Brandon Weeden: I don’t listen to outside noise

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The Browns are starting Brandon Weeden against the Jaguars this week, which will give one the home crowd another chance to register their disapproval of the job Weeden has done since joining the team last year.

Weeden said the booing that accompanied his return to the field last weekend as a replacement for Jason Campbell bothers his teammates more than it bothers him. The same goes for other criticism for a quarterback who says he doesn’t listen to outside noise, which provides an (almost assuredly unintended) opening for jokes about hearing aids and his advanced age for a second-year player.

“It’s pretty simple for me,” Weeden said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I don’t listen to outside noise. [I’ve] gotten rid of Twitter and all that junk. I don’t need 5-year-old kids telling me how to play the quarterback position, so it’s made it really easy. It hasn’t been an issue. I’ve got great support in this locker room.”

Weeden said he didn’t think he learned anything while serving as Campbell’s backup, which means there won’t be any new tricks up his sleeve against Jacksonville this weekend as he tries to convince the Browns or another team that he can still be a starter in the NFL. It’s an uphill battle for Weeden to fight, even if he doesn’t hear anyone saying so.

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  1. QUESTION: What team is ranked 3rd in NFL dropped passes???

    ANSWER: 2013 Cleveland Browns wide receivers

    It’s easy to not let things bother you…. when you know the real reason for the problems.

  2. hahahaha same ol browns. just think clowns if you had drafted big ben instead of letting him pass you by your team and organization would look much differently today. but we thank you for passing on big ben! signed steeler nation…..#longlivethefactoryofsadness

  3. Jason Campbell CAREER 62% completion percentage.

    Campbell’s completion percentage with Cleveland wide receivers:


  4. “I don’t need 5-year-old kids telling me how to play the quarterback position”

    Sounds like his grandchildren have been getting on his case.

  5. Just think…. if indicted criminal pittsburgh steelers team doctor dr. rydze wasn’t feeding pittsburgh players growth hormone and steroids…. the pittsburgh steelers wouldn’t have won even an AFC North title.

  6. Remember when Tim Couch was blamed for everything and the terrible receivers and terrible offensive line got a free pass?!?

    SEE: Brandon Weeden

    *Not to say Weeden is as good as Tim Couch… but… for Cleveland homers to blame Weeden is to give management/receivers/o-line a free pass.

    Just like Bengals mike brown not getting REAL #2-3 wide receivers… Cleveland is ignoring the problem.

    This is a passing NFL… you need high quality receivers and NOT just one… you need more than two to decimate modern defenses.

  7. We Done states he didn’t learn anything while sitting.

    That statement shows he’s an arrogant jerk. Yeah, We Done has been in the league a whole 1.5 yrs, what could he possibly learn by sitting and watching?

    He won’t have to worry about the outside noise for much longer, as he will soon be on the outside WITH the noise.

    Man is it painful to be a Browns fan.

  8. The browns are much like the raiders! No matter who plays QB they will never be good! So go ahead idiots in the front office and draft Bridgewater or Johnny football or whoever. It won’t matter! They like the raiders have had 1 decent QB in the modern era!

  9. Have watched all the browns games since 1999
    Dropped passes this yr has not been his downfall….
    It’s funny he does not hear outside noise and he alsos does not see most defenders
    Weedons problem is he locks on to a receiver
    Does not look off the safety and throws a terribly in accurate short ball which leads to those drops
    Your stats are correct but they do not tell the whole story@ doctorrustbelt

  10. doctorrustbelt says: Nov 28, 2013 12:16 PM

    QUESTION: What team is ranked 3rd in NFL dropped passes???

    ANSWER: 2013 Cleveland Browns wide receivers

    It’s easy to not let things bother you…. when you know the real reason for the problems.


    QUESTION: What team is ranked 10nth in completed receptions in the NFL

    Answer: 2013 Cleveland Browns wide receivers

    It’s called not having a running game. The more passes you throw in a game the more passes will be dropped and only one other team in the NFL passes more than Cleveland in the entire league! Not only do the Browns have good receivers but the combo of Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon together are easily franchise players ranked in the top 5 in their respective positions in yards per game. Not to mention Cleveland’s other two QB’s seem to not run into the issues that Weeden has, especially the number of balls Weeden gets batted down. Let’s face it. Weeden makes some very Mark Sanchez decisions that even his coaching staff has called him out on several times.

    Doctorrustbelt You sound like the Trent Richardson apologists here in Indianapolis swearing up and down that the Colts offensive line is the reason he gets stuffed at the line despite the fact that Donald Brown is having no problem running behind the same line.

  11. I didn’t know 5 year old’s new how to use twitter.

    Brandon, you failed as a pitcher what makes you think you can make it as a QB? You cannot complete passes outside the hashes. You cannot complete a screen pass. You cannot look beyond your first progression. You make stupid decisions and take too many sacks. Maybe you should listen to the outside noise, because they apparently know something you don’t.

    Over/Under on the number of plays it takes for Weeden to get “hurt”

  12. Watching Weinke 2.0 take the snap and stepping back, I keep invisioning a deer suddenly in my headlights, in the middle of the road. FROZEN in time, and then suddenly the ball goes up like a jump shot, or Wedone goes down to eat more turf.

    If this guy is so slow in processing what needs to be done, isn’t there something for that? My grandson is autistic but takes meds daily to help him function. Isn’t there something that could help Weeden THINK?

    Maybe they should fertilize the field right before kick-off?

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