David Garrard languishes on Jets bench


During the periodic moments when Jets coach Rex Ryan seems to be considering the possibility of benching rookie quarterback Geno Smith, the presumption is that Ryan would go with Matt Simms.

Simms, the son of former Giants quarterback Phil Simms, has made two relief appearances this season.  The son of Simms remains poised to supplant Smith if/when Ryan believes he won’t save his own job until he takes Geno’s away.

But what about David Garrard?  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News provides a reminder that Garrard remains on the roster, even if he has become forgotten.

I definitely can play,” Garrard told Mehta.  “I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t play. . . . I would have just come back as a coach.”

But Garrard isn’t officially lobbying to play — even though he sort of is.

“I’m not trying to push that envelope until my number is called,” Garrard said. “So, for now, I’m being the best teammate that I can, the best guy to help Geno as much as I can, because everything’s new to him as far as what the other teams are doing and how to handle certain situations.  I’m trying to give him that little bit of wisdom that I have to be able to help him not be hit by things off guard.  Right now, that’s my role.”

Garrard seems to think his future role could be the starter for a different team.  Seriously.

“I’ve told these guys that I’d love to stay here, love to keep going,” Garrard said. “I don’t know if it’s in the cards for someone else to bring me in as a starter.  If that’s not the case, I’d love to be right here and keep working with these guys and working with this staff.”

Officially, he’s not lobbying to play.  Even though he said he “would be pumped” if they “call my number.”

He’d definitely be pumped if his number is called against the Dolphins on Sunday.  Last year, he had a spot at the top of the Miami depth chart before a knee forced him to retire.

And if Garrard’s number is called, it’ll be his first game action since December 26, 2010, Garrard’s final game in Jacksonvile.

Maybe that’s the primary reason Ryan isn’t willing to hinge his future career on a guy who hasn’t really had a career in nearly three years.

20 responses to “David Garrard languishes on Jets bench

  1. Mehta is just trolling again. In one week, you’ll see one of his classic “Vinny Testaverde is 50, but still believes he deserves a look!” articles.

  2. Garrard is not “languishing on the bench”. He is doing exactly what he wanted to do–get paid for little to no work. I used to like Garrard but after his release from the Jags he has done nothing but pretend he is healthy. He tried to scam the Dolphins and then had his surgery after they refused to sign him. The next year he was signed and competed with Moore and Tannehill for the starting job. He hurt himself at a family BBQ and tried to say it was football related. He is lucky to be getting close to a million dollars for what he is essentially doing. No reason to pity him.

  3. The skipping over David Garrard might be one of the most overlooked injustices of the 2013 NFL season.

    I, too, didn’t Garrard was on the roster.

    A CAREER 61% completion percentage quarterback with a decent td/int ratio.

    Rex is gone.

  4. Let him play on Sunday against the dolphins, and he will end up on the injury list again. Just wait until Cameron Wake or one of the others sack him, good luck with that. He might fall over on the way out of the facility before Sunday, he’s a chapter of accidents.

  5. I have a feeling Sunday will be ugly for Geno and the Jets. Miami’s defense will probably throttle Geno, and he’ll have that lost look on his face again. They should tell Matt Simms to be ready in a heart beat.

  6. While coaches and offensive coordinators are not infallible, one thing to remember is that they are making assessments based upon what they see on the practice field. With the tremendous struggles of Geno Smith in recent weeks I have to think that if Garrard looked like he could do a reasonable job, Rex would have found a time and a place to put him in.

    While it may be true that Rex is sticking with Geno as a way to place blame on the new GM if the Jets continue to lose with Geno playing poorly, I can tell you as a Jets fan who follows them closely that there is nothing Rex likes more than winning. For him, the idea of going 9-7 and possibly making the playoffs with a team many thought would be vying for the first pick in the draft has to be extremely compelling. For Rex, it would be a perfect “I told you so” moment. Everyone knows Rex has been on the hot seat since the Jets hired a new GM this off-season. He doesn’t have the luxury of losing while Geno develops. Therefore I believe that he and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg believe Geno still gives them the best chance to win. Which probably says a lot about Matt Simms and the elderly David Garrard. One thing we do know for sure – Geno playing at his current level doesn’t give anybody a good chance to win.

  7. This is the guy that was going to start for Miami over THill in THill’s rookie year, but got hurt and cut.
    In the long run I guess it was good to throw Ryan into the fire–but who’s to say how things may have worked out otherwise.
    Obviously he still had the goods at that point and for whatever reason hasn’t played much since.
    My point being, I pray he doesn’t somehow end up in the game against Miami and destroy us.
    I could so see something like that happening to the Dolphins.

  8. I don’t think anyone ever expected Matt Simms to be more than a 4th/5th QB camp arm. Practice Squad was probably his ceiling. He didn’t even look like he could play on the college level.

    I don’t know what that says about him/Garrard/The Jets, exactly.

  9. No matter who plays at QB against my Dolphins, I am afraid we will somehow make them look like a grade A QB!

  10. The only place where Garrard can be starter (or compete to be starter and can win) is the place where he was kicked out of being the starter. I remember Garrard’s last game throwing a pick six against the Redskins in the OT. At this stage in his career, he is a good backup and if he keeps talking like this he would be done as a backup as well.

  11. The Dolphins have looked suprisingly good at times this season. They have been in every game despite the chaos, their owner and general manager.

    Their defense is a ball-hawking bunch.
    I’m afraid Geno gets in trouble so fast, it doesn’t matter if Jerry Rice were on the Jets in his prime.

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