Would Washington still trade up for RGIII?


Last Thanksgiving, Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III had a national coming-out party in Dallas, generating a passer rating of 131.8 and a completion percentage in excess of 70 as part of a four-touchdown day.

This Thanksgiving, Griffin finds himself at the center of an ever-growing firestorm of controversy, with a constant stream of stories and reports and rumors attacking his skills (or lack thereof), his health (or lack thereof), and his leadership qualities.  (Or lack thereof.)

From ongoing questions about his knee to a perceived failure to shoulder blame for the team’s struggles to his father making an unconventional visit to the locker room after a deflating loss to offensive linemen not helping him up to a possible coaching change and the inevitable question of whether Griffin pulled a behind-the-scenes Magic Johnson, it’s fair to ask whether the Redskins regret sending three first-round picks and a second-round pick to St. Louis for the privilege of trading up four spots to get Griffin.

It’s a topic that was debated on Wednesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, with Erik Kuselias joining me on the right side of the argument, and Ross Tucker and Shaun King tag-teaming on the wrong side of the debate.

Either way, the Rams currently are on track to get a top-five draft pick as the final piece of the RGIII trade puzzle.

75 responses to “Would Washington still trade up for RGIII?

  1. “Would Washington still trade up for RGIII?”

    I think Shanahan would. He’s not that great a judge of QB talent. Plus he likes a running QB because he’s also not good at coaching pass protection.

  2. Not at that price.

    Wilson could have been had later for cheaper.

    I still think RGIII will prove to be an excellent QB. He is only in his second season and he plays for a terrible OC.

  3. Little Danny would do that trade every time,just like Jerah does@says the things he does. It’s all about that big media splash!!@not the end product. Signed RG3-8.

  4. Yes. To the millionth power. Robert Griffin is everything you want in a QB and his skillset and intellegence is Hall of Fame caliber. He beat Luck in everything head to head so far in the careers. This whole year is a mountain out of a molehill for the media. Layoff RGIII. He will figure this out and the NFL should be very, very afraid what the Washington Redskins will bring in the future. Minimum three Superbowls in the next 10 years. Book it. #GodBlesstheRedskins

  5. By the way, the Rams will draft a bust anyways. The future will laugh at Jeff Fisher for not drafting RGIII and keeping Mr. Eternal injury Sam Bradford. THANK GOD I’M A REDSKIN FAN!!! #HTTR

  6. If Washington didn’t trade up, the Rams or Cleveland definitely would have, and everyone would saying how stupid it was for the Redskins not to do so.

    Shanahan ruined RG3 when he allowed him to continue to play in the playoff game. Had he sat him this probably wouldn’t even be a discussion.

    Hindsight is 20/20.

  7. People are making too big of a deal out of this guy because the media knows that he’s a big name. He obviously brought a lot of that on himself with the constant endorsements, documentaries, cheesy “Operation Patience” platitudes, etc., so he has to live with that. We all feed into the “build him up, tear him down” storylines.

    People saw last year that even without the read option, this guy has all the tools to be a franchise QB. Perhaps with a new coach and more time to heal from a major injury, he’ll get there again. I guess we’ll see. He really needs to humble himself to make that happen, though, I think.

  8. Exchanged one first round pick and gave two future first round picks and a second. It’s the kids second year. Washington has a lot bigger problems than the QB’s play. How about focusing on upgrading that OL, the MLB, the entire secondary, and a kick returner.

  9. Not when you’ve seen Kapernick and RW3 doing what they’ve done.

    I’m sure he feels great about using a 4th on Cousins though..

    In all honesty, the thing he should regret is how he handled RGIII’s injury last year.. if not he should. Before that he looked like a genius for the investment they made towards their Franchise QB.

  10. Actually logicalvoices, Rams appear to be capable of grabbing teddy bridgewater thanks to the first round pick they got from the skins.

    Oh, and they get another first round pick next year…

  11. Hmm lets see..

    On the one hand, you have RGIII

    On the other you have Michael Brockers, Alec Ogleetree and a potential top 5, even potential #1 overall pick?

