Fisher doesn’t see any problem with Kaepernick’s 2013 performance

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Most people think 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has regressed in his second NFL season.  The man whose team opened the door for Kaepernick to become the starter last year by concussing Alex Smith doesn’t see it that way.

“I don’t see any indication of him struggling,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Friday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I don’t know where that’s coming from.  He’s throwing touchdown passes and running around just like he did last year.  So, I think any time you lose a game or two all the focus goes to the quarterback, but he’s not the reason that they lost football games.  So, they’re very efficient and he’s a very talented quarterback.”

Kaepernick’s numbers have been down even in the team’s victories, with the exception of the rope-a-dope Week One win over Green Bay, in which the Packers were poised for another ground assault from Kaepernick.  A rebound game against a very bad defense in Washington hardly means that Kaepernick is back to where he was last year, before opposing defenses had enough tape to work with when trying to take away what he does well.

But what else was Fisher going to say?  As his team returns to the place where the Rams put Smith out of commission permanently for the 49ers, Fisher has no reason to give Kaepernick any motivation.

Beyond the stuff on Twitter, of course.

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  1. That’s because Jeff Fisher is a football guy. He played football, coaches football, knows football. He’s not some nerd who obsesses over “statistics” and whether CK’s stats are prettier than they were last year, like most geek sportswriters are.

  2. All Kaepernick needs to do is get comfortable in the pocket and don’t let his first instinct to run take over…

  3. He’s struggled but the whole defense has tape on him argument I don’t buy. How much film does it really take to notice tendencies? maybe two games not a year. Im no expert but I could tell last year he’s not a 70% accurate passer and never will be. He’s got good touch on the deep ball and struggles with the shorter stuff which is weird to me cause the shorter stuff seems easier. Steve Young was at his most confident and comfortable with the whole field like year 7 and beyond. You add his half a year last year to what he’s done this year and he’s not that bad, lots of qb’s worse.

  4. Pretty sure his inability to move the football is the reason they have lost. So giving up 10 points to Carolina is the defenses fault or something?

  5. Colin Cowturd wants everyone to know that Kaep is the best quarterback out there today.

    He’s better than Wilson, Luck, and definitely Brady, Brees, and Manning, but he’s not better than Romo because to Cowturd, Romo. Is. God.

  6. You have to learn to play quarterback. Even the best that ever played started out mediocre at best.

    1st year stats of elite QBs playing 10 or more games in NFL:

    Elway: 47.5%, 7 TD, 14 Int, Rate 54.9
    Tarkenton: 56.1%, 18TD, 17Int, Rate 74.7
    Montana: 64.5%, 15TD, 9Int, Rate 87.8
    Young: 53.7%, 8TD, 13 Int, Rate 65.5
    Bradshaw: 38.%, 6TD, 24 Int, Rate 30.4
    Peyton Manning: 56.7%, 26TD, 28 Int, Rate 71.2
    Brady: 63.9%, 18TD, 12 Int, Rate 86.5
    Favre: 64.1%, 18 TD, 13 Int, Rate 85.3
    Brees: 60.8%, 17 TD, 16 Int, rate 76.9

    Colin Kaepernick: 62.4% (higher than Elway, Tarkenton, Young, Bradshaw, Manning, and Brees)
    10 TD, 3 Int (Better TD to Int ratio than all of them), Rate: 98.3 = BEST QUARTERBACK RATING OF THE BUNCH, and the only QB in the bunch to take his team to a Super Bowl in year 1.

    There are a few that started out better, but damned few. Right now his Rating is 86.6, ranking him 11th out of more than 50 NFL QBs who have started games this year.

    People that are writing Kaepernick off REALLY have a limited understanding of what it takes to make a successful NFL quarterback, and underestimate his potential to take this team deep into the playoffs at their own risk.

  7. I think Jeff Fisher is smarter than all of us, and knows that if CK is playing crappy, he should encourage him to keep playing crappy. Particularly this week. I wouldn’t take much of what he or anyone in the league says, for that matter, at face value.

  8. ilovefoolsball says:
    Nov 29, 2013 8:52 PM
    Colin Cowturd wants everyone to know that Kaep is the best quarterback out there today.

    He’s better than Wilson, Luck, and definitely Brady, Brees, and Manning, but he’s not better than Romo because to Cowturd, Romo. Is. God.
    Cowherd is such a’s really pathetic

  9. This guy is Aaron Brooks all over again. Brooks came in mid season when the starter Jeff Blake was knocked out of a game, he thrived for the remainder of that season as a dual threat and got his team into the playoffs. The next year when teams had film he regressed and was never a truly elite QB.

  10. Who has he had to throw to except Boldin, who is fairly easy to negate. Crabtree back, Davis apparently healthy, Manningham back soon. His numbers will improve. GO HAWKS!

  11. Rams front D-Line will have their ears pinned back coming after Kaep…..

    Niners are a run 1st team. If the Rams don’t stop the run they won’t have an opportunity to pin anything back. They got steam rolled in the 1st meeting this year.

  12. now is the time to shine young kaep. now is the time for the niners to get hot. the pieces are all in place. greg roman.. lets go past page 2 of the playbook and start opening up the crazy formations. vernon, anquan, manningham, crabtree, gore. nows the time!

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