Rashad Jennings has a concussion


In a development that will surprise no one who saw the video of Raiders running back Rashad Jennings hobbling off the field after taking a knee to the helmet, Jennings has a concussion.

The team advises PFT that Jennings has been given that official diagnosis.  He’ll be unable to practice or play absent clearances from an independent neurologist.

The Raiders next play December 8, against the Jets.

Jennings had generated 553 yards from scrimmage in four prior games.  He had only 35 yards rushing on 17 carries against the Cowboys on Thursday.

If Jennings can’t get clearance to play, former starter Darren McFadden presumably climbs back to the top of the depth chart.

5 responses to “Rashad Jennings has a concussion

  1. Nasty looking knee to the head … his arms appeared to go limp after he hit the ground. This is definitely a good case to have the protocol in place!

  2. If you can’t rush against that defense, one of the worst in the league, you can’t run against any decent defense.

    As fraudulent as the QB. Still better than McMarshmallow though, which ain’t saying much.

    You’d be hard pressed to find a team in the league with less talent.

  3. This was a sad sight to see any player go down like that. He obviously was knocked out cold and a lot worse. God bless him and all the other players on other teams as well that went down with game ending injuries. It’s no longer a contact sport, but a collision sport. Dr’s say these injuries all replicate car crashes. I hope they all come through. Quite a few went down today for us on a day of gratitude. Thank you guys for leaving it all on the field for us fans. God bless!

  4. Really? Just Jennings eh? By the looks of it the whole team went and got concussions at half time. Just one more humiliation to add to a string of ten years.

  5. Rivera had his taken off last Sunday, and played less than 96 hours later, same can be said for Jenkins…….I am sure Jennins will be cleared within 10 days

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