    Also, of note, you can have the second part and have Kirk Cousins too. Redskins made a horrible trade and would walk it back if they could.

  12. Here is the better question. Would the Redskins trade Bob for a first round pick and maybe a few other picks. Sounds crazy to all you Bob jersey owners but now he has two bad knees and is getting thrown around like a rag doll on the field. Oh my gosh, I just said the “R” word!!!!!!!!

  13. Since the redskins are screwed because of the lack of high draft picks, I say they should trade Kirk Cousins and hope to salvage a high pick in return. Remember the Kevin Kolb trade?

  14. If Shanahan had not allowed him to play injured and RG3 had been allowed to recover fully, this conversation would not be happening.

  15. What a difference a year makes. RGIII goes from Rookie of the Year to now being considered a draft Bust. I’ll give him another season to prove his worth.

    Participating in the pre-season might helps as well.

  16. I wish they would say they would still do the trade. That way I won’t feel guilty about thinking of them as the dumbest team in the league. I didn’t care for the trade when they did it, but now, you are going to offer a swapback? Hell yeah I’m in!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

  17. Only J. Fisher would blow 3 1st round picks! Maybe just maybe after he fails on delivering anything but criminals to the organization he status as ‘great HC’ will finally evaporate.

  18. RGIII was absolutely awe-inspiring – until he got lit up by BAL NG Haloti Ngata.

    With his knee in absolutely no shape to play football, the Redskins kept rolling the dice with Griff – and it eventually came up snake eyes.

    RGIII, in his prior form, was an elite talent. The MIND-BOGGLINGLY FOOLISH decision to keep him out on an NFL Field where the bullets are live was, and remains, stunning.

    I recall him gimping around in warm-ups, with his helmet off. It was clear he had no business playing football against Seattle – but the ‘Skins botched that call miserably, and now the heat is going on the player.

    Yeah, Griffin wanted to play — that’s called intestinal fortitude. But his knee was so unstable thanks to the (clean) Ngata hit – that any layman could see he shouldn’t be playing. Yet Redskin professional and medical staff never had him pulled — and they got burned for being greedy and short-sighted.

    The Redskins’ problem in this instance is not with the trade to draft RGIII — it lies with the absolute BOTCH JOB they did in handling a situation about as poorly as it possibly could have been handled.

  19. “He beat Luck in everything head to head so far in the careers.”

    He logical…Luck has almost double the wins & his team was far worse than Washington before he got there.

  20. Logical usually talks crazy but I’m a little confused as to how rg3 beats Luck in every career stat.

  21. I think the better question to ask, “Is it fair to judge RG3’s talent based on the roster we were forced to put around him, due to the illegal salary cap punishment”?

    We were robbed of the ability to build our O-Line to protect him, and give him some receivers to throw to. Oh, and having a defense capable of making a stop would be nice as well.

    I wonder if the same morons asking this question would ask the Rams if they would make Bradford the number one pick when they drafted him, or if the Falcons would have signed Ryan to his extension? The team is having an off year. Let us judge the whole thing by letting Shanahan have an offseason not being handcuffed by the lockout or salary cap penalty.

    Although, I am sure John Mara will figure out a way to take some of the expected $41 million is space we will have this offseason.

  22. I can’t speak for Washington, but I will say this: I’m more and more glad the Browns were “cheated” by the Rams and didn’t sell the farm for him.

  23. RGIII reminds me a lot of Cam Newton, who slumped during his second year.

    Newton’s finally showing signs of maturity as a person, leader, and player (as well as being better coached as a QB) and the same may well happen to RGIII next year.

    With that said, I don’t see the Shanahans and RGIII together for a third season. It’s time to dump Shanny and his son… time for a coaching upgrade in Washington.

  24. This is all blown out of proportion. Shanny is an overrated has been thanks to those two early SB wins courtesy of Elway. Guy can’t put a line together. I feel horrible each time I see RG getting destroyed because of the ineffectiveness of said coach and his horribly inept offensive coordinator. Pray for RG.

