McCarthy says he had no issue with Sitton’s comments

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As the Packers prepare to face the Lions on Thursday and in the aftermath of offensive lineman Josh Sitton teeing off on Detroit, Sitton’s coach claims he has no issue with the things Sitton said about the Lions.

I heard about them,” McCarthy said Wednesday of Sitton’s remarks, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Sitton’s comments included calling Lions coach Jim Schwartz a “dick.”

“Really, when matters like that happen with the media, the only thing I ask our players is to not create questions for everybody else in the locker room,” McCarthy said.  “Those comments did not create that.”

The only reason Sitton’s comments didn’t create questions for everybody else in the locker room is because everybody else in the locker room won’t be asked questions until after Thursday’s game against the Lions.

For more on the Packers, here’s Dunne from Wednesday’s PFT Live.

24 responses to “McCarthy says he had no issue with Sitton’s comments

  1. I really can’t wait for this game. You Packers fans know that your team has no chance so you’ve resorted to childish personal attacks just like your genius offensive lineman. What’s his name again? Whoever he is he’s going to regret his comments when Suh and Fairley thrash him.
    Please don’t be that type of fan who talks trash before the game on PFT but then when your team loses all we hear is crickets. Please come back and acknowledge your loss to a clearly superior team.

  2. Sitton had better be careful, McCarthy had a grounds crew member fired a few years ago for wishing him luck in the game.

  3. Aha, we all know this game wouldn’t have been close or even an issue had the bad man been in there. Anyway, Lions fans enjoy your victory, but boy would it be funny if Flynn does it to you again. Shoot with that secondary of yours that may well happen.

  4. I use to think McCarthy was a class act but not any more. Remember the way Belichek handled Wes Welker’s comments about Rec Ryan? Exactly.

  5. Did he just make a statement out of the blue or was he answering one of those questions that didn’t happen? As a coach he should be unhappy about the comments. Whether the comments are true or not, that is not something a professional should be saying about an opponent or their head coach. People have very little class nowadays.

  6. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Nov 28, 2013 11:02 AM
    I think statements from people like Sitton and McCarthy carry more weight because of their obvious love of onion rings.

  7. Maybe McCarthy knows something…. Maybe he knows he’s got today’s refs in the back of his pockets – leading to another Lions loss and an NFL/Packers “win”.

  8. The old “whos josh sitton” trick. The funny thing is we only know who suh and fairley are because they are exactly what josh says they are.

  9. McCarthy….you mad, bro?

    Maybe it’s time to admit you’re not that good a coach, you just fell into a good situation.

    You are a very small man…you couldn’t reach up high enough to shine Schwartz’s shoes. Quit trying to drag everyone else down to your level. Not all your players are as small as you are, but apparently at least one is….

    Go LIONS!!!

  10. Wow I used to almost like the Packers but now that I see what a classless organization they are I hope they get what they deserve, many many more losses.

  11. Green Bay players need to man up and stop complaining about Detroit.

    You never heard Detroit complaining from 2001-2010 when they were terrible due to low quality coaching, low quality personnel, low quality drafting, and low quality ownership.

    It’s embarrassing to hear a team with the “reputation” of Green Bay cry and complain when their “reputation” was enhanced by playing against terrible NFC North opponents like the Lions.

    Now… the Lions are dangerous and Green Bay players are crying.

    No more free meals.
    You gotta fight for dinner.

  12. The reason Josh Sitton’s comments are getting so much attention is because it came from Josh Sitton – who never says anything to the press and certainly doesn’t talk a lot of trash. Couple that with the fact that everyone outside of Detroit has come to the same conclusion about the Lions and was already thinking the same thing, it’s no wonder the story has legs.

    Now let’s just see if the Lions are class enough to at least try to play clean for once.

  13. I can’t believe I’m about to do this as a Bears fan but McCarthy is, in fact, a great football coach and the Packers have a great organization. Should Sitton have sounded off? No- However, when you have classless players and coaches like the Lions, sometimes you get taken down to their level in a weak moment. McCarthy didn’t take issue with it because what Sitton said is spot on. Heck I have more respect for McCarthy for the fact that he didn’t say the politically correct things when asked about Sitton’s comments. My gosh Detroit, if you wanna be a division winner then act like it. You should have at least a two game lead but acted like winning in Chicago was your Super Bowl. If the Bears and Packers were not decimated by injuries they would be running away with the division-FACT.

  14. He may be right but its dumb to say it. And you never know if a few years from now, he’s looking for work and the one team with interest is coached by Schwartz and he nixes it.

  15. After reading the comments from Detroit fans here, it’s extremely clear Detroit has exactly the type of team they deserve………………a group of dirtballs for a city of dirtballs! Any true football fan knows the Lions wouldn’t even be in the running for the division championship if Green Bay and Chicago weren’t decimated by injuries, and even IF Detroit makes the playoffs, they’re going NOWHERE! Next year, they’ll be right back on the bottom!

  16. Lions victory. Heh, love it. Sitton and McCarthy can talk all they want. Word from the Lions’ locker room is they never even noticed them… Kinda like they barely noticed the GB O-line.

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