DeAndre Levy: Lions got Matt Flynn paid


The last time Matt Flynn started a game for the Green Bay Packers it was against the Detroit Lions. Flynn will once again start for the Packers in place of starter Aaron Rodgers against the Lions on Thanksgiving.

His last performance against the Lions was a memorable one. Flynn threw for 480 yards and a team record six touchdowns in Week 17 of the 2011 season.

Flynn signed a three-year contract that was originally worth $26 million with $10 million guaranteed from the Seattle Seahawks that offseason. Lions’ linebacker DeAndry Levy says the Lions’ defense (or lack thereof two years ago) helped earn Flynn a lot of money.

We got him paid and I don’t know what his career’s done since then,” Levy said, via Jason Wilde of

The answer to Levy’s question is not much. Flynn was beat out by Russell Wilson for the starting job in Seattle and spent last season as a backup despite his contract. Seattle dealt Flynn to Oakland this offseason where he was expected to become their starting quarterback. Instead, Terrelle Pryor won that job and relegated Flynn to reserve duty once again.

Flynn started just one game for the Raiders before he was released in October. After a brief stint with the Buffalo Bills, Flynn re-signed with the Packers. He replaced Scott Tolzien last week and completed 21 of 36 passes for 218 yards and a touchdown in leading the Packers back from a 23-7 deficit to force overtime before the game ended in a tie.

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  1. To Matt Flynn’s credit he has been a very good backup QB. Backup QB’s are pretty vital in the game today. He helped develop Russell Wilson and has done a great job backing up Aaron Rodgers.

  2. His elbow was messed up. Looks like he’s throwing much better now. I suppose we shall see. (Not to jinx him of course.)

    Dude doesn’t practice as well as he plays. He’s always been a bit of a gamer.

  3. Thank you Captain Obvious. Thank god for Levy’s killer insight and inside look into the world of the NFL.

  4. It really says something when the back up QB has a game that sets records for a team that had a HOF QB before them and the current QB is the best player in the league.
    Flynn has restored my faith in the Packers.
    Just don’t understand why McCarthy went with a rookie and didn’t play Flynn any earlier knowing what he has done for the team before.

  5. Levy is correct – but that’s really more of a statement about the Lion’s defense than about Flynn. It’s definitely nothing for anyone in Detroit to brag about.

    It’s becoming obvious that teams aren’t going to be able to run against Detroit, but passing against the Lions is still easy money. So much for that pass rush that was touted all preseason.

    Lions should have won the last two, and should win this one, but Flynn might have another payday.

  6. I really wish that every time we were forced to read about the game Flynn had against Detroit last year a few other facts were reported too. First of all the Lions literally had one member of their starting secondary who was healthy. They were signing guys off the street in the weeks leading up to the Green Bay game who were getting significant playing time in that game. Their secondary was terrible when everyone was healthy and they were downright disgraceful at that point. Flynn was playing against a demoralized 4-11 team with nothing to play for and so many injuries on both sides of the ball that a lot of people lost count. His play that day was so obviously not indicative of his actual skill level that I’m not sure why we still talk about that game the way a lot of people do.
    On a side not I can’t wait to crush the packers and whoever this Sitton guy is today.

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