  25. nfloracle says:
    Nov 28, 2013 11:38 AM
    RGIII reminds me a lot of Cam Newton, who slumped during his second year.

    Not a bad analogy, but it’s got one “small” problem. And that is that RGIII is, well, small.

    The poor decisions he’s making right now are getting him killed. Newton is huge, he can afford to take more hits. RGIII can’t.

    Redskin potato fans need to worry about whether his body will survive the maturation process.

  26. Not now that they’ve ruined him, no.

    Shanahan should be fired for many reasons, but none more than keeping Griffin on the field in that playoff game last year.

    I don’t want to hear that he didn’t want to come out, the rat is the HC.

    It’s on him.

  27. The thing that really jumps out at me is his penchant for taking wicked hits. He’s listed at 6’2, 218 lbs but he looks a whole lot smaller when he gets hit. Cam is bigger than LBs and even a lot of DEs and guys just sort of bounce off him. Griffin on the other hand just gets destroyed when he takes a hit.

  28. I’d love to act like I know what the Skins should do considering the present reality of being 3-8. I can, just like all you posters, come up with a viewpoint. Only problem is any of our views are hamstrung since we don’t know who made, makes, or will make the defining decisions.
    For instance, who decided that it was a good idea to sign Haynesworth to that ugly and, as it turns out, crippling contract?
    Who decided to throw in D Hall’s out-of-whack contract?
    Who decided to trade up for RG?
    Who decided to not sit him when it was clear he was hurt?
    Who decides what’s next?
    I think it’s all about Snyder and that he’s behind all the brain-dead decisions…but I suppose that either could be untrue or more nuanced than a fan like myself can understand.
    Nah…I understand fully!

  29. I want better times for my Redskins, but the ”piling on” criticisms of RG3 are not reasonable at all. Nobody should be surprised that he is slower after last year’s injury [on Shanahan’s negligent watch], and he completes over 60% of his passes. More to the point, he is surrounded by an ineffective, uninspired, uncompetitive team. Poor pass protection, a secondary that gets beat regularly, and ineffective special teams are not RG3’s fault.

  30. Three first-round picks for the 27th-ranked QB in the NFL? I would certainly hope they wouldn’t do it again.

  31. RGIII-8…greatest QB of all time according to all the Slurs fans who haven’t been seen or heard from since last years fantasy playoff ride. STILL the 2nd best team in Maryland.

  32. RG3 is having some struggles this season but he is not horrible. To answer the question though you have to look at what they could have done vs how well he is performing – Wilson was missed by a lot of teams but he is better than both Luck and RG3. Trading away that many picks is always a mistake to me (my opinion) when the draft has proven to be an unproven way to get a QB. Brees 2nd rounder, Brady 6th rounder, Rogers dropped to bottom of the 1st, Wilson 3rd rounder and those are the guys playing today. Look at Marino, Favre, Montana and Warner as past examples. Even Romo is a quality QB that just needs to prove himself in the playoffs – he is actually the same QB as Stafford.

    Bottom line is too much was given up for one player. RG3 is a good QB but the top of the 1st round is a gamble and the picks they gave up are potentially players that could have been good too. Too many eggs in one basket for me.

  33. The skins essentially traded away their future for the next 3-5 years in exchange for what they believed to be a franchise QB. Its always risky trading away that many high picks for just one player. History has shown trading away that many high picks generally doesn’t pay off ala Ricky Williams & New Orleans. I think history will show that the skins made a huge mistake with this trade. Based on what I’ve seen since he started in this league, rg3 doesn’t seem to have the leadership qualities that his position requires. Plus 23 dropped fumbles in less than 2 years? That’s unacceptable.

  34. Well I’m sure happy they did! All you jokesters calling the Rams’ picks busts…get a clue!

    I’m sure Les Snead would happily give you that top 5 pick you worked so hard for back. A nominal fee of your next two 1st rounders and a 2nd perhaps?

    Tupac said it best DC, “Starin’ through my rear view.”

  35. Not a fan of the skins, but cut the guy a break. He had no down time from the start of last season with the intense rehab in the off season. For a rookie entering the league and at the QB position in a city like DC, the stress he’s been under has been enormous. I bet he comes back better than ever next season with a true off season for his mind and body this time around.

