Dolphins are three days away from an Incognito decision

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As the Dolphins prepare to face the Jets in New York, they’ve got a big decision looming when they return to South Florida.

Keep or cut Richie Incognito?

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team can last a maximum of four games.  Game four comes Sunday.  After that, the Dolphins must either reinstate or release Incognito.

At first, it seemed inevitable that Incognito would never play again for the Dolphins.  Since then, however, a sense has surfaced that the Dolphins possibly would keep him for the rest of the season.

Last Sunday, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that owner Stephen Ross and coach Joe Philbin had met to discuss the situation.  Ross, who has said he was appalled by the voice message Incognito left for tackle Jonathan Martin, presumably wants to see his team get to the playoffs.  Keeping Incognito could aid that effort.

In turn, cutting Incognito could make it easier for another team competing with the Dolphins for the sixth seed in the AFC to secure the berth.

Then there’s the potential impact of cutting Incognito on a locker room that seems to want to keep Incognito on the team.  If Incognito goes, there could be further dysfunction, making it even harder to continue the push toward an unlikely playoff berth.

Either way, Incognito’s days with the Dolphins likely are diminishing.  His contract expires this year, and it’s unlikely that the General Manager who’ll be running the show in 2014 (likely not Jeff Ireland) will want to bring Incognito back.

Before that decision can be made, the Dolphins have to decide whether to welcome Incognito back for the final four games of the 2013 season.

26 responses to “Dolphins are three days away from an Incognito decision

  1. This is a lose-lose situation. If you welcome him back it will be like the Dolphins condone his behavior. If they don’t allow him back you can bet that there will be a major issue if it is true that the coaches told him to rattle Martin. The best thing the Dolphins could do would probably be to get rid of whoever urged Incognito to go after Martin then settle with both players and move on.

  2. Keep him as long as the players want him there. The people complaining the most about this have never played organized football with more than one race in the locker room and will never understand.

  3. The NFL hired special counsel will produce no evidence that could aid Martin if he chose to sue the NFL.

    That said…. incognito is done.

    Sure…. low character richie incognito will get paid until the end of the season… but… his NFL career is over.

  4. The initial shock of the VM (and his previous issues) caused them to suspend Incognito. The stuff that has come out since has shown that likely was an overreaction. The problem is that Martin’s stuff is not resolved and therefor any action they take (or don’t take) can impact that case as well as Incognito’s grievance. Personally, I would bring him back and reimburse Incognito for 3 of the 4 games he has been suspended. To me, Martin’s claims are trumped up beyond what they should be. Martin’s actions (and the mindless characterizations in the media) have brought far more embarrassment to the Dolphins than what Incognito was suspended for.

  5. Owner Stephen Ross is most appalled at the liability the Miami Dolphin organization could face. He will do everything to limit that. So in my estimation Ireland will be fired at the end of the season because he has not provided the Dolphins with personnel that allows the team to win and make the playoffs. Which is irrespective of this scandal.

    So if there is no hard evidence other than Martin’s statements it will not amount to anything but what the current NFL culture brings.

  6. The other players want him back!!! They are more upset with martin going public than the cog!!! Ross should not stick his nose in this and bring him back we cant afford to lose more linemen!!!

  7. Ross, who has said he was appalled by the voice message Incognito left for tackle Jonathan Martin, presumably wants to see his team get to the playoffs.

    Dophins and reaching the playoffs in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

  8. Personally, right now, I want that tough, nasty, big O.D.B. back on the line. And so does his teammates–and that’s what matters most.

  9. I would imagine Martins comments about killing Incognitos entire family have to have some impact on these discussions. If not, this will be one of the most blatant cases of a team and the NFL pushing an agenda despite the relative facts. If they release Incognito and not Martin, I hope Incognito files a grievance and sues the hell out of the team and the league.

  10. I’m not sure the Bills, Rams or Dolphins have gotten better without Incognito, not exactly a difference maker either. Garner is versatile Olineman who is solid anywhere he goes and Pouncey should be back. The thing is Incognito has struggled like most of the oline, I think he’s given up the most sacks of any lg in the league. So might keep Incognito for depth but that practice squad dude (forgot his name) did fine in his place (although he got dinged up last week). How do the rest of his teammates (really) feel about him? That’s something to consider.

  11. If Ross was appalled about the voice mail, then he best stay out of the locker room. And if that is his standard then he should be really appalled at his management and coaching team, and don’t blame the player, because they are here because of the Manager. Ross should clean house and be done with it, and perhaps sell the team.Bill

  12. Since the VM was intended as a “private” conversation, I think the Dolphins should discreetly consider the voices of the coaches and especially the players on the team, before deciding, if what’s best for the team is what matters most.

  13. In the end there will be no lawsuit from this overblown issue that so much has been written about on this site. Incognito’s case will be resolved under the NFLPA’s grievance policy and he will most likely get paid. Martin is still under his rookie contract that has 2 more years on it. He’s been paid in full and will continue to get paid according to the terms of the contract. Whether or not this incident occurred Martin would not have been able to earn more money for 2 more years and therefore there has been no damage to his income potential to date. His future income potential will be determined by his play and not by how this incident is resolved but the 10’s of millions of dollars in lawsuits resulting from this just aren’t coming. Sorry Mr. Florio.

  14. Bring him back, because this whole thing is ridiculous. Jonathon Martin is a big baby, not fit for the NFL. Ritchie was probably told by a coach to toughen him up, and that hasn’t worked, because he was terrible. Now just get on with it and finish the season.
    If you don’t like language in the locker room, grow up, it’s obviously nothing unusual.

  15. Every team that got rid of richie incognito improved without him.

    How have the Rams or Bills done better without Incognito? Neither has done much.

  16. If Ireland & Ross are part of the decision process, this has disaster written all over it.

  17. The Dolphins once again are primed for a good cleansing and the departure of Incognito for reasons not related to performance will be the start.

    He used the N word so apparently he is dead to Ross. Things went south on public disclosure of the golf club incident and made some rude ethnic comments to employees, and with that Ross has him in some dust filled urn some where.

    He is liked by his teammates but will move along to a job some place else Bottom line is that he won’t be in Davie again.

    And Ireland, he is toast. His transgressions are too numerous to list. Philbin is doing the Bon Jovi and Livin on a Prayer, for now.

  18. Icognito will be reinstated and Martin will be the one leaving. Of course that isn’t what should happen but it is the way it will go down. I think Martin can be a productive player if he gets in the right situation. He was an under age junior when he came out and thrust into a starting role by Dolphin coaches before he was physically and mentally ready to play. Hence the need for a Richie Icognito intervention.

  19. This whole thing started when Ireland asked Pouncey if his mom was a prostitute. So Pouncey went to a bar and got drunk, there someone gave him a “Free Hernandez” hat to wear. Then Incognito saw picture and was so offended thatin a fit of anger went on a racist tirade.

    They need to fire everyone.

  20. Seems like it has come time for the way things are done in the locker room to change. Times change as do those that want to effect the future. Attempting to have one set of rules for a locker room/work environment and a different set of rules for the rest of the world in not very realistic. Kids are effected by the role models many pro athletes represent. This means the issues effect more then just the sports world. The working public that support sports and therefore pay everyone to do what they do must abide by certain social constraints in the work place. If one want to play, they must also play by the rules. The locker room reality has been sanctioned for so long because it was in ways a secret social order. Now that the cover has been blown, things will change. This is because it effects more then just the sport of football. Bitching about this one event will not stop the clock.

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