Romo overcomes virus to help Cowboys win

Getty Images

It wasn’t quite the same thing as Michael Jordan in Game Five of the 1997 NBA Finals, but Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo overcame a virus during his team’s Thanksgiving Day win over the Raiders.

“Whatever it is, bug some shape or form,” Romo told reporters after the 31-24 win.  “Just, you know you just kind of feel down.  But it’s no different than guys playing through pain or any of that junk.  Just part of playing football.”

He said he started feeling sick Wednesday night, and that he woke up “not feeling good.”  He took “a bunch of stuff” from the doctor.

“It’s a virus,” he said.  “It runs its toll, and you try and get better.  No big deal.”

It could be a bit of a big deal if the NFL starts asking why Romo wasn’t downgraded to at least probable with an illness.  Instead, the illness was completely concealed by the team — which could result in the Cowboys paying the equivalent of a parking ticket to the league’s charities.

UPDATE 10:29 p.m. ET:  Per the Cowboys, Romo was vomiting and took IV fluids earlier in the day.  He didn’t come out early to throw passes prior to the game.