  36. If hindsight is 20/20
    You would have to say no…….they luck would still be first qb drafted then russel Wilson then rg3…. He would of fell to them without trading…….

  37. I think it’s funny how everyone is ripping Kyle Shanny this year when last year this time everyone in the media was talking about where was going to go for his first HC job. Haha, just goes to show how the QB season makes the coach. Look at Arians last year with Luck.

  38. Rg3 will always have a high completion percentage cause he doesn’t take risks. His wrs YAC make up his yardage. He’s not a winner, leader or nfl ready qb

  39. Needless to say folks.. I’m no Rams fan but I love quick turnarounds with an infusion of youth.

    Def. excited to see how St. Louis finishes up the tail end of this deal. Fisher seems to have done a great job thus far.

  40. Under Dan Snyder, the DC Eleven has always sought quick fixes and super star players to turn things around. RGIII certainly was worth the first round pick that he got and maybe the second first rounder. The third plus a second was a “stretch too far”. As we all can see, Washington needs more playmakers and not having a first round pick in 2014 is really going to hurt them. 2 firsts and a second; OK. As for his injuries, he holds the ball too long. If he doesn’t learn to throw it away before he gets hit, his career will be short. Lots of teams have bad offensive lines. Look at Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

  41. WOuld Washington still pick RGIII? Yes, although if given the chance we would have taken Andrew Luck. RGIII’s style of play will result in a lot of injuries. RGIII is good for the short term, but Andrew Luck will be there for the long haul.

  42. I think the big mistake was rushing back Griffin here in 2013- his knee is clearly not 100%.

    The Redskins roster outside of him is pretty awful too.

    2014 will tell us alot about Griffin and Shanahan/Bruce Allen. I don’t think the Redskins should regret going after RGIII, he is very good talent. The Rams are still stuck with Sam Bradford, whose never shown anything beyond being merely capable of not sucking.

  43. The question was: Would Washington still make the trade. I can’t believe the number of people who are saying yes. Really??? If some team right now offered four draft picks for RGIII, three firsts and a fourth, and two of the firsts were top 5, you would say, “HELL NO, I’d rather keep RGIII.”

    Wow. That stuff running out of your ears isn’t ear wax – it’s your brains. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest hospital and ask for a brain scan. Maybe they can limit the damage before you have to live out your life with the common sense of a cucumber.

  44. Operation Excuses has commenced. Face it, Bob is just like Tebow. Had one good season and will be out of the league soon. Oh yeah, maybe not just like Tebow since he won a playoff game.

  45. logicalvoicesays says: Nov 28, 2013 10:54 AM

    By the way, the Rams will draft a bust anyways. The future will laugh at Jeff Fisher for not drafting RGIII and keeping Mr. Eternal injury Sam Bradford. THANK GOD I’M A REDSKIN FAN!!! #HTTR

    If you know anything about the Rams which you obviously don’t,Brockers,Jenkins,Ogltree and Austin are doing just fine.Too bad I can’t say the same about your Redskins.

  46. jjb0811 says: Nov 28, 2013 11:25 AM

    Only J. Fisher would blow 3 1st round picks! Maybe just maybe after he fails on delivering anything but criminals to the organization he status as ‘great HC’ will finally evaporate.

    Try this on for size.Who has the better record this year?

  47. Operation Excuses has commenced. Face it, Bob is just like Tebow. Had one good season and will be out of the league soon. Oh yeah, maybe not just like Tebow since he won a playoff game.

  48. All of y’all out of shape couch football fans don’t have a clue how to run an NFL football team. Next year when RGIII is back on his game y’all will change your tune. I heard the same bashing of cam newton now his lighting it up. RGIII needs a offseason to hone his craft not rehab. Mark my words he will get better

  49. I understand what if’s and revisionist history, but really, it is completely pointless asking this question.
    Well, maybe not completely.
    If a team has a chance to get their franchise QB, do whatever it takes to draft him.
    I personally do not think it is fair to write off RG III, the media is putting unnecessary pressure on him with the endless speculation.
    Let the young man progress and make a judgment 3 or 4 years into his playing career.

