QB, good athlete, but poor QB!

  17. “For a guy who,s team is below .500 you sure are talking an awful lot, ‘zilla.”

    You sure talk a lot big mouth for a guy who’s team has the same season record as mine, but an overall losing record, all-time. My team is above .500, slappy. They’re called the Cowboys, and they already beat the hell out of the Eagles in Philly so maybe that’s one more reason you should sit down and take a shush pill.

  18. You know you have lowered expectations when your QB can’t complete 55% of his passes and is 2-4 as a starter but “didn’t play bad at all this season” and “played pretty well this year”.

  19. EVERYTHING describing Vick in these comments could be used to describe Flacco…. Except mobile.

    So Ravens…. Why not take a shot on a guy who can at least move the chains when the defense gives him the wide open run? You lose nothing as far as your QB being able to read a defense because flacco can’t do that at all. Vick can throw just as well as flacco, if not better. (Ravens have a lot more refeivers to work with than Philly ever had whole Vick was there.)

  20. He mine as well sign with the Redskins. I’m pretty sure some team will trade for Cousins because he has looked solid, and Bob III will get injured eventually so he will play a lot.

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