Aldon Smith not fined for knee to RGIII’s groin

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On Monday night, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith kneed Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III in the groin.  The NFL has not opted to knee Smith in the wallet.

According to the league office, Smith has not been fined for the maneuver.

It’s a surprising outcome, given that the lifting of Smith’s knee seemed like a grossly unnatural act at a time when he was being blocked.  The swinging of the leg up toward Griffin could have only one plausible goal — to strike Griffin.  While Smith may not have intended to strike Griffin in the crotch, that’s what happened.

Smith nevertheless remains in hot water with the league, thanks to his second DUI incident and felony weapons charges.  Both cases are pending.

Smith had two sacks in the game.  OK, two other sacks.

45 responses to “Aldon Smith not fined for knee to RGIII’s groin

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  2. Sadly this only illustrates the NFL’s gross inequity when it comes to punishment. After watching both the Smith and the Suh replays they seemed to both have about the same level of intentionality to them. Suh is fined and Smith isn’t? At least in the NHL when any player action is reviewed for a possible punishment the VP of player discipline makes a video which explains the action and punishment or lack thereof. I don’t care if you fine Smith or not but if you fine Suh, Smith should also be fined.

  3. It looked like he was reaching upward to bat down the pass and took a shove to the chest which threw off his balance and kicked up his leg.

    not sure thats the case, but hard to say difinitively it was intentional. plus, although Aldon has had off field problems, he’s never shown a disregard for his opponent the same way Detroit’s Suh has.

  4. Crap Florio, biased much? Smith was off the ground and being pushed over someone’s back! Of course his legs went up in the air. Maybe griffen needs to work on his pocket presence.

  5. There is no consistency in this system and therefore no integrity. I fully expect Deandre Levy to be fined for his legal hit but Tramon Williams will not be fined for striking an official. Watch.

  6. It really didn’t look unnatural to me at all. He was blocked while lunging forward and pushed up off his feet. How would it be unnatural for a leg to swing forward as you don’t have leverage and are pushed off the ground?

  7. The NFL feels like a fine could trigger a relapse for him. They are just trying to help the guy.

  8. assuredmutualdestruction says:
    Nov 29, 2013 3:28 PM
    How can you fine someone so far “above reproach”???

    How can you comment on every single 49er related link?

  9. “Martin Luther King is a great example of a person who resembles the Vikings organization”

    You did NOT just compare the Vikings to MLK, did you? I’m going to assume your comments were meant to be completely sarcastic, because if someone actually exists that was able to write those comments with a straight face, I can only assume the apocalypse is now upon us.

  10. Hey florio, have you ever been lifted up and pushed backwards by a 300 lb man while reaching/jumping in the air? I’d like to see how grossly unnatural your moves looked as you’re flailing trying to keep your balance.

  11. Oh and Suh just got find for making a slashing motion across his throat in the Tampa Bay game. You can’t make this stuff up.

  12. Most unbiased observers of the film can see that Smith was knocked off balance ( and backwards) by simultaneous contact ( and sandwich) by two Redskins blockers: #71 from the front ( pushing him backwards) and #78 from the rear ( causing Smith to roll over #78 and raise his own leg in the air). It’s just physics.

  13. @thepftpoet: “We are the boat floating proudly…”

    The Vikings? Oh, you mean the Love Boat!

  14. I found RGIII’s reaction humorous. Most guys getting tagged in the stones clutch, drop, and roll. He clutched but then hopped around. I chuckled even though I felt his pain.

  15. You don’t have to kill someone to tackle them. I think there is a lot of confusion between football and MMA.

  16. Come on Florio. Smith was moving in and collapsing the pocket and left his feet to try and block Griffin’s pass. As Smith lost his leverage Trent Williams got underneath his shoulder pads and shoved Smith away from Griffin which looked to swing Smith’s lower body in the opposite direction. It looked pretty natural to me. Thankfully you’re not the guy who reviews these things.

  17. It was clear to see on the replay that Aldon Smith was shoved from behind (by #78,who was being pushed backwards into Aldon Smith by Justin Smith) and the momentum of that shove caused the gonad contact .
    As usual Florio gets it completely wrong. At least he is consistent !

  18. I wouldn’t say Aldon is a dirty player, even with all the sacks he gets I don’t notice he’s even an overly hard hitter for a linebacker. Comparing him to a dirtbag like Sue is stupid. Again it was in the “strike zone” there for totally legal!

  19. Smith is not known for dirty play. I think we can give the benefit of th doubt. If it keeps happening maybe we can call it intentional. Florio quick to punish. Thanks for throwing in the DUI info which has nothing to do with the situation. Stop hatin.

  20. pft poet says: “We are the boat floating proudly ”
    would that boat be floating out to sea in flames? (as in a Viking funeral)

  21. So let me get this straight, I’m not saying Aldon Smith did it on purpose, but he was at least looking at RGIII, Suh got a fine for not even looking at Schaub and for the EXACT same thing. Another way the NFL shows it targets players on these fines. Roger you’ve lost the little bit of credibility you had in my eyes

  22. It was a foot, not a knee, and very obviously accidental and not on purpose, hence the reason no fine was levied. Leave it up to PFT to sensationalize to the negative anything Niners related.

  23. At first I thought it was iffy that Smith was going for a kick but watching the play again it was pretty clear that Smith was off balance and he was bumped from behind which caused his leg to raise and hit RGIII in the groin.

    And watch his reaction after the hit and you’ll see him kind of check on RGIII as he’s on the ground. Not the kind of move you expect someone to do if they had any ill intent behind it.

  24. There are some crazy people who are total homers who post on this site, it kind of explains all the mass shootings in this country…

    Homers, Crazy people…
    Really gotta work on that pot, kettle thing.

  25. As a Redskins fan, I gotta ask….where did all the posts about our racist name go? I guess we’re only racists when we win. Or is it that you can make more of a show about not being racist when the Redskins win? Just sayin’….

  26. It is painfully obvious that the NFL hates the Redskins. RGIII takes numerous helmet to helmet and late hits and they do not get called because he’s a running QB. Peyton, Tom or Aaron take the same hits and they equal 15 yards and fines. The Redskins are not a good team right now and non calls like this don’t help. HTTR

  27. It was not intended to hit him he even asked if he was okay he was trying to get to him and it’s kind of funny how you compare him to dug who stomped a guy aldon smith 2nd hated player in NFL coming from a cowboys fan

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