League announces dates for 2014 London games

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Every April, the NFL unveils its 256-game regular-season schedule.  Next year, the number will be 253.

Via the Associated Press, the NFL has announced the dates for the three games to be played next year in London.

The Bowler-hat trick begins on September 28, when the Raiders play the Dolphins at Wembley Stadium in Week Four.  In Week Eight, the Falcons square off against the Lions.  Two weeks later, the Cowboys and the Jaguars get together.

This approach allows the NFL to follow its trend of completing the open dates by Week 12.  Teams that play in London routinely have an open date the following week.

In 2013, the NFL doubled the annual dates in London from one to two.  Peter King of TheMMQB.com has reported that, in lieu of moving a team to London, the league eventually could stage eight regular-season games per year in England, featuring different teams for each contest.

19 responses to “League announces dates for 2014 London games

  1. When UEFA brings REAL SOCCER to the United States…. they will seal the deal that the NFL signed with the devil regarding brain injuries and drugs.

    REAL SOCCER …. not a bunch of American and Euro leftovers playing in a third (or fourth) rate league.

  2. How many American families are eating Nutella for breakfast?!?

    Honestly… out of all the Thursday night games…. all but 2 or 3 games should have replaced with Australian Rules Football.

  3. Continues to be a terrible idea. Having games (or a team) in London is so wrong on so many levels that it makes me doubt the sanity of the head office. What are you thinking? Can you even articulate it?

  4. Is a late bye week too much to ask for the Dolphins? Every year they are among the first teams to have a bye week. It looks like another week 5 bye week in 2014.

  5. “…the league eventually could stage eight regular-season games per year in England”

    Yeah, that’s gonna sit REAL WELL with season ticket holders who have to give up a home game.

  6. This isn’t about what is good for existing season ticket holders. It’s about expanding interest in the sport. More interest = more revenue for the league.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if 50 years from now you’ve got another entire league across the borders of the US. After the Super Bowl, the winner will take part in a World Bowl.

    Those TV contracts are huge money, but you’ve got to create interest first. That’s just a fraction of the revenue. The NFL knows what it’s doing like it, or not. Like everything else they do, it’s all about the money.

  7. h3min1230 says:
    Nov 28, 2013 11:49 AM
    Charlie Chaplen?

    Mr. Banks from the musical Mary Poppins.

    Tie in to the new movie “Saving Mr. Banks”

    Actor is David Tomlinson.

  8. Of course another early bye for the dolphins. The patriots bye will be perfectly placed in the middle of their schedule. As of course is tradition

  9. The League keeps saying they want to expand outside the US but somehow they forget all about the existence of Canada, Central America, the Caribbean – all of whom have adequate stadium facilities that just need new lines on the turf, are far easier to travel to, have more people with basic familiarity with the game since some games already air there via satellite. Heck, you can even sign big money deals with Univision and Telemundo and a Quebecois station to air the games in the language of the land.

    Once you get established there and the fans get used to it, then you can think of expanding. Like a permanent team in Toronto or Vancouver BC or Puerto Rico.

    And the players would much rather travel to sunny Puerto Rico in November than cold and cloudy England.

  10. If you want to promote the game in London, then at least send some good matchups to play over there. I see the interest in this novelty lasting another year or 2 anyway. The NFL is an American sport. The fans here deserve these games, not a country that doesn’t care about our brand of sports.

  11. Its not apart of their lives so it will never become more than a passing fancy to experience once in your life…he would have success in South America..but that brown money don’t roll like that white dough…so back to Europe we go…lol…after losing a few more millions they will finally understand that they just don’t care…

  12. All three of those games are sure to be stinkers.

    Just have the preseason in London and the regular season in the USA and be done with it. And if that means players who get cut during the preseason have to pay for their own return airfare, oh well.

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