    But that wouldn’t be as much fun would it?

  50. Why is Shanahan off the hook? This roster is garbage, and this is the same roster Shanahan built. I watched the game and it was a joke. The 1st question I had was why are they still running college plays with that small, light offensive line? What is the plan to develop RGIII to become an successful qb?
    For a coach who have won two Super Bowls, he is constantly making mistakes that you would expect from a rookie head coach. Shanny has been HC since 2010 and this team isn’t good in any phases of the game. Shanny is the Matt Flynn of coaches.

  51. Hey genius who talked about a 2015 first round pick; the trade was really for two #1’s a #2 and the swap of 1’s in 2012. That is 2012, 2013, and 2014. At this juncture (which could change because of incompetence), they have their 2015 1st round pick.

  52. Robert is not the problem. The Skins o line doesn’t give him enough time to throw and the D is not good. Robert will be fine, settle down.

  53. So RG3 who is coming off of surgery on 2 of his CL’s and is in his sophmore year is now considered a bust and not having his sohmore slump yet every other player in the league HISTORY has been given the moniker of having his sophmore slump. Of course it is FLOOReo

  54. Rg3 is a Vick repeat! Cowboys and redskins are the worse ran franchises along with the raiders in history.

  55. You all are stuck on stupid! It takes a year to regain your legs after an ACL injury….RG3 will be fine next year after he has his regular off season work, no knee brace, and hopefully a better team around him…you people need help! SMH!

  56. You all are stuck on stupid! It takes a year to regain your legs after an ACL injury….RG3 will be fine next year after he has his regular off season work, no knee brace, and hopefully a better team around him…you people need help! SMH!

  57. The real question is if Dan had it to do all over again, would Dan hire Shanny? Shanny is the problem. Hired his son to run the offense which has been a complete failure. Brought in Haslett who took a 5th ranked 4-3 defense and changed it to a 30th ranked 3-4 sieve. Pathetic. And now we are having a discussion about a second year QB. A 23 year old kid that is expected to take full responsibility for a losing team. Shanny is not even man enough to take responsibility for his teams demise. Look at Shannys record, both with the Redskins and Broncos after Elway retired.

    Instead of firing darts at RGIII let’s look at the real problem, SHANAHAN!!!!


  58. The Washington franchise bet the farm on a zone read QB with marginal size and a history of knee injuries and concussions. I did not think it was a wise move at the time. Griffin has been a turnover machine. The move doesn’t appear to be looking very good at present.

  59. RGIII is a great athlete, but he’s not a very good QB. He holds the ball too long & makes bad decisions, like running when he should pass. He also has to be able to run to be an affective weapon.

    Lets look at this in the simplest terms. The Redskins could have just waited to pick 6th overall and selected a better quarterback (either Tannehill or Wilson). Not only that, but their backup (Cousins) is a better quarterback than RGIII

    You have to consider what they gave for the second overall pick: 3 first round picks (6th, 22nd & 2nd overall) & a second round pick (37th overall). Everyone complaining about “not having enough talent” around RGIII, those extra picks would have helped with that.

    Look at this QB comparison for 2013
    RGIII 3203 YDS, 16TDs 12 INTs & 11 Fumbles
    Tannehill 3913 YDS 24TDs 17INTs & 9 Fumbles
    Bradford 1687 YDS 14 TDs 4 INTs & 3 Fumbles

    As far as Washington’s offensive line goes, Miami, far and away as the worst line in the league.

    I find it funny that Shanahan sucks (2 super bowl wins) but RGIII with his lone playoff appearance is great. As for playing RGIII injured, IT WAS A PLAYOFF GAME! If Shanahan had pulled him, everyone would have cried that Washington lost because RGIII didn’t play. If RGIII could get by on his passing ability alone, playing injured wouldn’t matter. To e a great QB, you have to be a great passer. Period. Great QBs play injured, especially in big (read playoff) games.

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