Cameron Wake avoids penalty, but not fine

Getty Images

The NFL offices took care of disciplining a couple of players that the league’s officials decided not to penalize during Week 12 games.

Steelers cornerback William Gay was fined for plastering Browns quarterback Jason Campbell in the head with a hit that somehow avoided being penalized by an officiating crew that presumably has at least a passing familiarity with the league’s rulebook. Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake finds himself in a similar predicament.

Wake delivered a blow to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s chin on the first play of the day, leaving Newton spitting up blood while the game went on without any penalty to Wake. The league disagreed with referee Scott Green’s crew belief that Wake’s hit fell within the rules and has confirmed with PFT that the Dolphin pass rusher has been fined $15,750 for roughing the passer.

Newton remained in the game and led the Panthers to a 20-16 comeback victory, making Wake’s fine insult added to insult.